La Città Incantata Film Festival is a film festival that is now at its 6th edition (plus another sperimental “zero” edition) promoted by the town of Nocera Inferiore (SA) and organized by “La Città Incantata” Association. The fundamental objective of the festival is to develop a permanent education about cinema- lifelong learning – aimed to both young peple and adults: in the “city of sight” everyone has citizenship rights, everyone has the right to watch and understand. In this sense, the mission is to promote the cinematographic language, without barriers and snobberies, without doing cineclub (art-house cinema for the few), not cineforum (cinema as a mere tool to examine some themes): film from the distribution circuit to alphabetize young people, but also short-film expositions, collective meetings with authors, aggregation events about cinema. From January to April La Città Incantata Film Festival is aimed, first of all, at students, from primary school to high school, with a selection of 9 feature films, divided by 3 cycles (Human Rights, Legality and a third cycle with a variable theme), with 40 days for over 10.000 presences at the “Sala Roma” cinema of Nocera Inferiore. Everyday the films are introduced by a moderator and after the show the students will remain in the room for a discussion, conducted through a set of innovative educational techniques (the “Cinekit”). The show for the schools is followed by the production of short-films, every year about a theme published on the notice. The short-films produced by the schools are shown on the big screen and awarded in the School Cinema Awards section, that assigns awards to students in the following 5 categories: best subject, best actor, best actress, best cast (“Andrea-Vertorano” award), best film. In May La Città Incantata Film Festival opens to the general public with the Cinema Week, several evening events to which anyone can freely participate, students included. Among the events of the programme, the night film marathon “Lost in the Night” (1 short-film, 2 clips, 3 feature films about a single theme, with a final competition for the participants); the School Cinema Awards evening; the “Cine in Città” masterclass, that every year proposes a dynamic interview with a clip, pictures and participation from the public to a professional of the cinematographic sector; the “Corte in Corte” short-films exposition, in the town hall of Nocera Inferiore, that assigns the “Silver Castle” to the winner; the “La Città Incantata” awards, assigned yearly to cinematographic professional (director, actors,writer, etc.) who has been able to approach the audience to the cinema, without giving up on innovating the language.

The Free Direction section films will be judged between March and April 2019 by the students and teachers who will participate to the La Città Incantata Film Festival days, divided in two groups: Middle Schools and High Schools. Between the two films chosen by the respective groups, one will receive the “Honorable Mention –Free Direction 2018-19” and the other will be the winner of “Free Direction Awards – La Città Incantata Film Festival VI Edition”. The assignation of the honorable mention and of the awards to the two film selected by the schools will be under the responsibility of Artistic Director of the Festival. The director of the short-film winning the “Free Direction- La Città Incantata Film Festival VI Edition” will be hosted by the Festival Association (that will take care of the expenses regarding the trip and lodging) during the “Corti in Corte”(May 2019) section evening, while they will receive a honor plaque and the short-film will be shown.
The “Corti in Corte” section film will be judged by a quality committee (formed by director of other cinematographic festivals around Campania and/or cinematographic journalists) and by a young jury, that will assign respectively the “Silver Castle Award – Corti in Corte 2018” and the “Youth Jury Awards- Corti in Corte”. The “Silver Castle Award – Corti in Corte 2018” consist in a sum of money (500,00€) and a silver plaque.

1. Conditions for partecipation
By the VI edition , participation is free and open to every kind of work, with maximum duration of 25 minutes ( opening and closing credits included) and Italian citizenship. The submitted shortsfilms must have been produced from 1st January 2016 on.
2. Subscription Work must be submitted only through the platform . The organisation may ask a higher resolution file if the submitted work quality is considered low. Deadline is on the 1st March of 2019.

3. Work’s content
Offensive and/or advertising works will not be considered . Authors themselves are the only responsibles for the content of their works. Authors, submitting their work , declare to have all the rights regarding the work , including music and a waiver for pictures, absolving staff members from any responsibility or controversy deriving from copyright abuses. All candidates data will be protected according to the Italian Privacy Act n.196 of 30 June 2003.

4. Selection
During the selection phase , works will be choosed according to the following criteria:

• Free Direction selection : suitability and compatibility for a young audience ; social relevant issues ; artistical quality.

• Corti in Corte selection : artistical quality; original subject ; Mastering technical and expressive languages.

5. Admissions
Admissions outcome will published on our website and final-stage filmmakers will be personally informed by the board of La città incantata Film Festival by 10th March 2019. After the communication, authors must send urgently required materials by the Festival, through email to or a file transfer service.
Required materials will, presumably, be: filled in participation file in all its part, film files in HD for film screening (the format will be specified at later date ), film synopsis and technical file (in the format doc, rtf or pdf), picture of the film, of the director and eventual subtitles.

6. Final disposition
Authors, sending the work, declare to have read and accepted the rules in every part of it. For any questions not covered by the rules , La Città Incantata Film Festival staff has the right to take the final decision. Accepting the rules authorizes the Festival organisation to use selected works in correlated activity during the Festival , during activities related to the festival that may take place even after the Film Festival VI Edition , with prior communication to the authors.