AFIN 2020 is proceeding as planned, with our festival dates set for November 2020. Our judging is done online by all of our industry judges, so there is no impact to our ability to adjudicate films and screenplays for the 2020 season.

We are monitoring the situation closely, and depending on how COVID19 progresses, would make the following potential adjustments accordingly.

1) If the virus impacts mean we need to postpone live events, we would move events to another date, so long as this would not overlap into AFIN 2021's season.
2) If the virus impacts mean we cannot have live screenings and face-to-face events, we would make an exception for 2020, and do the following:
a) We would adjust to be an online festival for this year only, and provide an online video reveal of nominees and winners.
b) As we would be unable to screen films to a live audience, we would instead promote film trailers instead, unless a film is available to be watched online
c) We would provide exclusive festival content via video only.
d) Award trophies and prizes would be made available to securely and safely pick up locally, and also to ship to winners, and if we were forced to turn online-only for this year, we would ship awards out at no expense to filmmakers.
e) We would still heavily promote winners, provide digital laurels, etc

Any questions, please feel free to ask, and submit your projects with absolute confidence!





AFIN International Film Festival celebrates and showcases excellence in filmmaking and storytelling from emerging and established filmmakers and screenwriters, from every corner of the globe.

We have direct links with international sales agents and distributors and make special introductions for certain awards winners (Best Feature and Best Australian Film), to assist them in achieving success.

Entries are selected and screened based on their artistic value, originality, globally distributable appeal, production values/quality, and narrative content. The festival includes three screening nights in Brisbane, Australia which are attended by film makers and film lovers alike, and a formal red carpet awards night.

An open, and market orientated film industry event, AFIN supports innovation and exploration in film, and provides networking opportunities for local and international film makers.

AFIN aims to aid in the development and encouragement of film makers regardless of nationality or experience level, and revels in supporting worldwide cultural exchange via cinematic experience.

We value, and seek to recognise films and screenplays which are engaging, thought provoking, and innovative; be that through concept originality, or exploring narrative, premise or style in a new way.

AFIN selects films which celebrate and execute high production values, but also understands that budget restraints can sometimes factor into technical production constraints, and takes this into consideration when making official selections.




Films submitted to AFIN are viewed by a panel of film industry professionals.

We are an equal and fair festival. A selection status (official selection or non-selection). Until all entries have been received and adjudicated, selection status (either Official Selection or Non-selection) will be advised.

A selection status at AFIN means that the film has met a benchmark to make it into our Official Selection pool.

The panel will be looking for films which strive for excellence in storyline, cinematography, writing, performances, and production value.

AFIN supports filmmakers and screenwriters with original ideas and concepts, and is interested in films and screenplays which tell unique and important stories.

To be eligible for selection, all films must be available to screen during the festival, and provide a promotional image upon application.

Filmmakers and screenwriters who have been selected will be notified by or on Sunday August 30th.

All semi-finalists will be announced and shared on social media platforms.

From this pool, finalists (award nominees) will be selected and awarded special AFIN Laurels for their film.

Award winners will be celebrated for their excellence per category with an AFIN award, made from pristine quality K9 crystal.

Prizes may also be awarded to certain awards which will be advertised closer to the date.

The awards night is a red carpet event which boasts a host of notable presenters, special guest speakers, live music performances, and priceless networking opportunities.

Films chosen to screen during the festival will comprise of films which are finalists and semi-finalists, and which are suitable to be screened for a diverse audience.

A film which is chosen as a finalist does not need to screen in order to win in the relevant category at the AFIN awards ceremony.

AFIN International Film Festival aims to celebrate and reward filmmakers, and provides support and exposure via social networking platforms in the lead up to the screening and awards nights.

In the lead up AFIN will share and promote films selected as semi-finalists and finalists, and aims to encourage and foster relationships between AFIN applicants and the film industry.

Q: Do I need to attend the awards night in order for my film to win.
A: No, you do not need to attend, you may chose to instead record an acceptance speech instead. But you’ll be missing out on one hell of a party!

Q: I want to nominate my film for various categories do I have to pay a fee for each category?
A: No, your film may become nominate for multiple categories. Our panel will watch every film upon submission regardless, so charging more for multiple categories doesn’t seem fair to us.

Q: Can my mum come to the awards night or is it just for nominees?
A: Yes! Ticket sales to screenings and the red carpet award night are first in best dressed, so make sure you secure your table early so you don’t miss out!

Q: I want to submit my friends film on his behalf as a surprise, can I do that.
A: We’re afraid not. Film submissions must be made with the film maker and content creator’s approval.

Q. Can I submit any genre of film or screenplay?
A. Absolutely, with exception of explicit pornography, and anything which is made for the purpose to selling a product or services to audiences. Anything above an Australian Classification description of R, cannot be entered. We accept shorts, features, including animated, and web series.

Q. My film has been “non-selected”. Can I find out why?
A. Yes! On non-selection, we offer feedback at no extra charge to give filmmakers insights on how their film scored, and any specific feedback which may have assisted in their film being selected.

Q. My film was promoted on AFIN’s social media accounts. Does that mean my film is selected and/or will be screened.
A. Being promoted on social media does not indicate official selection or outcomes from adjudication.

Q. What does AFIN stand for?
A. All-Inclusive Film Industry Network

Q. I won a crystal trophy, but cannot make the awards event in Australia. What do I do?
A. Congratulations on your win! Attendance is not compulsory to be eligible to win, and if you or a representative cannot collect your trophy in person, we can organise shipping for you, but do not cover that expense.

Q. Is the list of organisers the only adjudicators for AFIN?
A. No, they are the key adjudicators, but we have over 11 Adjudicators. The full judging panel includes fight choreographers, directors, writers, producers, actors, editors, and academics.


We are proudly associated with many brands and institutions, including:
GP2 Entertainment -
Final Draft -
Buzvil -
CastComplete -
Film Sprites PR -
Cast2Crew -

TOTAL PRIZE POOL (As at 05/01/2020) - $14350 AUD

BEST FEATURE - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 AUD + Final Draft 11 + Personal Introduction to a Film Sales Agent / Distributor + Professional Film Review on Cast2Crew (Online, Social Media, Print Magazine) ($100 value) + $1000 Marketing Pack

BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + Final Draft 11

BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY - Crystal Trophy ($200 value)

BEST SHORT FILM - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 AUD + Professional Film Review on Cast2Crew (Online, Social Media, Print Magazine) ($100 value) + + $1000 Marketing Pack

BEST AUSTRALIAN FILM - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 AUD + Final Draft 11 + Personal Introduction to a Film Sales Agent / Distributor + Professional Film Review on Cast2Crew (Online, Social Media, Print Magazine) ($100 value) + + $1000 Marketing Pack

BEST DIRECTOR - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 AUD + Final Draft 11

BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 AUD + Professional Film Review on Cast2Crew (Online, Social Media, Print Magazine) ($100 value) + + $1000 Marketing Pack

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT SUBJECT - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 AUD + Professional Film Review on Cast2Crew (Online, Social Media, Print Magazine) ($100 value) + + $1000 Marketing Pack

BEST FIRST-TIME FILMMAKER - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + Final Draft 11

BEST STUDENT FILM - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 BuzVil Voucher + Professional Film Review on Cast2Crew (Online, Social Media, Print Magazine) ($100 value)

BEST WEB SERIES - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 BuzVil Voucher + Professional Film Review on Cast2Crew (Online, Social Media, Print Magazine) ($100 value)

BEST MUSIC VIDEO - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 BuzVil Voucher

BEST ACTOR - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 BuzVil Voucher

BEST ACTRESS - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 BuzVil Voucher

BEST AUSTRALIAN ACTOR - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 BuzVil Voucher

BEST AUSTRALIAN ACTRESS - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 BuzVil Voucher

BEST YOUNG ARTIST - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 BuzVil Voucher

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 BuzVil Voucher

BEST ENSEMBLE CAST - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + $100 BuzVil Voucher

BEST FILM EDITING - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + Professional Film Review on Cast2Crew (Online, Social Media, Print Magazine) ($100 value)

BEST SOUND - Crystal Trophy ($200 value)

BEST VISUAL EFFECTS - Crystal Trophy ($200 value) + Professional Film Review on Cast2Crew (Online, Social Media, Print Magazine) ($100 value)

AUDIENCE AWARD - Crystal Trophy + Professional Film Review on Cast2Crew (Online, Social Media, Print Magazine) ($100 value)

• 1 hour Skype consultation with director and/or producer to answer any questions they have
about publicity and social media marketing for their film and to discuss next steps for
• A bespoke publicity and social media marketing plan tailored to their needs and goals (at the
time of winning the award)
• 1 month’s publicity and social media marketing advice on-call (e.g. will answer any emails
related to marketing plan and give advice)
• 1 month’s social media marketing cross-promotion on Film Sprites PR’s social media
channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

4 x 1 Show Ticket to Sit Down Comedy Club



1 - Films must have been made within the last 4 years from the year of submission. I.e. If you're submitting for AFIN in 2020, the film must be made after 01 January 2016.
2 - Films and screenplays entered into AFIN previous years, cannot be entered again
3 - No rough cuts, works in progress, or "placeholder" submissions are allowed. Submitted films must be ready to view at the time of submission.
4 - Films (except Music Videos and Web Series), are not allowed to be available publicly online until after festival events are concluded. This includes Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
5 - All films submitted must be in English or subtitled in English. All screenplays must be in English.

Conditions of Entry

By submitting your project to AFIN International Film Festival, you agree:

1 - All information submitted through FilmFreeway or through other correspondence with AFIN is true and accurate.
2 - An entrant is solely responsible for ensuring that all necessary copyright and other permissions for their film / screenplay has been obtained prior to submitting. This includes, but not limited to, music, stock images, footage, photos, graphics and sound. Entrants warrant their film does not breach any of the intellectual rights, or any other rights, of any other person.
3 - Entrants will fully indemnify AFIN International Film Festival, of any costs, loss, expenses, damages, libel, defamation, invasion of privacy liability, and breach of contract, whether direct or indirect, arising out of a claim by a third party or another party.
4 - AFIN will not be held responsible for any copyright issues or infringements, and will not be responsible for damaged, lost, misdirected or unusable content for screening.
5 - You will advise AFIN (if your film has been submitted), if you become aware of any potential claims against the Film.
6 - By submitting your film, you acknowledge that AFIN reserves the right to promote your film / screenplay on our website and social media. We would use no more than maximum of 20% of your film in any festival promotional videos, if you are at least selected. If you do not wish for your artwork, quotes, or trailer to be promoted, you must let us know on entry.
7 - AFIN reserves the right to withdraw a film from the competition if it deems that the above conditions have not been met
8 - For cash prize allocations: Transfers are through PayPal, and sent in AUD. The conversion from Australian dollars to any other currency will be undertaken by PayPal, with the recipient responsible for any associated fees by PayPal or the bank.
9 - In the event of non-cash prize allocation: Winners who attend the awards night can receive their prize in person. Some prizes may be limited by location, and are transferable. Other prizes may be restricted in your state or country. The submitted bears the responsibility of dealing with any such restrictions, but AFIN festival can work with the submitter on re-allocation of prizes if required. If you are completely unable to accept a prize, or re-allocate it and options are exhausted, AFIN festival reserves the right to re-allocate the prize.
10 - AFIN will not accept physical format screeners. Please submit through FilmFreeway only. If selected to screen, you must be able to provide a digital copy in at least HD. 2K and 4K are acceptable.
11 - Submission fees are paid in USD, exclusively through FilmFreeway.
12 - It is the responsibility of the submitter to maintain the screener link and keep any applicable passwords current. If a link cannot be accessed by the Festival directors/adjudicators following reasonable attempts to contact the submitter, the film will not be considered and the submission fee will not be refunded.
13 - It is up to the entrant to read the Terms and Conditions and Eligibility requirements of entry and if at any point a film is no longer eligible, there will be no refund of fees.
14. AFIN is unable to extend deadlines
15 . We DO NOT ENTERTAIN EMAIL REQUESTS TO WAIVE SUBMISSION FEES. Please do not email us with requests.
16. Any costs associated with entering a film are to be paid by the submitter.
17. In the even that you are an award winner, and you cannot attend the awards ceremony or have a representative attend, we are happy to organise to ship your award out to you, but the winner bears the cost of shipping.

Screening and Official Selection
1 - All submitted projects will be viewed by the AFIN Festival Adjudication Panel. Our process is clearly laid out in "Awards and Prizes", in detail.
2 - Films selected for screening must be received in appropriate screening format by 22 September 2020. Materials will be held until the end of the Festival. Appropriate screening formats will be discussed with the submitter directly.
3 - Submission does not guarantee Official Selection, or Screening acceptance into the festival.
4 - Content that is libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, sexually, culturally or racially offensive will not be included. A film under the threat of litigation, or facing litigation must not be entered. No refunds will be issued.
5 - AFIN does not make your film available online, anywhere, ever
6 - All official outcomes, selections, and placings are final and cannot be argued or negotiated
7 - Content with poor production quality and execution (bad sound, lack of subtitles/captions for non-English films, video resolution less than 720p HD, poor or no colour grading/colouring, poor lighting, glaring mistakes, etc), would almost certainly become non-selections.

Prizes and screening fees

1 - AFIN will not pay screening fees or licensing fees to suppliers/distributors for submitted films
2 - Finalists and Winners will receive Festival Laurels and Digital Certificates.
3 - The prize pool is building over time and will be updated accordingly.

1 - By Submitting to AFIN, you are subscribing to our newsletter. You may unsubscribe at any point.
2 - The AFIN director reserves the right to make decisions about matters not provided by these rules
3 - Rules and terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of AFIN.

Overall Rating
  • Neil Thompson

    Although in its nascency, you get the sense that AFIN is going to mature very quickly into a truly special and well regarded international festival. Peter's passion for film is clear and contagious, and he and his cohorts went out of their way to promote our little opus. The venue is nice, the area clean, the audience engaged. I highly recommend submitting to AFIN!

    January 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much for your review, Neil! Appreciate your kind words, and we are working to better our festival every year, so we will keep things moving and look forward to your future works.

  • Jonathan Creed

    Peter and the other festival organisers go out of their way to promote and help the filmmakers who participate. Something tells me this festival is soon going to be among the more premiere festivals in years to come under the his leadership.

    January 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Jonathan, for your review! We're so glad you enjoyed your time with us. We enjoyed your work and look forward to seeing your future projects submitted!

  • Amanda Kaye

    Peter and the team conduct a wonderful festival. It was a pleasure to be part of it

    January 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for your review, Amanda! We enjoyed having you with us, and can't wait to see more of your work. We also really enjoyed screening Norm to our audience.

  • AFIN International Film Festival is a wonderful festival that's very well-run and does a lot of good for the local and international film community. It’s not easy trying to break into this industry but having your work acknowledged by your peers is extremely gratifying and the opportunities for filmmakers only seems to be growing each year

    January 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Dustin :) Appreciate the review and that you got so much out of the festival! Well done on your well-earned recognition, and we look forward to your work in the future.

  • Great festival. Very well organised and accommodating. Definitely worth submitting to!

    January 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Talisha! You did great to have your screenplay be an award-nominee! We look forward to seeing your work in the future, and you with us at events. Appreciate the review