Beirut International Children and Family Film Festival (BICAF) seeks to raise awareness in the region about Children and Family issues; we believe that every child has the right to education, love, and peace; and we want to promote these values through films, the language we all talk without any limitation.

BICAF screens films from all around the world; our program varies from local to international films; the festival hosts filmmakers to talk about their filming journey, and to discuss their films with our young audience. the festival also includes special programs for awareness and capacity building.

BICAF Film Festival Program includes films dedicated for Children and Family; the festival offers its visitors discussions about the films, seminars and workshops; in addition to a film competition that offers many awards.

BICAF is organized by Beirut Film Society and a partner with Rabat International Children and Family Film Festival.

BICAF offers awards in all the participating categories, national and international, based on the audience vote, in addition to the festival trophy and the winning certificates.

Rules and Regulations:


2- Filmmakers are invited to submit their original work to Beirut International Children and Family Film Festival (BICAF) for the listed categories and as per the assigned duration of each category.

3- Beirut International Children and Family Film Festival (BICAF) holds the right to:
• Select the film that is qualified to be in the official selection of the festival
• Use the selected films for trailers and publicity usage
• Screen the winning films in other related events inside Lebanon, and recommend the winning films to other international film festivals that collaborate with BICAF after the approval of the filmmakers

4- Submission fees are non refundable and non reimbursable under any circumstances; BICAF does not reimburse any submission fees for films who are not selected for the festival program, or who withdrew their submissions at any time.

5- BICAF retains the right to accept or decline any film, for whatever reason, without any explanation.

6- Applicant admits that he/she is authorized to submit the film, being the rights-holder or authorized representative of the film.

7- BICAF receives exhibition copy in QuickTime 1080p HD 8 bit uncompressed or Apple ProRes file or equivalent via a downloadable link.

8- All non-English speaking films must have adequate English subtitles (French subtitles is a plus).

9- Screening fees must be declared prior to or upon submission. If a screening fee is only indicated after the official selection has been announced, the Festival retains the right to revoke the film's acceptance.

Overall Rating
  • Ellen Weisberg

    Great festival! Happy to be a part of it!

    April 2021
  • Umut Aral

    We're all going through rough times but Beirut was going through even worse when the festival was happening. Congratulations to the festival team for their dedication, courage and their effort for realizing an amazing festival. Me and my team is also very happy to receive such a prestigious award, The Best Feature Film, from the festival. Looking forward to be a part of the following festivals.

    August 2020
  • Marina Andree Skop

    It was a pleasure to be a part of Beirut International Children and Family Film Festival and get the Special Mention. Thank you!

    August 2020
  • Gina Abou Zeid

    Happy and Proud to have been part of BICAFF, as well as, an Award Winner! Thank you for this unique experience!

    August 2020
  • Doha Film Institute

    It was a very good collaboration and a real pleasure to have a few of our films selected to the 2020 program!

    August 2020