Valkyrie International Film Festival (VIFF) spotlights films directed by women of all backgrounds and advances the cause of women in film. Held every year in March (Women's History Month), VIFF was founded by Tamar Lamberson and her daughter, Kaelin Lamberson. VIFF seeks impactful films in all genres. If a woman directed it, we want to see it! VIFF will screen narrative, documentary, and experimental shorts and features. The only requirement is that every film selected for screening must have been directed by a woman.

VIFF will be held on Friday, March 28th - Tuesday, April 1st, 2025 at The Screening Room Cinema & Arts Café, a boutique digital cinema in Amherst, New York, just outside Buffalo. The Screening Room features a large screen and surround sound, with mixed dining room and theater seating. The venue is a staple of the indie film scene in Western New York. Beer and wine are available. VIFF will only hold in-person screenings.

VIFF will serve as a platform for female directors to come together, support each other’s work, and discuss the challenges and advances of women in film. The programmers will present awards, but view the event as a celebration rather than a competition.

VIFF will be held during Women’s History Month each year. We are accepting all female-directed films, of all genres, completed 2021 – present.

Awards in the following categories:

Narrative Short (1 - 40 minutes)
Documentary Short (1 - 40 minutes)
Experimental Short (1 - 40 minutes)
Western New York Short (1 - 40 minutes)
Student Film (any length)
Animation (any length)
Music Video (any length)
Narrative Feature (41 - 120 minutes)
Documentary Feature (41 - 120 minutes)
Experimental Feature (41 - 120 minutes)
Western New York Feature (41 – 120 minutes)

We reserve the right to combine categories.

2. Only films directed by females will be selected.
3. Any co-directors must also be female.
4. Films must be in English or subtitled in English.
5. All exhibition screeners must be MP4 digital files .
6. All films must have been completed 2021 – present.
7. Anyone submitting a film to VIFF warrants that they are authorized to do so.
8. Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot write the script or direct the storyline. AI is only to be used as a tool, not as a director or scriptwriter.

Overall Rating
  • Jonas Babics

    We flew from the UK to be able to attend the screening and Q&A of our short film and we'd do it all over again! Top quality film festival, all the films were superb, such a supportive film community and the hosts feel like friends already :-) We'll be back for sure!

    May 2024
  • This festival creates such a supportive environment. The organizers are lovely, the audience is warm, and the films are top quality. It was such a delight to do a Q&A here. Thanks so much for having me.

    April 2024
  • Kimberly Te

    Had a lovely experience at Valkyrie. Excellent curation of films alongside a friendly environment to meet other filmmakers. I traveled in from NYC, and I was very grateful for the excellent communication and hospitality.

    April 2024
  • Safiya Songhai

    This film greatly encourages women directors to not only make films, but to collaborate with one another. This festival is unique in that it is founded by a mother and daughter team and shows a multi generational family oriented environment.

    My film won the Trailblazer Award and I can't wait to submit again.

    April 2024
  • Philip Kral

    We cannot begin to express what an absolutely amazing festival this is! We drove up from NYC and got caught in a late season snowstorm on our way and it was so worth every minute it took us to get there. Kaelin and Tamar made us feel so welcome and part of the Valkyrie family instantly.

    One of the experiences that makes this festival unique is that not only is this an exclusively female directed event, but that every filmmaker gets their own Q & A directly after the screening. This enhances the experience so much; as the film is fresh in everyone's mind and the feedback is more organic, insightful and sometimes even constructive. None of the blocks felt drawn out or too long and the discussions were so intimate and fulfilling for filmmakers and audience members alike.

    Kaelin and Tamar also go out of their way to introduce like-minded filmmakers to encourage networking and conversation outside the blocks. As often introverted filmmakers, this made all the difference! We felt so accepted and included and we cannot wait for the opportunity to do it all again next year!

    If you are wondering if you should submit to this festival, you should! We cannot recommend it enough!

    April 2024