Migration is often relegated into the corners of the film industry, with films that solely focus on the negative experience of displacement. Through the London Migration Film Festival (LMFF) we aim to reframe the discussion in which migrants are conceived solely in opposite terms, as enemies or as victims, but rather highlight the diversity, nuance and subjective experience within migration and ultimately, the humanity of it.

All films must examine human migration in some form or contain it as a theme of the film. This can involve forced migration, South-South/North-South/South-North/EU migration, economic migration, discrimination, 2nd generation and integration, trafficking, intersectional experiences of migration (i.e. gender, sexuality, disability, race, etc), refugees, expats, international volunteering, etc.

If you're unsure whether your film may be relevant for the festival, please get in touch with us to ask.

If you're struggling to afford the submission fee, then please contact us directly.

You are happy for your film to be previewed by judges for the process of selection.

You are happy for your film to be kept on file.

All submissions will be notified about whether their film has been chosen for screening.

Films chosen for screening will not usually be paid a licensing fee (subject to negotiation).