The Faculty of cinema, television art of the Kharkiv State
Academy of Culture invites creative youth (up to 35 years old), students of
higher educational establishments to take part
in the International Youth Film Festival of Audiovisual Art
GOLDEN FRAME is the only international art project on
audiovisual art in Kharkiv, which is organized in the framework of a
professional higher education institution in Eastern Ukraine and a unique
faculty - the faculty of cinema and television art.

We have great prizes from our partners and juries

ATTENTION The competition program is subdivided into 2 sections:
Student, Others(up to 35 yrs) Section work
is evaluated regardless. A separate winner is nominated for each section.

Nominations of the competition:

• Scenario mastery in audiovisual art
(submit scenarios of audiovisual works of any type and genre to 50
pages of text. The competitive commission does not return the script.
• Directing is divided into the following:
o Direction of documentary audiovisual work
(before the competition audiovisual works are submitted on a
documentary basis of any genre of the timing up to 20 minutes.)
o Direction of the fiction film
(audiovisual works of any kind and genre of chr. up to 20
minutes are submitted to the competition).
• Multimedia design and animation
(audiovisual works of any type and genre are presented to the
contest, which use elements of multimedia design and animation for
up to 20 minutes.)

Overall Rating
  • Great festival, thank you! Best of luck in the future.

    June 2020
  • Vyacheslav (Slavik) Bihun

    I wonder as at first we had a good start of the communication as our film was selected. Next, there was a disruption. Ultimately, I have no idea whether it was even screened. I sent a letter of inquiry to the organizers but have not received a reply. In good faith I cannot rate the Festival in all aspects. Puzzled. Best of luck in the future.

    June 2019
  • Thanks for the Best Script Award!

    June 2019
  • Thanks, friends. Great Festival and good awards.

    June 2019
  • Sabrina Mertens

    I don't know, I received not very much information about this festival. My movie was selected and then it was a winner, but it turned out, that was just a mistake... So I don't know if my movie was screened and how much people watched it or if there are any reactions... a lot of question marks, unfortunately.

    June 2019