Vid & Sound International Challenge
At the same time, Vid & Sound International Challenge will take place, a contest of musical video clips that will take place between August 1 and October 13. Later a selection of the best video clips will be made and on October 24 there will be a gala to meet the winners.

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Audiovisual pieces of any animation technique can be included, including combinations with real image or failing pure real image. Video clips may not exceed 10 minutes in length and there will be 3 competition categories:

Best Videoclip Award
New Talents Prize
Public Special Prize ( )

Jury and Awards

The sample of the selected video clips and the awards gala will take place in Bilbao (BEC, Bilbao Exhibition Center) on October 24, 2018.
Each selected video clip has a maximum of five free accreditations that allow access to all talks, conferences and activities of BIME PRO and BIME CITY on October 24, 25 and 26. * Except in the PUBLIC SPECIAL PRIZE category, the prize is already Endowed with PRO + LIVE accreditation.
The organization of VID x SOUND will designate a single jury that will evaluate the official competitions in competition:
The latest comments on this topic are:

● BEST VIDEOCLIP AWARD. The prize for the best video clip valued by the official jury will be available from:
* A slot for the video clip, within the BIME PRO / CITY 2019 festival.
* Coaching with consecrated director that will be selected according to the profile of the winner, to realize VIDEOCLIP with all the means of companies belonging to EIKEN at your disposal for its realization and exhibition of the resulting work in BIME PRO 2019. All your know-how will be available -how and means to guide the winner in the realization and execution of the video clip, both from the diffusion and specialized companies.

The organization of VID x SOUND reserves the right to choose one of the partner companies of EIKEN CLUSTER.
Additionally, the company and / or professional winner of this award, will be awarded an advisory valued at € 3,000 through one or more companies of the EIKEN Cluster for the development of their own brief. (Diets and accommodation not included). You can enjoy this award from November 2018 to September 2019.
The designation of this award will be compatible with any of the other prizes awarded.

● NEW TALENTS PRIZE. The prize for the best video clip valued by the official jury will be endowed with official practices in the multimedia company The Blackout project and the production company Media Attack for two months in each of them, as well as passes for the BIME LIVE for the group and director * with a maximum of 5 passes.

● PUBLIC SPECIAL PRIZE. The prize for the best videoclip voted on the internet, which both professionals and students can aspire to, will be endowed with the production of a VIDEOCLIP 360 in the territory of the CAV produced by @media_attack + € 300 for trips / diets, etc. This video clip will have direct access to the official competition of the next VID x SOUND 2019 in addition to having free accreditations for the BIME PRO that will allow access to all talks, conferences and activities of BIME PRO during days 24, 25 and 26 of October and free admission to BIME LIVE on October 26 and 27.

The jury is committed to not leave any of the prizes deserted, leaving its
discretion to give more than one special mention for each of the categories.
Apart from these official prizes awarded by the international jury, VID X SOUND may allow other Basque organizations or institutions, state or international, to award their own prizes.
All the winning works will be screened during the international music fair of BIME PRO.

VID x SOUND will start the day of its publication and will end on October 9 with the election of the selected and the winners according to the case. The duration of each one of the Phases of the contest are established in the present regulation. The awards ceremony will be held on October 24 in the framework of the Special Event BIME PRO VID & SOUND

General Conditions.

Registration in VID x SOUND will be allowed to those VIDEOCLIPS (audiovisual work created for the promotion of an original musical piece) made or produced with any type of audiovisual technique with the following limitations:
* Only one audiovisual work may be presented per participant.
* Duration may not exceed eight minutes.
* Any musical style and any language is allowed.

For each audiovisual work an individual registration form and accommodation will be required in the registration platform of a screener in HD codec H264 of the film, or in its absence a link with password for online download that is available until October 13 2018. Registration must contain the following additional materials:
* Name of the band and the song.
* A photograph of the director of the video clip.
* 3 images of the work (minimum 300 dpi).
* Technical data of the work.
The registered works must be finalized. Unfinished works will not be taken into account.
Audiovisual works must have been produced, made and completed, in full, as of January 1, 2017, so that pieces finalized prior to that date will not be accepted. Works that are not completed will not be considered. Unfinished work will be understood as one that has not been published in any audiovisual content dissemination platform.
VID + SOUND will not pay any fee for the screening of the selected works for its competitive programs.

Competition categories.
The work may be registered in one of the following categories:

Official Competition VID x SOUND 2018

BEST YOUNG VIDEOCLIP TALENTS - video clips made by students or young people under 25 years old.

BEST VIDEO CLIP -videos selected by the selection committee made up of professionals and experts from the sector, selected by the VID + SOUND organization for the official competition.

BEST VIDEO POPULAR VOTING - the most voted video clip will be selected in networks, using likes. Being the last day of voting on October 9 at 12:00 a.m. Communicating the winner that same

4.2. Unofficial Competition VID x SOUND 2018

MUESTRA -interactive- audiovisual pieces will be selected that suppose a contribution or artistic value under the concept of experimental piece or video art, that will be exhibited in different spaces of the city of Bilbao during the fourth week of October within the framework of the BIME festival.

VID x SOUND reserves the right to determine which of the registered works meet the requirements to compete in each category.

5. Process of registration of works to competition.
The registration process is open until September 17, inclusive. The pre-selected will be officially notified on October 9, 2018.
5.1 In the case of opting for one of these awards:


The following platform will be used:

FilmFreeway :

In the case of opting for the BEST POPULAR VOTING VIDEOCLIP, the following platform will be used:

By uploading your work to any of the aforementioned platforms it will be understood that you accept this Regulation in its entirety.

Process of selection of the works in competition
The selection of the works to contest will be carried out by a committee formed by professionals and experts of the sector, selected by the organization of VID x SOUND.
The selection of each of the competitions will be announced on the official website of VID x SOUND:
By accepting this Regulation, consent is given so that VID x SOUND has the right to:
Project each of the audiovisual works within the framework of the festival.
Use the works in full or partially for the promotion of the present and / or subsequent editions of the festival.
For any other use, outside the scope of the festival and its promotion, it will always be done with the prior consent of the author.
In any case, the intellectual property of the work will always be the author's.

Projection Copies.

Once the works have been selected the authors will have the obligation to send a copy in HD codec H264 used during the registration, between the 9th and the 12th of October (both included)

VID x SOUND reserves the right to discard the copies of the works if they present technical difficulties that may cause projection problems.
In case of not receiving the material between the established dates, or this was defective, your candidacy will be considered as abandoned and your position will be occupied by the following pre-selected work.

Rights, obligations and responsibilities
Each participant declares to be the author and / or the owner of the rights of the films that he / she signs, having express permission to show all the images, texts, sounds or music included.
If there is a legal claim for the use of these rights, VID + SOUND, BIME and any of its sponsors and collaborators will be exempt from any liability, and this will fall exclusively on the person or entity that made the registration.
VID + SOUND will send a file to the winners containing the logo next to the text of the name of the prize received so that the producers and directors of the awarded works can (if they wish) include the name of the prize, year and the name of the VID festival + SOUND on all your promotional materials.
In case any of the selected works is required for a commercial screening after VID + SOUND, which does not include a merely promotional use, the person who made the registration will be contacted to obtain their authorization.
BIME PRO & VID + SOUND has the right to use for promotional purposes all the materials related to the registration as well as an extract of each film that does not suppose more than 10 percent of its total duration and as long as it does not exceed 2 minutes.
VID + SOUND reserves the right to modify this regulation in case it deems appropriate.

Acceptance of the Regulation
Participation in VID + SOUND and in its registration process implies the unreserved acceptance of all the terms of this regulation.
The regulation has been drafted in English and Spanish and in case of ambiguities, the Spanish version will be a priority.

Overall Rating
  • Great Film Festival! Thank you

    December 2018
  • J W

    Wonderful festival. Highly recommend, especially for music professionals.

    December 2018
  • Yoshimasa Higashi

    So cool. I love it. I am and my colleagus are happy much that our KOBE-DU work got into it. Yes, we love this !!

    October 2018