The Festival Inclús, audiovisuals and disabilities, is a festival of documentary and fiction audiovisual productions, focusing on disability issues. The aim of the Festival Inclús is to give visibility to audiovisual works produced on the theme of disability and with a different point of view. Whether created by entities directly involved in the world of disability, people or other groups.
The festival will take place at the end of November 2023, in Barcelona. Audiovisual material of the finalists will be screened according to the different categories. The best works will be awarded.
Furthermore, Inclús focuses on audiovisual productions, but also has other artistic and commercial activities and disciplines in order to give visibility to this sector.
We also are an inclusive festival that is why we have two new sections: Inclus values, cinema for kids and teens about social issues and Sing Language cinema, movies in sign language.

- Feature Documentary Film (30-120 min) 1st Prize - 500€
- Short Documentary Film (1-29 min) 1st Prize - 300€
- Feature Fiction Films (30-120 min) 1st Prize - 500€
- Short Fiction Film (1-29 min) 1st Prize - 300€
- Inclus Values (1-29 min) NOT COMPETITIVE
- Sign Language Cinema (1- 29) 1st Prie

1. Purpose of the call
Inclús is a festival of audiovisual productions, both documentary and fiction, focused on the theme of disabilities. It is an initiative of Associació Inclús, organized by the audiovisual company Fish Muvi.

The aim of Festival Inclús is to give visibility to audiovisual works about disability with a different point of view.

The 11th edition of Inclús, Barcelona International Disability Film Festival will be held at the end of November 2023 in Barcelona. The audiovisual material of the finalists will be screened during this festival, according to each different category. There will be one award for the best submittals of each category.

2. General submission requirements
Participants can be either individuals or collective and associations. In this second case, a person must be designated as responsible/single spokesperson on behalf of the association or collective.

Participants shall be born before 31/12/2005.

3. Entry form
The works will be delivered through FilmFreeway.

There are four categories. Each work can apply only in a single category:
- Feature Documentary Film (30'-120')
- Short Documentary Film (1-29'59”)
- Feature Fiction Films (30'-120')
- Short Fiction Film (1-29'59”)

The submission deadline for deliver audiovisual works is July 2, 2023 at 00:00, GMT +1 hour (Madrid).

4. Films Requirements
Only films made after December 31st, 2020 can participate in the contest (3 years production).

Projects already submitted in previous editions of Inclús are not eligible and will not be accepted.

Registered films performed in a foreign language must be subtitled in Catalan, Spanish or English.

Since the Festival promotes inclusion, all selected works will be captioned for deaf people and audio description commented for blind people by Inclús. If available, it is highly recommended to include it in this format.

All the works that do not meet these requirements will not be eligible to participate. The Festival management reserves the right to make an exception and program films that do not meet these requirements.

The participant guarantees that the film submitted is original and that it is not subject to any contracts, assignments or third-party licenses relating to copyright, intellectual property or other rights other than those belonging to the creators of the film.

The organization may reject works that do not offer technical guarantees. It also reserves the right to exclude competition works whose content promotes hate and/or discrimination.

5. Submission fee
The festival will charge a submission fee of 6€ (taxes included) to cover the processing and viewing of all films. Submission fees are non-refundable.

For the categories Inclus Values and Sing Language Cinema there is no fee.

Submissions will only be accepted if all the required materials and information are received on time. Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

If you want an invoice, please send your invoicing details (VAT number included) and the title of the film to

6. Jury and awards
The jury will be composed by professional personalities of culture areas. The jury reserves the right to declare the prize desert in any category.

There will be one prize per category consisting of money and/or technical audiovisual material. There will be and Audience Award; the winner film will be the one with the highest score from audience votes.

Prize will be given in Barcelona at the time that the Festival is being held. By accepting the prize, the winner also accepts the terms and conditions of the notice.

Inclús reserves the right to incorporate some other award and the right to replace the prizes with others of equal or greater value when justly necessary. In any case, the relevant participants will be duly notified of such circumstance. The award winners are not entitled to request an exchange of their awards for any other prize.

Cash prizes are subject to the personal income tax legislation in force and in accordance with any existing agreements for international double taxation.

7. Selection procedure
Festival programmers select the films that will participate in the Official Section. Their decision is unappealable.

Inclús is under no obligation to provide feedback to the applicants regarding the submitted films.

The Festival will notify the applicant no later than end of September 2023 and will need to get the entry form along with a copy of the Festival Rules.

8. Conflict Resolution
The Festival reserves the right to deal at its own will, any situation not covered by these terms.

By sending the film, the applicant accepts the terms and conditions of Festival Inclús.

9. Contact information
Questions concerning regulations and/or submission process should be directed to

Overall Rating
  • Alex Ford

    Thank you so much for having An Irish goodbye Festival Inclús!

    December 2022
  • Sebastian Bergfeld

    Nice, Friendly, Awesome - thanx a lot Inclus!

    July 2022
  • Kiki Tsakalakis

    As the name says, an inclusive film festival! Due to pandemic I was not able to attend, but judging by the promotion, film teasers, and trailers, the films looked wonderful. The communication with the FFl team was kind and very friendly, always responsive to any question. We were so happy that SILENT NOTES was part of the 2021 FF. Thank you, Festival Inclús! I would submit all over again!

    February 2022
  • philip knowlton

    Great festival, can't recommend it enough!

    December 2021
  • Highly recommended! Festival Inclús was a truly special experience. Every single aspect was impeccable. Adriana and Marta, the two organizers, are the nicest, most generous people and they were on top of everything. The venue, CaixaForum, is a work of art in itself. It's extremely well-located and the theater holds almost 300 people. All the elements of accessibility are there, of course. Many filmmakers came from all over the world and the festival covered their accommodation in a nice hotel in a 5-minute walk from the venue. We were very proud to win Best Short Doc with our film "Fale Conosco" (Talk with Us), in a high-quality field of selections. I wouldn't change anything about the festival. They made us feel special and appreciated and gave our film an amazing platform.

    December 2021