The african filmfestival AUGEN BLICKE AFRIKA has been excisting since eight years now. Every year we show a selection of 40 films about Africa within eight days in a cinema in town and will organize discussions with some African filmmakers.
We are a group of engaged African and German people who want to get into discussion with German society about what happens in African countries. We think that the present African Cinema will have an important impact to show a more realistic image of contemporary Africa.
Our goal is to change the image of african sicieties as it is mostly shown through mass media in Germany.
We are planning our ninth edition from november 5th to 15th 2020 in Hamburg, Germany:

We are going to focus the question: Which role can an African filmmaker play in a world of globalization and political and social changes in Africa? As in the media the African continent is presented only in terms of wars, faim or wild animals we intent to give a more realistic image of the African continent.

Sorry, we don't have awards or prizes. We think every film we show is very valuable and worth seeing by our audience.
We only will organize an audience contest.

You just send us a screener link and our selecting team will watch your film till July.
If selected we will order a DCP or high resolved link. We aso will invit some of the filmmakers to have a discussuon with our audience.