The Seattle Film Festival, an qualifying awards event, is about the independent filmmaker. We are small enough so that your film does not get lost in our submissions or schedule. But we are large enough to offer a beautiful screening venue to display and showcase your films and get media coverage.
The festival was co-founded by George Williams and Jason Anderson in 2013 with a focus on short films and documentaries. 2019 was our most successful year as David Harrington joined the festival as executive director. The filmmaker with a limited budget can therefore receive real prestige and win meaningful awards. This is a legitimate festival, not just an awards show; we actually display and premier your films in a historic Seattle movie theater in front of a live audience and jury.
The Seattle Film Festival also offers Q & A sessions, real networking opportunities with other independent filmmakers as well as press coverage.
We are part of a solid network of other film festivals so submitting your movies to us will automatically open up many more opportunities for you.
Numerous indie film critics, reviewers and industry insiders have been attending and contributing to our festival.
In 2020 and beyond we are looking to expand our festival with exciting new categories and awards.

***Due to the global 2020 pandemic all movie theaters in Seattle are currently closed.
Therefore this year submissions to The Seattle Film Festival will be judged online.
Winners of this year's event will be announced in December 2020 and a selection of the winners will also have a chance to have their films screened in the theater at our 2021 Seattle Film Festival event.***

E-certificates and with some awards physical trophies are awarded free. Physical trophies may also be ordered in all categories.

Our award categories are:

Grand Jury Award Best Feature Film
Best Documentary Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Student Film
Best Director Short Film
Best Director Documentary Feature Film
Best Director Feature Film
Best Actress in a Feature Film
Best Actor in a Feature Film
Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film
Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film
Seattle Film Festival Outstanding Performance Award
Best Cinematography Short Film
Best Cinematography Feature Film
Best Original Song
Seattle Film Festival Filmmaker Award

In addition, we have also added new awards to keep up with our growing number of submissions.


You may submit your movie for consideration in multiple categories.
To do this, you must fill out and submit the form each time you submit to another category, stating the category you wish to submit to.
The submission fee is due for each category you submit to.
We do not accept any films finished earlier than 2016.

​You must own the rights to your film, including the music and have permission of release from everyone appearing in your film.

Non-English language films will be accepted but must have English subtitles. 

Our 2020 Seattle Film Festival does not screen films online- it is a live festival.
Please note that, by submitting your film you agree to the following:
The Seattle Film Festival may use parts of your film for promotional purposes.
These may include trailers, scenes, still photographs etc.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
We categorically do NOT accept X-Rated  or extremist propaganda material.


All films will be screened by film industry professionals.
The semi-finalists will be personally reviewed by our festival directors.