The Southern City Film Festival (SCFF) will celebrate its 2nd annual film festival from November 2nd-5th 2017. The SCFF is committed to providing an outstanding experience for both our filmmakers and our audiences with industry discussions, prizes, parties, celebrity guests, and so much more. This year's festival is sure to have something for everyone! Last year we screened over 40 films across 5 different venues with parties every night. This year we plan on screening 72 films across 5 venues around Aiken! Join us this year to see southern hospitality epitomized.

2017 Southern City Film Festival Films

Environmental Documentary Shorts
o Alligators: More than Meets the Eye (14:58) – Residents and alligators coexist
o Loggerhead Sea Turtle (15:31) – Endangered sea turtles build nests onshore
o The Arcade Creek Project (29:44) – Restoring a creek to its natural beauty
o Vorticity (6:25) – Time-lapse photography of storms during Spring 2016

Equestrian Documentaries
o Down the Fence (1:30:00) – Preparing for a challenging equestrian championship
o The Edge (39:00) – Bruce Anderson uses horses to deliver an epiphany

Feature Films
o Buffalo (1:18:27) – A terminally-ill cabbie seeks the son he’s not seen in 30 years
o Drawing Home (1:53:00) – A debutante chooses a painter over a wealthy heir
o Grand Unified Theory (1:41:04) – A meltdown mirrors the universe’s behavior
o The Bill Murray Experience (1:21:00) – A year-long quest to meet Bill Murray
o The Storyteller (1:29:04) – A girl strays into a nursing home with her favorite book
o Weigh Down (1:45:00) – An aging blues musician returns home to find his son
o Wild Prairie Rose (1:30:00) – Rose’s love of a deaf man challenges assumptions

Feature Documentaries
o Fallen (1:15:00) – How police deaths affect loved ones and their communities
o Monologue (1:30:00) – Actors discuss NYC acting jobs, creativity and rejection
o Staring Down Fate (1:42:00) – An ALS sufferer’s work helps with his fear of death
o Truth Underground (1:08:23) – Spoken-word poetry unites three survivors

Homegrown Filmmaker Shorts
o Bryn Gets a Job (16:00) – A 27-year old takes her first steps into adulthood
o Noise (4:01) – A young boy finds a way to bring his family closer together
o Open Door Policy (9:57) – A teacher brings out a high-school student’s leadership
o Relictus (6:02) – A brother searches for a flower that can save his sister’s life
o Stories to Tell (8:00) – An aspiring fiction writer draws inspiration from strangers
o Unbecoming (39:00) – Five Southern characters devolve and change

Young Filmmaker Shorts
o Alibi (33:05) – A man’s alibi can ruin the lives of loved ones or ruin his own
o Between Seconds (20:00) – Two musicians must re-sync with their music
o For Rose (3:32) – A housewife leaves her family to pursue her writing dreams
o Make a Wish, Mom (7:22) – A girl offers a touching birthday wish to her mom
o The Bench (5:40) – There’s more than meets the eye in this park bench

Shorts Paired with Feature Films
o Masquerade (10:00) – A slave couple’s escape thwarts a slave master’s advances
o No End (5:00) – A woman reflects on a poem while walking in the woods

Shorts Session A
o Alzhaimour (14:36) – A new Alzheimer's patient upsets a mother and her son
o Cup of Tea (3:12) – A young photographer chases a thief and is surprised
o Lawman (13:11) – The first African-American U.S. Marshal fights for the law
o Nanhi Neend’ (Mom) (3:33) – A humble tribute to mothers everywhere
o Sanctuary (15:00) – An illegal immigrant on the run finds unexpected sanctuary
o The Courtesy of Angels (23:30) – An encounter changes a care-giver’s life
o This Isn't Me (3:26) – We never imagine that our beloved cellphones might kill us

Animated Shorts – Shorts Session B
o Frogs' Song (10:41) – A Louisiana bayou frog has a song to sing at nightfall
o From Dogs to Wolves (9:58) – A man struggles from childhood into adulthood
o Garden Party (6:50) – Amphibians explore their plush surroundings
o Light Sight (7:34) – A robot tries to catch a hanging light, but the room fights back
o Poilus (4:32) – A young infantryman encounters his enemy, a horrible creature
o Résistance (7:13) – Human servants of big bugs serve up revenge
o Ropes in Life (13:00) – An owl uses knowledge to break a puppet’s strings
o Selfie Cat (3:15) – A cat fights its owner’s selfie attempts, to get to its litter box
o Sirocco (5:24) – A simple gust of wind disrupts a crime godfather’s birthday party
o Swan Lake (9:33) – Two swans fall in love in a place called Swan Lake

Shorts Session C
o And the Earth Will Be Lost (4:48) – There’s work to do before the end
o Before Christmas (14:57) – Chinese teen’s dream brings tragic consequences
o Beyond the Books (6:37) – An old librarian rediscovers his library with a little boy
o Free Weekend (14:04) – A family spends an entire weekend off the grid
o Just Go! (10:45) – Paraplegic pursues thieves to conquer a young woman’s heart
o Paradise (16:04) – Everything changes when a hypochondriac tries a tribal ritual
o Shala (10:00) – An orphan and his doll seek attention from potential parents
o Swimming in the Desert (15:00) – Girl tries to bring water back to dried-up river
o Voice of Grace (17:27) – Grace finds a way back from loss of both parents

Shorts Session D
o At What Price (11:46) – A photographer balances self-promotion and authenticity
o Brainchild (9:14) – A writer’s story leaves him for someone else
o Circles (13:11) – Women experience gossip, backstabbing and broken friendships
o Edith (14:57) – Edith’s ghost haunts Jake over their past marital secrets
o Five Minutes with Mary (5:00) – Mary calls a stranger during a terrorist attack
o Home Invasion for the Holidays (7:38) – Mom foils a dimwitted burglar’s plans
o Real Artists (12:00) – An artist questions her role in a computer-animation studio
o The Cyclist (5:00) – A young woman cycles through relationships

Shorts Session E
o Bardo (18:30) – A NYC cabbie and an old woman share an unexpected journey
o Choices (8:48) – A woman faces a decision that cannot be left up to fate
o Driven Blind (14:52) – A driver blinded in an accident seeks to continue racing
o Lunch Time (15:00) – A teenager deals with having to identify her mother’s body
o Oak Bones (15:00) – A wood carving falls in love with a scarred street performer
o The Inuring (9:58) – A bullied girl and her sister drag their past into the light

Awards & Prizes

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25 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Sergio Lopez

    Great festival and great people .

    December 2017
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    Jeffrey Mittelstadt

    Southern City Film Festival was a rewarding and amazing experience. The location, Aiken, is inviting and beautiful. The festival provided an intimate setting where attendees, filmmakers, screenwriters and organizers got to know each other, expand their networks and, most importantly, build what will likely be lasting friendships. The organizers provided top-notch hospitality. We hope to be back next year! Thank you, Southern City Film Festival team! You should certainly be proud of your hard work and care.

    December 2017
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    Ara Midgett

    Fantastic community of artists and filmmakers. Really appreciated the down home southern hospitality of everyone involved. And what a charming town. Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable experience for my first feature, Monologue.

    November 2017
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    Victor Jones

    Awesome experience! Great festival to attend.

    November 2017
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    Rachel Napolitano

    A film driven festival, well organized, supported by the wonderful community of Aiken!

    November 2017