We Screen a mix of Classic films and new and independent Films both feature length and shorts with Q&A sessions and fun activities such as pub quizzes for are attendees. We are a small festival with a real community spirit and are big fans of Horror our self so run it with that in mind. We are located in Wrexham North Wales in the UK now made famous by Ryan Reynolds purchase of Wrexham football club. We started out as a one day event but with the feedback and demand from the attendees we are now a two day event that will only get longer as the years go on and the demand remains strong

We do ask attendees to score each film and the top three films of the festival are highlighted on our website and on our social media but no physical prizes are awarded.

Our only rules for entery
1 That the work does not Promote hate.
2 Does not infringe copyright.
3 it losely follows a horror theme but we do consider Thrillers and Science Fiction entries