The Slum Film Festival is the first ever film platform-featuring stories from slums, about slum realities and made by film-makers from the slums and marginalized areas around the world. It is a celebration of the creativity of filmmakers living and working in slums. It is also an opportunity to show a range of films within slum communities with limited or no access to cinema.

The first pilot edition of the festival was celebrated with success in August 2011. This program has now been extended and expanded into workshops, training sessions and networking opportunities and is now celebrating its 9th Edition. The festival has reached out for submissions from all across Africa and the world with 8000+ films submitted over the last 8 years. It has gathered audiences of thousands of slum dwellers and urban culture enthusiasts.

a) Call for Entries
The 9th Edition of Slum Film Festival is open to amateur filmmakers as well as professionals from all over the world. Slum Film Festival (SFF) exhibits the best films from, about and for the slums – informal settlements from around the globe. It celebrates independent filmmakers who make these films every year in the City of Nairobi.

The festival will award winners from nominated entries by the panel of judges in the following categories.
b) Award Categories
1) Best emerging film maker
2) Best film – Kenya
3) Best film – Africa
4) Best International Film
5) Best Documentary
6) Best Animation
7) Slum voice Award
8) Best Director
9) Best Cinematography
10) Best Children’s Film
11) Best Student Film
12) Theme Award
13) Jury Award
14) Best Feature Film
15) Best Short Film

 The deadline for submissions: 15th May 2019
 Entrants can submit short films (3-30 minutes) or feature films (31-120 minutes)
 This year’s theme is 'Rebirth’ - A journey of transformation.
 Submitted films touching on human interest are encouraged.
 Entrants may submit up to 3 films as an individual.
 A separate Entry Form must be completed for each film.
 Submitted short films must have been completed after 15th May 2017.
 Subtitles in English must be embedded into the film. (Closed Captions in French, Spanish or Portuguese are welcome)
 For postal entries the film must be submitted as a .MOV on a USB memory Stick, Hard drive or DVD. Online entries should be submitted through FilmFreeway.
 Entrants agree that any still images from the film submitted or during the filming process may be used by SFF for promotional purposes.
 All applicants are requested to supply a digital film poster (in PDF or JPEG format, A3 portrait).
 The Slum Film festival judges reserve the right to exclude from the festival any films that they decree incite violence, radicalization messages or bigotry (this does not mean that the films cannot contain scenes of violence).
 Submitted films will be entered into those categories chosen by the entrant.
 Entrants of shortlisted films agree that their submitted films can be included in a Festival DVD/ compilation, for distribution to select strategic festival partners. The film maker will be informed of any commercial gain that would result from this type of sharing or requests for use of the material by any third party. SFF endeavors to ensure that no films are issued by SFF to any other party for screening or other forms of exploitation without sending notification to the submitting filmmaker.
 The winners and runners up will be announced at the award ceremony.
 A panel of judges shall screen all entries received in their entirety. The panel shall shortlist films and videos for Festival participation and for competition. The panel will identify winning films. The judge’s decision is final.
 Slum Film Festival does not charge entry fees for its screenings. Screenings are held in various locations in Kenya, (3 cities) and global locations that are communicated through our online portals or via email.
NOTE: Films can also be dropped manually at our offices, 3rd floor KCDF house, Chai Road, Nairobi Kenya.

a. Submitted films must be short (3-30 minutes) or feature films (31-120 minutes).
b. The entrant agrees that, should his or her film be shortlisted, Slum Film Festival reserves the right to
i. Include the film on the Festival Film Reel,
ii. Post the trailer on the Slum Film Festival Website or social media pages.
iii. Show clips of the film in its entirety at the festival Award Ceremony, and during any other festival screening.
c. Distribute the film poster to journalists and broadcasters. The submitting party takes all responsibility that the consent of the owner of the Title property, clearances from the copyright owner(s) and performer(s) of music used in the film has all been acquired from the appropriate authorities.
d. Screen the film or share the film to strategic festival partners for a period of two (2) years from the year the film is submitted. Notification of such screenings will be communicated to the submitter.
Submission of the entry form implies the acceptance of all submission regulations above.

Overall Rating
  • Devendra Kumar

    Thank you so much for selecting my film for 2019 edition. It was an honour and hope to send my new projects soon.

    November 2020
  • Paul Ogola

    I loved the experience and all round professionalism.

    June 2020
  • Prem vignesh Mg

    Has not been to the festival, but i thank the jury for selecting my film.

    October 2019
  • Oprah Oyugi

    Slum Film Fest was lovely and had an amazing line-up of films. I really was happy to have my film screening there. The only letdown was that they re-arranged the schedule without prior communication so the films didn't screen in the same order as was listed on the program. Otherwise, I loved it.

    September 2019
  • I was very glad that the African premiere of my film, The Truth: Lost at Sea, was at the Slum Film Festival. The festival theme is great and I wished I could have traveled to Kenya to attend. The organizers were great in responding quickly to my inquiry on submission too.

    September 2019