VanChan or "The Vancouver Channel" is a North American, MONTHLY, webisode festival in where the contestant create a pilot WEB SERIES. Comedy, Drama, Cooking show? Anything goes and any genre is allowed as long as it has a Series Title, is 5 minute's or less in length and it's an episode 1 to a larger story you want to tell. IF YOUR SUBMISSION IS ACCEPTED YOU MUST BE PREPARED TO SUBMIT A FOLLOW-UP WEBISODE TO YOUR WEBSERIES.

What is a webisode or web episode? Episodes of video content that originate on the web, told in a series and feature a continuous narrative, recurrent characters, and consistent theme/tone. Examples are Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog, The Guild, Riese.


Our goal is to create a monthly event that attracts those creative minds interested in film making or artists who are just heavy procrastinators and need a reason to help them create.

Well here is your excuse! Out of 10 filmmakers, the audience will choose the top 5 "pilots". These top 5 will then be invited next month to make their episode 2 and try to stay in the top 5.

All of these shows will then be feed into our VanChan youtube channel where these shows can be shared, promoted and most importantly SEEN.

After the festival there will be an after party where film fans and artists alike can mingle, share ideas and network for future productions.

For submission information and all of your up to date news on this amazing new event, please visit the website below.

Thank you and good luck!

VanChan | The Vancouver Channel

- TOP FIVE AUDIENCE CHOICE: Invited back to VanChan's next monthly screening with a sequel.

Each January, our very best short films from the past year will be showcased & celebrated.
We award the following catergories:
- Best Web Series
- Best Animation
- Best Directing
- Best Writing
- Best Lead Actor - Female
- Best Supporting Actor - Female
- Best Lead Actor - Male
- Best Supporting Actor - Male
- Best Ensemble
- Best Picture Editing
- Best Sound Editing
- Best Original Song
- Best Visual Effects
- Best Cinematography
- Best Production Design
- Best Costume Design
- Best Stunts

Winners will receive custom made awards and prizes.

1) All VanChan submissions must be no longer than 5 minutes even with credits attached. Whats that? Your show has a run-time of “05:01?”… Sorry, we won’t consider it. Also, don’t stress about filling five minutes, it’s only a maximum limit. Your show could be six seconds long for all that matters. Think of yourself as “the Batman” and the 5 minute limit is your “one rule”, if you break it than the Joker wins.

2) Your Webisode MUST have a title screen in it. The audience needs to know what they will be voting for come the night of the screening.

3) Once you have filled out the Submission Form and made your film available via a shareable link (vimeo/youtube) VanChan will review your submission and if your film is selected for the upcoming month's screening you will receive an emailed invitation to submit the video file of your film to our Google Drive! Please make sure you include a shareable link and we send the finalists to our jury.

4) All video files submitted to the Google DriveMUST NOT BE larger than 500MB. The accepted formats include: ‘.mov’, ‘.mpg’, ‘.mp4′, ‘.avi’ or ‘.wmv’.

Overall Rating
  • Tiarra Sulyk

    Vanchan is easily one of my favourite events of the month. You won't find a more inclusive, supportive film community than you will at Vanchan. Each month there are new batches of filmmakers eager to collaborate and to create. We've made some of our best and lasting connections there. Even if you're not a filmmaker, it's always a good time filled with hilarious, original ideas and projects. They're constantly evolving and growing. They've come a long way in their years; I can't wait to see what's next!

    September 2017
  • John McCourt

    Unfortunately I live thousands of miles away so couldn't attend in person. But I love the concept of VanChan, it's a brilliant way to get your webseries out to an audience that maybe ordinarily wouldn't see it. Good clear communication with the organisers, who are a friendly bunch despite what must be a logistical nightmare to put together. And getting through to the next round is the kick up the a*** I need to finish the next episode!

    June 2017