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The Screenwriter Showcase based at Pinewood Studios is a quarterly event aimed at enriching through workshopping new scripts from unsung global talent, introducing producers to screenwriters, all with the aim of bringing your work to life!

The event will consist primarily of a script reading with professional actors at our headquarters in the world-famous Pinewood Studios- home of blockbuster franchises such as James Bond and Star Wars. This is followed from feedback by everyone in the room, including Lift-Off co-founders Ben Pohlman and James Bradley. Feedback is crucial for anyone working in the industry looking to succeed and we believe this is an invaluable opportunity that will benefit any screenwriter.

We cater the rest of the day to suit your needs - whether you’d like to do more read-throughs, discuss development options, or anything else that will help launch your career and get your script made.

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Submission level:

- Free ebook to all who submit
- Instant access to the Lift-Off database of screenplays where directors might option your work for their next project(s)


- You will be invited to Pinewood Studios, home of Star Wars, James Bond and countless of other blockbuster films, where you will meet with the Lift-Off team and community members to read, workshop, and provide unique feedback on your script.

Scripts must be submitted via FilmFreeway in PDF format only.

Overall Rating
  • Lift-Off is for do'ers not for wait'ers; having cleared that out of the way do not expect anything less than a phenomenal experience filled with the kind of momentous energy that sends you on to the next phase of your fillmmaking career. Siskel and Ebert two thumbs up sort of thing!

    March 2020
  • Jacqueline Marett

    This has been a very helpful and worthwhile experience. The team at Lift Off actively strive to add value to a project and have also remained in contact and following other projects, which they are now also promoting. The best experience I have had of Film Festivals and related competitions to date.

    May 2019
  • Tristan Shepherd

    My script was lucky enough to be selected by Lift Off for the screenwriters showcase. They hosted a reading of my script with actors, writers, producers and directors at Pinewood Studios. It was the first time I've heard my script aloud and it was a great experience. I received excellent and varied creative feedback as well as sound production and funding advise. James, Ben, Natalie and Claire (the Lift Off team) team are hugely hospitably and make you feel at home in the glamorous settings of Pinewood. I would highly recommend to other screenwriters and filmmakers.

    May 2019