I Filmmaker International Film Festival is an event organized by filmmakers, for filmmakers. In this, our third year, we want to showcase your films, promote them and give you the attention that you deserve. ALL OUR WINNERS AND NOMINEES OF MAJOR AWARDS, WILL BE ABLE TO ADD THE WIN OR NOM TO IMDB. We know how hard the process is from the moment you have a good idea for a script to the final stages of post-production and finding distribution for your project, that´s why our team will concentrate their energy in getting our official selection and winners a huge exposure in social media, tv and written press. We accept all kinds of digital projects with no limit of theme, length and genre. Your imagination and creation is free and so is our event! We will have recognized names from the industry and celebrities attending our festival and it´s an excellent opportunity to Network and let your art be seen. Our event takes place in the amazing Cines Teatro Goya Puerto Banús in the city of Marbella, (Spain), one of the most touristic places in Europe! We guarantee if you are part of our festival you will have the time of your life, you will make great connections within the film industry and have fun in the process!

I Filmmaker International Film Festival es un evento organizado por filmmakers, para filmmakers. En este, nuestro tercer año, queremos hacer una muestra de películas y cortometrajes, promocionar tus proyectos y prestarte la atención que mereces. TODOS NUESTROS GANADORES Y NOMINADOS DE PREMIOS PRINCIPALES PODRÁN AÑADIR SU GALARDÓN O NOMINACIÓN A IMDB. Sabemos lo duro que es el proceso de crear una película o cortometraje, desde el momento en el que se te ocurre una buena idea, hasta los pasos finales de post-producción y distribución de tu proyecto, es por ello que nuestro equipo se esforzará para que nuestra selección oficial, nominados y galardonados tengan la promoción necesaria en las redes sociales, tv y prensa escrita. Aceptamos todo tipo de proyectos digitales sin límite temático, de tiempo o género. Tu imaginación y creatividad son libres, así como tambien lo es nuestro festival. Contaremos con la asistencia a nuestro evento de grandes actores, directores y guionistas, convirtiendo este festival en una excelente ocasión para dar a conocer tu trabajo.El evento tendrá lugar en la fantástica tierra de Marbella, en los cines Teatro Goya de Puerto Banús, (Malaga), España, uno de los más bellos destinos turisticos europeos.Te garantizamos que si formas parte de nuestro festival lo pasaras en grande, harás negocios divirtiendote en el proceso.

Awards & Prizes

Best Feature- Trophy Award
Best Short- Trophy Award
Best Documentary- Trophy Award
Best Music Video- Trophy Award
Best Actor- Trophy Award
Best Actress- Trophy Award
Best Production- Trophy Award
Best Director- Trophy Award
Best Screenplay - Trophy Award
Best VFX- Trophy Award
Best Cinematographer- Trophy Award
Best DP- Trophy Award
Best Sound- Trophy Award
Best Original Score- Trophy Award
Best Drama Feature- Trophy Award
Best Comedy Feature- Trophy Award
Best Horror/Scifi/Suspence Feature- Trophy Award
Best Drama Short- Trophy Award
Best Comedy Short- Trophy Award
Best Animated Short- Trophy Award
Best Horror/Scifi/Suspense Short- Trophy Award
Honorable Mention of the Jury- Trophy Award
Lifetime Achievement Award- (Galardón Andrés Pajares)

Rules & Terms

Films in a language other than English or Spanish must be subtitled in English or Spanish.

You must own the copyright or have permission from the author to submit the film.

We accept films produced ANY year.

We accept films already released in internet, we understand filmmakers NEED to promote their work.

Submission fee WON'T be refund in case you decide to withdraw your film from the festival or either if your film is selected or not.

The Festival reserves the right to change, add or suppress awards according to the circumstances. The number of projects in our Official Selection and Special Mentions could also change in order to the amount of submissions received each year.

The Festival reserves the right to change the venue and city where the event takes place.

The official exhibition formats for the festival are DVD or Blu-ray. Once a film is Official Selection a copy must be sent to us in order to be screened. The DVD or Blu-Ray copy won't be returned.

Los proyectos deberan estar realizados en inglés o español, de lo contrario deberan tener subtítulos en inglés o español.

Para inscribir un proyecto debe ser propietario de los derechos y copyright o tener permiso del autor.

Aceptamos films producidos en cualquier año.

Aceptamos films que han sido estrenados en internet, entendemos que los filmmakers han de promocionar su trabajo.

El coste de la inscripción NO será devuelto en caso de que un filmmaker decida retirar su pelicula del festival una vez inscrito, ni tampoco se devolverá tanto si su film es seleccionado como si no.

Este festival se reserva el derecho de añadir, cambiar o suprimir cualquiera de sus premios dependiendo de las circunstancias. Asi como la cantidad de films que formen parte de la Selección Oficial y Menciones Especiales puede variar en orden al número de films inscritos cada año.

Este festival se reserva el derecho de cambiar el lugar donde se realizan los pases de los films, así como la ciudad donde tiene lugar el evento.

Una vez su film sea seleccionado para visionarse en el festival, usted deberá enviarnos una copia del mismo en DVD ó Blu Ray, dicha copia no será devuelta.

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    Aysha Scott

    I attended this event last year, as my film had a special mention - whatever that means. When my film first got selected into the festival I was ecstatic as I thought it would be screened but then I was later told that it was a Special Mention and would not be screened but receive a certificate and was also a finalist and up for an award. Which was very confusing as how would it win, if it wasn't event going to be seen? Anyway, I attended the event from London for networking purposes and on my arrival to the screening which was held in a massive cinema with only a handful of people attend the screening so not much people to network with. However, i did manage to network with the few filmmakers that were there but didn't get much interaction with the organisers on that day. Some of the films were amazing, whist others were very bad.

    I attended the awards night and upon arrival you were to give your name to receive your Special Mention certificate on the door. I gave my name and film title to numerous assistants and nobody knew who I was or had heard of my film - which was pretty embarrassing considering I travelled so far. I met with the organisers and it was very brief and a bit off, they only seemed to focus on the official selection filmmakers.

    The event was very glitzy and had lots of press in attendance and people dressed to the nines. Which was nice to see them do it Spanish style. However, although I was told that my film had been nominated for an award I heard no mention of my film from the nominee list and it all seem a bit of a ploy to get filmmakers there. I think the Special Mention should be scrapped, as it's confusing and not really fair for filmmakers who have dedicated hard work and time into their film. And if it does stand, at least give them the cirtifcate on the stage and not collected on door entry. The only time the Special Mention was mentioned was to take the group photo, so don't see the point of it?

    If your film is being screened and you are up for an actual award, it is worth attending but if it's for a Special Mention you will quickly learn that you are not that special to them at all.

    Sorry to put a downer on it, but at the end of the day I can only share the experience that I received.

    I do hope you take my points into consideration, as the event has every potential to be great. Just try to always think about the filmmaker as that's who it's for.

    September 2017
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    lluis quilez

    One of the best festivals in Spain. Marbella is a fantastic city and the organization of the festival is attentive and welcoming. An opportunity to meet filmmakers from all over the world in an excellent environment.

    December 2016
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    Michael McCallum

    I can't think this festival enough for accepting and making our film Buffalo a Finalist. It's a true honor.

    Michael McCallum

    December 2016
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    Michel Jaumin

    We got a great response from the organizers of the Festival It as wonderfull

    December 2016
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    MIguel angel Barroso

    A great experience this Festival celebrated in Marbella, where it has taken very much account of the cinema of author, that does not have many opportunities to be well distributed. Excellent organizational team, very communicative. Thank you!

    December 2016