The 10th BANGIFF - BangkokThai International Film Festival is held in the wonderful and magical city of South Asia, Bangkok, which attracts thousands of people every year. In the last edition were presented more than 1400 films for the festival of the pearl of the East, a film contest where many sponsors of the world film industry meet.

Best fiction short film, Best Documentary Short Film, Best Animated Short Film, Best Experimental short film, Best LGBT Short Film, Best fiction feature, Best Documentary feature film, Best animated feature, Best LGBT feature, Special prizes: Direction, Actor, Actress, Screenplay, Photography Direction, Art Direction, Sound.

BANGIFF FILMS organizes, selects and rewards the works presented at BANGIFF - BangkokThai International Film Festival with the following bases:
-Will participate works produced from January 1, 2021 of any nationality.
A- Feature films (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, LGBT): more than 36 min
Feature film in genre fiction of more than 36 min
B- Short films (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, LGBT, Music video): less than 35 minutes.
Short film in genre fiction of less than 35 minutes
-Languages: Works are accepted in any language, although they must be subtitled obligatorily to English.
- Once the film is registered, it can not be withdrawn from the Festival's programming.
All the selected works will receive their Laurel from the corresponding Festival, downloading it from the festival website, with the commitment to show it in the poster of their film.
The producers of the selected works will assign their rights for the screening at the festival venues and the possible inclusion of fragments in promotional videos of the festival.

The selected films will be screened the days of the festival and will opt for the following prizes:
- Best fiction short film Short film in genre fiction of less than 35 minutes. Drama, Comedy, Terror, Sci Fi, Western, Romance, etc.
-Best Documentary Short Film
-Best Animated Short Film
-Best Experimental short film
-Best LGBT Short Film
-Best Music video
-Best fiction feature Drama, Comedy, Terror, Sci Fi, Western, Romance, etc.
-Best Documentary feature film
-Best animated feature
The organization will have previously communicated the winning works to its Producers or representatives.
fiction short film (Drama, Comedy, Terror, Sci Fi, Western, Romance, etc.), Documentary Short, Animated Short, Experimental short, LGBTQ Short, fiction feature, Documentary feature, animated feature.

Overall Rating
  • We are very happy that a Kurdistan story has received attention at this festival in Thailand. It was a nice experience, a nice reward. Thanks to all the festival veterans.

    November 2023
  • It was a great pleasure to attend this festival. Our team is so happy to be part of the lineup. Thank you so much!

    May 2023
  • bobby easley

    So honored to have been selected to this festival!

    December 2021
  • Marek Leszczewski

    Thank you for honouring our " The Dreams Of Lonely People" with a prize!

    November 2021
  • Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen

    Thank you so much for choosing Toyota and Windbreaker for your official selection. All the best for coming post corona years.

    November 2021