Welcome to the War of Films International Film Festival!

Are you a filmmaker looking for a festival that truly connects you with the film industry? Look no further! War of Films is an IMDb Qualifying Film Festival that bridges the gap between Los Angeles and Barcelona, providing a platform for independent filmmakers from around the world to showcase their talent and connect with industry professionals.

At our festival we have awarded big stars and companies such as Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, Ron Perlman, Epic Games, Lucy Liu, Danny Trejo, Michael K. Williams, John Turturro, Malcolm McDowell, Vinnie Jones, Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) and the Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell, who have all been awarded at our festival. This positions War of Films as one of the most important festivals in the world, recognized for its support of independent filmmakers.

With over 4.700 filmmakers from 120 different countries already trusting us, we understand the challenges and costs associated with finishing a film project. We have been filmmakers ourselves and have experienced the limitations of traditional festivals that offer little in terms of industry connections. But at War of Films, we go beyond just showcasing your film – we connect you with the film industry.

Our festival collaborates with ten of the best film sales companies in the world, who regularly work with major platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Video, and over 14,000 buyers. This means that if your film is selected, you have a chance to connect with potential buyers and distributors, opening up new avenues for distribution and exposure.

Even if your film is not selected, we still offer help with distribution. We understand that navigating the distribution landscape can be challenging, and we are committed to supporting our filmmakers in their distribution journey. Through our distribution network, your film has the potential to reach the most important Film Markets in the world, including EFM Berlin, Cannes, MIPTV, Toronto, Hong Kong, NAPTE, MIPCOM, and Ventana Sur.

At War of Films, we believe in inclusivity and welcome projects without limitations on years of production or territorial launch. We also understand that winning an award is not the only criteria for distribution. Your film may not win any awards, but it could still be considered for distribution based on market needs and commercial agents' requirements. This gives you the flexibility to participate in other festivals while deciding when to start your distribution journey.

In addition to our festival, we also collaborate with a YouTube channel where we promote registered trailers and music videos, providing additional exposure for your work.


So, what are you waiting for? Join us at War of Films International Film Festival and let us help you connect with the film industry and take your film to new heights! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit our official website for more information on how to submit your project. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your talent on an international stage and potentially secure distribution for your film. We look forward to receiving your submissions and celebrating the power of independent cinema! Thank you.

But that's not all! We also offer an opportunity for you to earn extra money by becoming a Festival Sponsor. If you have friends or contacts with companies looking to promote themselves internationally, you can refer them to us, and we will provide you with a percentage for each sponsor you bring in. Contact us through our official email for more information.


Why are there so many categories? Which do you recommend?
We recommend the "All categories" option, as it offers the best value for money. It includes the main category of your project, as well as individual categories such as best director and best producer, along with best trailer and best poster. Additionally, your trailer will be shown in all the distributor rounds we do throughout the year, and we will make a promotional post on our Instagram. However, we also offer the option to register in categories individually to cater to different budget and festival strategies.

Should I wait until the last minute to submit or register now?
Both options are valid, as all projects registered in the festival have the same opportunities. However, we recommend registering as soon as possible, as we start promoting the most interesting projects throughout the year. The market is constantly changing, and we don't wait until the end of the year to start distribution.

Do major festivals require a world premiere for exclusivity?
We are against limiting registrations based on territorial premiere or year of production. We believe that all projects deserve multiple chances. For example, we had a movie from 2016 that was rejected by all festivals and distributors, but in 2021, we secured a seven-year contract with an international distributor and an 18-month contract with HBO Europe for that same movie.

What is the difference between Short Film Competition and Film Market + Short Film?
Short Film Competition is for competing to be the best short film of the festival and be screened at our annual event. Film Market + Short Film is similar, but we also try to find distribution for your project. We differentiate these two categories because some projects may already have distribution but are still interested in competing for the festival award as the best short film.

Can you send my project to distributors without notice?
No, we cannot send your movie or script to distributors without prior notice. However, we can send them trailers or promotional material upon request.

Am I obliged to accept an offer from the distributor?
No, you are not obliged to accept any offer from the distributor. The project always remains yours, and we simply help you find commercial contracts for your project. The offers we receive will be sent to you, and you have the autonomy to decide what to do with those offers.

What does War of Films earn from distribution contracts?
We do not earn anything from distribution contracts. Our distribution service is provided free of charge as part of our commitment to helping filmmakers take the next step beyond just screening their films. We believe that festivals should use their contacts to assist filmmakers in their career progression.

-Best Feature Film
-Best Short Film
-Best Documentary
-Best Serie/Web/Pilot Tv
-Best Music Video

-Best Short Script
-Best Feature Script
-Best First time Screenwriter
-Best Screenwriter.

-Best Female Director
-Best First Time Female Director
-Best Director
-Best First Time Filmmaker
-Best Producer
-Best Actor
-Best Actress
-Best Original Screenplay
-Best Cinematography
-Best Color Grading
-Best Edit
-Best Sound Design
-Best Soundtrack
-Best Visual effects
-Best Trailer
-Best Poster

-Best Indie Feature Film/Documentary (low Budget). Less than 50.000
-Best Indie Short Film (Low Budget). Less than 5.000
-Best Animated Film
-Best Experimental Film
-Best Drama
-Best Comedy
-Best Horror/Thriller
-Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy

We can award Honorable Mentions in categories that we consider.

All genres, all style and all thematics.
Production Year: No limit.
Feature more than 60 minutes.
Short film: maximum 60 minutes.
Series/Pilot Tv/Web Media: Unlimited
Documentary: Unlimited.
Music Videos: Unlimited
Screenplay: Shorts up to 30pag. / Feature up to 180 pag.

1. We accept films and scripts in: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.
We accept all other languages if they are subtitled in English, Spanish, French, German or Italian.

2. No fee waiver. All entry fees are non-refundable.

3. War of films can use samples of your work in a promotional way for the festival (maximum 1 minute).

4. Usage Rights

The participant declares and guarantees that he/she is the holder of all usage rights necessary for the use of the film in the context of this agreement and that he/she is in a position to effectively grant War of Films these rights. The participant guarantees that by using the film in the context of this agreement, no rights of third parties, including persons depicted in the film, are infringed. The festival is not responsible for any legal action that may occur for infringing these rights.

By signing up for VIP or Trailer+youtube. You give us permission to put your trailer on our youtube channel.

5. The festival does not pay a screening fee. At the live festival we screen the winner of Best Short Film and Best Feature Film.

6. Organizers reserve rights change, cancel or re-schedule the dates, venue, awards & categories without consent.

7. The festival reserves the right to include new categories such as: Best thriller, best sci-fi, best lgtb, best fantasy etc if it considers it appropriate. As well as eliminating categories if not the minimum number of participants is reached.

8. Our goal is to promote your work. By registering, you agree that we can send press releases about your project to distributors and festivals to promote your work.

9. If you do not send the requested material for viewing in cinema. Sorry, your project will be disqualified. We do all the projections in cinema and if you do not send us the requested material we cannot do the projections in a professional way.

10. If you have registered in the VIP or Best trailer + Youtube category. You consent to us putting your trailer on the festival channel.

Registration implies acceptance of these rules.

Overall Rating
  • Jennifer Van Gessel

    Sergi and the team were great from start to finish. There are many festivals but these guys are really passionate about what they do. I hope to be able to enter again in the future.

    November 2023

    Thank you for recognizing and and awarding our film "The search for Audur" for the BEST HORROR film of the year. We're really thankful and honored. Our best from Iceland <3

    November 2023
  • Justin Hunt

    Having participated in what has to be close to a hundred or more film festivals over the years, the level of communication, organization, professionalism and thoughtfulness towards the filmmaker is unmatched when it comes to War of Films. Sergi and his teams are the highest quality professionals, have a clear understanding of what it's like from the filmmaker's perspective and do a great job of not only communicating the status of your film (which is typically ignored by most festivals), but also of promoting and honoring those that are selected with the highest level of effort and quality. To be able to bring home four awards from War of Films is absolutely a point of pride for our film, and I look forward to submitting to this wonderful festival again in the future!

    November 2023
    Response from festival:

    Wow Justin. Right now we are crying with emotion with this great review from you. We are very happy that you value everything we do as a festival because we work very hard to provide you with the maximum value possible. Congratulations on the work you do at The Post. It is a wonder. You have made an excellent feature film. Well written, produced and directed. I encourage everyone to look for the trailer for The post on Vimeo (White Whale Pictures, Inc), so you can appreciate the quality of this project. Thank you very much for everything and congratulations to the team from us, you have done a great job.

  • Ryan Lesica

    War of Films was very generous and hospitable. Quick response time and overall definite recommendation.

    November 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much Ryan and congratulations on winning the award for best LGBTQ with Takeoff. We loved your ability to narrate and make us feel the protagonist's emotions without resorting to explanatory dialogues. Only with soundtrack and good choice of shots. Congratulations.

  • Latha Warrier

    Thank you for the recognition and the personalized laurels for my film, Horn and Ivory. It is evident that your team has taken pains to spend time on the project and has put in an effort to customize your interactions with us. It is indeed an absolute privilege to be selected for an award on such a prestigious platform and we are very grateful.

    We look forward to hearing more about what the jury has to say about our film. We also look forward to returning to the War of Films platform with bigger and better projects in the not-so-distant future. 

    October 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Latha. Congratulations on the award. The producer's job is to make everything work with the budget you have and with your budget you do a great job. It's impossible to do better with this budget and that's what we most value is the individual talent to give the film all the elements it needs. Congratulations!!