Welcome to the 5th installment of the Cinemafantastique Film Festival, which will take place Saturday, August 29th to Sunday, August 30th this year in co-presentation with VIFF (Vancouver International Film Fest) and with the stellar community partnership of VSFF (the Vancouver Short Film Festival). We are of course disappointed to announce that due to COVID-19 social restrictions, for the first time ever, Cinemafantastique will be an online film event. However, we are extremely pleased to announce that in light of this, Cinemafantasatique 5 will be a free event this year for global audiences. VSFF will also be sponsoring the local #filmedinBC -produced short film block and Best Local Film Award (airing an Sat. Aug. 29th).

FILM FESTIVAL ACCESS (AUG.29-30) https://cinemafantastique.org

Cinemafantastique 5 FREE Ticketing is now open for registration!
Once you've registered for tickets, we will email you ENTRY CODES for each of the 3 Blocks for Cinemafantastique 5 over the Aug. 29- 30 weekend. Codes must be redeemed over the course of the presentation weekend. The film festival is set to start at 1PM on Aug. 29th with Block #1...

Block #1 (Aug. 29th, 1:00PM PDT): “Social Horror”
Wrecked - Directed by: Mathieu Mortelmans - Belgium
Dolls of the Void - Directed by: Tavarna Caris Garvey - UK
Somatika - Directed by: Emi Electra - USA
Incredible Tale of the Spiritless Man - Directed by: Marcella C. De Finis - Brazil
Anonymous Animals - (Feature Film) - Directed by: Baptiste Rouveure - France

Block #2 (Aug. 29th, 4:00PM PDT): #FilmedinBC
DELETED - Directed by: Jon Flahr and Benjamin Schuetze - Canada
The Devil and I - Directed by: Christopher Graham - Canada
Cashed Out - Directed by: Michael Trainor - Canada
Nepenthes - Directed by: Ariel Hansen - Canada
Siren - Directed by: Christopher Beaubien - Canada
Ramshackle Blues - Directed by: Sharai Rewels - Canada

Block #3 (Aug. 30th, NOON, PDT): #WeLoveGenreFilm
Blink. - Directed by: Carlos J Matos - Spain
Bark - Directed by: Ryan irving - Canada
Don't Sneeze - Directed by: Ryan LaPlante - Canada
Look Twice - Directed by: Kyle Wilson - USA
The Minister - Directed by: Matt Parks - Canada
Bloodsucker's Planet - (Feature Film) - Directed by: Mark Beal - USA
French Blood 1 - Mr. PIG - (Feature Film) - Directed by: Rodolphe Bonnet - France

Please go to our Event Page Aug.29-30 for Live Stream Q&As and Awards! https://www.facebook.com/events/2557493227898330/

* * *
Cinemafantastique will also maintain its annual competitive film categories and awards, and we intend to provide a future theatrical exhibition for the winners (likely to be connected with next year's festival), should the health regulations regarding any theatrical exhibitions relax by that time.

After the August Cinemafantastique/VIFF online event, the entire program will also be re-run, for three days this October, at UBC (University of British Columbia) exclusively for their third-year Film Studies Class, “Cult Film and Cinema”, which will reach international UBC cinema-studies students and offer them the chance to academically appreciate and exchange ideas on every film in the Cinemafantastique 5 programme.

The entire Cinemafantastique team is looking forward to the opportunity to present this year's films to a widely expanded audience of genre film fans in this new 2020 Digital Cinema realm; and then further forward where we can present the best selections to theatrical cinephiles and audiences as soon as possible!

Very truly,
Cinemafantastique Film Fest.

2020 Awards include: Best Feature Film, Best Short Film (overall), and Best #filmedinBC Short. (Additional awards may be announced this summer).


Winners will be placed into a theatrical exhibition block when the current COVID-19 social restrictions ease.

We feature HORROR, ARTHOUSE, EXPLOITATION, SURREAL, EROTIC, EXPERIMENTAL, and GIALLO works. If your wild genre film fits, we would love to see it! Please submit films via digital platforms (no hard copies).

Overall Rating
  • Marcella C. De Finis

    To be a part of Cinemafantastique5 was truly a delightful experience. Even though 2020 challenged us by making it impossible to have a physical festival, Nicole and Vince took the absolutely best of the situation, creating an accessible, integrated online experience, that allowed many of my friends around the globe to watch the movies on the festival. Communication was amazing, and they're both very kind. I hope to be a part of the festival in the future, and be able to attend to future editions.

    September 2020
  • Great experience! Great communication, organizers were friendly and encouraging. Wish I could have been there in person, but the video Q&A was great fun.

    September 2020
  • Olivier NELLI

    Thank you very much. We are very glad to to have been selected to the the CINEMAFANTASTIQUE 4 in VANCOUVER. We hope that you enjoyed our movie NTA (Nuke Them All).
    Alas we weren't available during the festival but we hope coming next time.

    September 2018
    Response from festival:

    Everyone enjoyed your film very much! Thank you for submitting, it was fantastic to screen your film. We look forward to your next one!

  • Surhay Kilic

    Great festival! Even though we couldn't attend, we are grateful to be a part of it. See you next year, hopefully!

    September 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you!

  • Adam Losurdo

    Although I wasn't able to attend, I felt at Cinemafantastique really cared. Excellent staff with stellar communication. Highly recommended genre fest. Will submit again! I hope to attend the next time around.

    September 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much, Adam! Thank you for the kind notes and compliments! We hope to see you at next year's fest! Looking forward to your next film!