Chicago Script Award is a screenplay festival that presents the best screenwriters in the world. We are looking for screenplays that we offer as a product to the world's independent film directors, producers, film investors and film productions.

Our festival combines productions that are looking for suitable scripts for their future projects. We also connect music creators and creators of music videos.

FilmFreeway has ranked our competition, the Chicago Script Awards, among the TOP5 THE MOST POPULAR SCREENWRITING COMPETITION in Chicago. 

Short/Feature Review Pro Analysis - Standard contest submission + up to 3 pages of major Hollywood studio-style coverage with a 10-point professional analysis of character, conflict, marketability, dialogue, emotional investment, theme/premise, pacing, structure/plot, tone, and concept.

The reviewer has been at the forefront of competitions such as Nicholl Fellowship and the Austin Film Festival in 2019. He has written more than 10 feature films in a variety of genres - from drama, comedy, horror, to fantasy.

The Best Project of the Year is nominated for the Golden Art Film Academy, which redistributes $ 5,000.00 which they will receive in the form of various movie rewards.


✍️ Best Super Short Script (under 10 pages)
✍️ Best Short Script (under 40 pages)
✍️ Best Feature Script
✍️ Best Television Script – Pilot
✍️ Best First Time Screenwriter (Short)
✍️ Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature)

✍️ Best Screenplay for Music Video
✍️ Best Drama Screenplay
✍️ Best Comedy Screenplay
✍️ Best Horror Screenplay
✍️ Best Thriller Screenplay
✍️ Best LGBTQ Screenplay
✍️ Best Female Screenwriter
✍️ Best Scifi Screenplay
✍️ Best Young Screenwriter (under 25)
✍️ Best Chicago Screenplay
✍️ Best American Screenplay
✍️ Best Foreign Screenplay
✍️ Best Psychological Screenplay
✍️ Best Historical Screenplay
✍️ Best War Screenplay
✍️ Best Crimi Screenplay
✍️ Best Fantasy Screenplay
✍️ Best Action Screenplay

Each winner will receive a digital diploma + special official laurels

1. All scripts must be in English.
2. Multiple entries from the same submitter are accepted.
4. The decision of the festival selection committee will be final.
5. Scripts that are submitted must be the entrant’s original work and shall not infringe on any copyrights or any other rights of any third parties.
6. The organizers reserve the right not to award any or all of the prizes.
7. Organizers have the right to use film posters or your photos on public social networks to promote your project and our festival.

Overall Rating
  • David Davidson

    I was happy to be selected. I may not have won any awards, but it was a thrill to complete in a competition in such a beautiful city. One of the festival’s to look for to have your work recognized.

    October 2022
  • Fred G Stemme

    My gratitude goes to the judges who awarded my script, A Siren's Sweet Whisper, to be the Best Drama Screenplay. The contest was well run and my appreciation goes to the staff and all those connected with the contest.

    October 2022
  • Alexandra Gatto

    Thank you for the honor of being chosen for official selection, an overall lovely experience to take part in this event.

    October 2022
  • Erin Elizabeth Cook

    Thank you so much for selecting "The TentVille Knights"! The communication has been great and a lovely visual Official Selection Laurel was delivered upon my notification. My screenplay is based on my own battle with PTSD due to an abusive relationship and our Houseless community. It's so important that Caire's story is told and I so appreciate the support of Chicago Script Awards.

    October 2022
  • It's an honor to have my super short script, A Raunchy Children's Story, make the Official Selection list. Much gratitude to the team at Chicago Script Awards.

    October 2022