Imagine a film festival that is being viewed by the entire globe on one single date at a given time.
Short of the Month brings you world's first ever film festival that streams LIVE on your laptop/television/PC; just like a football match. So now all the participants/non-participants from any corner of the world can attend this event Live sitting at his/her home.
There will be film screenings, Live Voting, award ceremony and lot more happening at LIOSFF all LIVE & EXCLUSIVE!

Highlights of LIOSFF

1) Streams Live for all.
2) The announcement of final shortlisted films will be done on the day of the event.
3) Short film Screenings of top ten shortlisted films
4) Screenings of short film trailers
5) Award ceremony
6) Live voting (for audience choice awards)
7) LIVE conversations with the jury panel


So go ahead, submit your short film and if our team of reviewers approves, then you're in for the world's first ever - LIVE International Online Short Film Festival.

LIOSFF Awards:

1) Best Film (Critics Choice)

2) Best Film (Audience Choice - Based on the votes the film gets from the audience who will be voting for the film Live)


1) For the filmmakers who submit their films on/before the Earlybird deadline; the trailer and a poster of their short film will be placed and promoted at the Comic Con - Mumbai from 19-21 December, 2014 *(only if your film gets selected)*. Please read more about it here -

2) All the nominees/winners will get nomination/winning certificates, respectively.

3) CASH PRIZE for the winning film (critics choice) and winning film (audience choice) - ANNOUNCING SOON!

(For the latest updates on LIOSFF follow us on Twitter/Facebook/Website)

When it comes to Short films, we don't follow any set of strict rules. LIOSFF accept short films of any genre in any language, from around the globe. Just few general points which makes our reviewer's job more efficient.

Rules – LIOSFF

1) All short films must be subtitled in English *(only if the film's original language isn't English)*

2) Short film submitted should not exceed the time limit – up-to 60 minutes (including opening and end credits).

3) Please submit a trailer and a poster along with the short film if you’re submitting your short film on/before the earlybird deadline. Please note that the trailer and the poster of your short film will be presented at the Comic Con – Mumbai. Read more about it here:

4) The decision of the Jury will be final and can’t be challenged.

5) LIOSFF stages/process:
5.1) Entry submissions as per rules & regulations
5.2) Fill an online form, submit the link of your short film & complete the payment
5.3) Review of your short film by our Jury Members.
5.4) Announcement of the list of nominated films on the day of the LIVE event – 5/4/2015
5.5) LIVE online Screening of your short film.

6) Winners will be announced on the day of the event 5/4/2015.

7) Event timings will be updated soon. For the latest updates on LIOSFF follow us on Twitter/Facebook/Website.

8) By submitting short film to LIOSFF, filmmaker/producer takes the whole responsibility of copyright issues of music, script and other creative and technical aspects of film.

Cover Picture: Tiago Cassol Schvarstzhaupt

Overall Rating
  • Maria Zak

    Lovely and professional. I would recommend other film makers to apply.

    June 2016