Migration is often relegated into the corners of the film industry, with films that solely focus on the negative experience of displacement. Through the London Migration Film Festival (LMFF) we aim to reframe the discussion in which migrants are conceived solely in opposite terms, as enemies or as victims, but rather highlight the diversity, nuance and subjective experience within migration and ultimately, the humanity of it.

Dear filmmakers, producers and distributors,

First of all, the good news: London Migration Film Festival is alive and kicking, and we can’t wait to feature your work!

Given all that is happening, we took some time to observe and reflect on how to move forward while reducing risks and uncertainty. We came to the conclusion that hosting the fifth edition of London Migration Film Festival on our usual dates, late November-early December, is too risky - both from the point of view of public health and to avoid last minute cancellations in case of a rise in infection rates in the winter.

We have decided to move London Migration Film Festival 2020 forward by a few months to late March, and to make it a mixture of live, smaller scale events and online content - giving rise to LMFF 2020 1/2!

We are optimistic and we believe that we will find ways to adapt to our circumstances soon: we expect to host LMFFF2021 on our usual dates (and format!) later in the year.

As we will host two editions of the festival in one year, we have decided to reopen submissions and to keep them rolling for the next 12 months: if you want to be considered for the closest dates (March 2021) you will need to submit your film by 15 December 2020, while you have until 15 August 2021 to be considered for the edition in November-December 2021.

We - and this can’t be stressed enough - can’t wait to put your excellent work on our next programmes. Thank you so much for believing in the festival and for sending us your work!

Onwards and upwards,

LMFF team

All films must examine human migration in some form or contain it as a theme of the film. This can involve forced migration, South-South/North-South/South-North/EU migration, economic migration, discrimination, 2nd generation and integration, trafficking, intersectional experiences of migration (i.e. gender, sexuality, disability, race, etc), refugees, expats, international volunteering, etc.

If you're unsure whether your film may be relevant for the festival, please get in touch with us to ask.

If you're struggling to afford the submission fee, then please contact us directly.

You are happy for your film to be previewed by judges for the process of selection.

You are happy for your film to be kept on file.

All submissions will be notified about whether their film has been chosen for screening.

Films chosen for screening will not usually be paid a licensing fee (subject to negotiation).

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    Good all round festival to be a part of.

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