The festival was established by Education Expo TV in order to salute the great contribution of earlier filmmakers who have developed the cinema and considered as cinema fathers like Lumière brothers', Thomas Edison, Lev Kuleshov, Sergei Eisenstein, Dadasaheb Phalke, Vsevolod Pudovkin, William Kennedy Dickson, DW Griffth, George Melies, Edwin S Porter and many others great visionaries of cinema. Cinema Father International Film Festival (Previously known as Hollywood World Film Festival) is a competitive festival of Feature, Shorts, Doc, Music Videos & Animation produced by worldwide professionals. The festival is celebrating the achievement taking place in cinema & honoring the innovativeness, effectiveness, creativity & new ideas globally.

The objective behind the festival is to recognize the best talent and setting new milestone in the most amazing indie cinema industry. The CFIFF is an India’s first independent films festival providing platform to showcases the work of aspirant, young & experience professionals globally. CFIFF is also providing platform for professional networking, sharing of ideas & knowledge. The CFIFF awards honor the groundbreaking films and talent. We extend warm invitation to participate in 2023 edition and hope it turns milestone in your film career.

(Each in Feature- Film, Doc, Animation category)
Cinema Father- Best Asian Feature
Cinema Father- Best Arabic Feature
Cinema Father- Best European Feature
Cinema Father- Best North American Feature
Cinema Father- Best South American Feature
Cinema Father- Best African Feature
Cinema Father- Best Oceanian Feature

(Each in Short- Film, Doc, Animation category)
Cinema Father- Best Asian Short
Cinema Father- Best Arabic Short
Cinema Father- Best European Short
Cinema Father- Best North American Short
Cinema Father- Best South American Short
Cinema Father- Best African Short
Cinema Father- Best Oceanian Short

(Global Awards in Feature & Short- Film, Doc, Animation category)
Cinema Father- Best Global Feature
Cinema Father- Best Global Short
Cinema Father- Best Cinematography
Cinema Father- Best Editing
Cinema Father- Best Screenplay
Cinema Father- Best VFX
Cinema Father- Best Actor
Cinema Father- Best Actress
Cinema Father- Best Supporting Actor
Cinema Father- Best Supporting Actress
Cinema Father- Best Original Music
Cinema Father- Best Background Music
Cinema Father- Best Music Video
Cinema Father- Best Web Series
Cinema Father- Grand Jury Mention Certificate
Cinema Father- Grand Festival Mention Certificate

1. Films must be subtitled in English if language is other than English.

2. Year of production & accepted movie duration:

Year of production: Jan-2020 onwards
Feature Film, Documentaries & Animation: up-to 150 min
Short Film, Documentaries & Animation: up-to 60 min
Music Videos: 2-8 min & Web series- any duration

3. The decision of the Jury will be final and can’t be challenged.

4. CFIFF-23 stages/process:

• Entry submission as per rules & regulations.
• Notification of shortlisted films by the festival office on 05 Nov 2023 and late submission notification on 08 Nov 23.
• Delegate registration to attend CFIFF-23. All filmmakers must have registered as delegate to attend the festival. Hospitality charges are applicable for filmmakers & attendees, which include lunch, tea/coffee with cookies & master classes.
• Festival movies screening & workshops followed by award ceremony on 26 Nov 2023 at Bangkok, Thailand.

5. Cinema Father International Film Festival-2023 does not take any type financial commitment for the expense incurred on the correspondence by the participant. All Travel, Lodging & Boarding and other miscellaneous expenses will have to be borne by the participant himself for attending the festival. No request for the same will be entertained.

6. The actual postal charges are applicable for award delivery via courier in case you are unable to attend the festival.

7. Once the film submitted can’t be withdrawn in any circumstances, however festival director reserve the rights to disqualify any film on certain grounds.

8. By submitting movie to Cinema Father International Film Festival-2023, filmmaker/producer takes the whole responsibility of copyright issues of music, script and other creative and technical aspects of film.

Overall Rating
  • Gunilla Leander

    I am honored that my film "Bodily Signs" was selected for your prestigious film festival. Thanks for your professional treatment.

    June 2023
  • Thanks for selecting "Enter the Room" as into your festival. The communication was clear and concise and I received everything I hoped for and then some. I really appreciate the fact that this festival seems to care about its selected filmmakers much more than many other festivals that I've been apart of in general. I had a very good experience at this festival and will definitely consider submitting future projects to 6th Hollywood Shorts Reels-23.

    March 2023
  • Thank you, I appreciate your efforts.

    March 2023
  • 6th Hollywood Shorts Rell-23 a celebrated Film Festival at the arena if Short and Documentary Film Festival. I am honored that my Film 50TH ANNIVERSARY is a part of this prestigious Film Featival.

    March 2023