Welcome to the second season of our first year of Linear International film festival with public screenings.

This festival was created by Film Vault presents and Deprofundis Horror Festival.

This short film festival is open to the international community as long as the film has English subtitles.

This Festival is for short movies up to 25 mins long, we are open to new film makers and also existing ones.

The selected films will be screened on a private chanel where our chosen professionals will observe and select the entries.

Once selected we will screen the chosen films for the public, film makers, at The Unitarian, an authentic Gothic church in the beautiful caulderdale town of Todmorden which is famous for its large independent events.
Awards will be given out at the end of the night.

All festivals we plan will be promoted on twitter, facebook , instagram and the press both online and paper
the second season and entries will begin 6th april 2019and be screened Nov 9th 2019.

The day will start at 1.30pm through to 9pm ,
and the day will be broken up into film and Q&A sessions
There will be a red carpet and backdrop photo opps.

1.30 doors open meet and greet
8 sections of film , to be updated.
9 onwards drinks and networking in the golden lion 3 mins walk from the venue
Wrist bands will be given on entry which allows you to come and go throughout the day.
Have a fun film making year.

Award certificates will be given out at the end of each section.

Laurels will be awarded to the officially selected, and winners

We will be covered by press and reviewers on the evening, helping publicise the Festival and the selected film makers.

Up to 25 minutes long only, longer films will not be accepted in into this festival
No films made pre 2018 will be accepted

free for film makers in the northwest of England

Overall Rating
  • Sadly couldn't attend but heard lots of great things and wonderful to have my film screened - thank you!

    November 2019
  • Great festival with a brilliant philosophy in regard to the films they screen and organisation skills. It's great that independent filmmakers can get their films screened at wonderful festivals like this.

    July 2019
  • Paul Kelly

    This is an amazing festival with wonderful organizers and some really talented filmmakers presenting their work. It was a great honor to have my short film, Fowl Fury, recognized as an Official Selection by a film festival that really cares about filmmakers and their work. Attention All Filmmakers: Bookmark this festival for next year and every year!

    April 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thankyou so much for that wonderful review :)

  • Top notch organization. This festival rocks!

    April 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much, after our successful first season we have now merged with film vault and we are bringing a combined festival called. Linear international film festival :)