Focusing on experience, For Film's Sake (FFS) - formerly the WOW Film Festival - activates content in new and unexpected ways, challenging audiences to actively engage in the lack of diversity in the film industry. Placing films at the forefront of innovative exhibition, FFS will shift the conversation from the 'worthiness' of female filmmakers to their innovation in the face of gross disparity. In 2017, FFS staged an electronic music showcase alongside music doc 'Play Your Gender', presented Chinese-shot 'Beijing Being' in the first ever screening at the Chinese Garden of Friendship, a six hour horror marathon in a carpark, a Beyonce themed No Lights No Lycra with 'Waiting for B' and an all female fight night with boxing docs 'Unladylike' and 'Burqa Boxers'.

FFS's objective is to pave the way for the future of audiences and reinvigorate the cinema going experience for small to medium size independent films. FFS curates a wide selection of films made by women for audiences crossing all language groups and demographics.

FFS is one of only six AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinematic and Television Arts) Accredited festivals.

1. All film submissions must be received by late deadline 5pm, 18 February 2017, AEST.
2. Films must be submitted for viewing via digital screener link – no DVDs or physical copies will be accepted.
3. All entries must pass a 'three tick' test, meaning a minimum of three out of five creative positions of producer, writer, director, cinematographer, and protagonist must be filled by a female or gender diverse individual.
4. To be eligible for FFS film competitions all shorts must be no more than 50 minutes in length. All features must be no less than 60 minutes in length.
5. All selected films must be available for exhibition on DCP.
6. The producer warrants to FFS they have obtained all the necessary permissions to enter this film and that the film does not infringe the rights, including copyright, of any third party. This includes use of music and literary material (i.e. if your film is based on a novel or poem).
7. The producer grants FFS2018 the rights to:
(a) Exhibit the film in the 2018 For Film's Sake Festival and associated events.
(b) Reproduce the film for inclusion as part of a compilation.
(c) Exhibit the production either in part or in total for promotional purposes.
All productions screened at FFS2018 must have been completed within 3 years of the entry closing date.
12. If films are not in English, they must be available with English subtitles.
13. Films previously submitted to FFS/WOWFF are not eligible for re-submission unless the work has been changed or altered significantly.
14. FFS reserves the right to alter the regulations and/or terms and conditions of entry.

All efforts will be made to notify filmmakers by email of entry status by March 30th 2017.

For further queries regarding screener and/or exhibition formats email:

Overall Rating
  • We had a great time attending when we flew down from Melbourne & we felt very welcomed by everyone at the festival. Highly recommend filmmakers attend - this is a great, grassroots festival.

    May 2018
  • We always tell any female filmmaker client that we have to consider For Film's Sake - their programming choices are strong, and their remit is defined. Definitely worth a look!

    May 2018
  • Richard James Allen

    Karen Pearlman and I were honoured and delighted to screen "Woman with an Editing Bench" at the For Film's Sake Festival in Sydney. This festival has a passion for its cause which is exhilarating.

    May 2017