New Media Film Festival®, an innovative and award-winning* festival created in 2009, celebrates stories, technology, and platforms. We continually implement new opportunities outside the norm to bolster creators in media.

Judges from HBO, MARVEL, EMMYS, BBC & more. $45,000.00 In Awards

Through our boundary pushing ideology, we create an environment for creators to thrive. New Media Film Festival® is an infinite catalyst for story and technology. Not just any stories, but the stories worth telling.

All submissions come with perks - one of them is consideration for distribution.
NETFLIX - 1st look deal, documentaries specifically.
AMC-1st look deal, feature length, & series - all types

New - NFT category
New - PITCHING - our Producer Panel & Pitching is now online. Submit your Pitch today!
New - One Page Feedback add on to Script Category
All categories -
360, AR, AI, 5D, Animation, Apps, Artwork, Digital Comics, Documentary, Drone, Feature, Mixed Reality, Mobile/Tablet, Music Only, Music Video, New Media, Pilots, Pitching, Podcasts, Scripts, Shorts, Sniplers (30 second pitch), SR- Socially Responsible, STEAM, Student, Trailers, TV, Virtual Reality, Web Series, Web Series Promo (one scene)

**Please note, New Media category includes Gaming, Tech Vlog's, VE, Vertical, Live, Location Based, etc.

Why submit?
-EMMYS ® Award Consulting & Broadcasting for 1 project per festival
-Have opportunities outside of festival
-We are a UFFO code of practices Member
-Submit- Online, Public, Novice & Expert Content
-28 Categories with these award considerations
-Best in Category, Audience & Grand Prize Awards
-IMDB Official Event
-$45,000.00 in Awards
-Judges from HBO, Marvel, BBC, Emmys & more.

“Worth The Entry Fee”- Movie Maker Magazine

“I thank NewMediaFF for what they’ve done for young filmmakers” -Legendary Director, Roger Corman

”The role of this fest is bringing the Best in New Media to the World”-Festival World

Put your innovative work forward and join the unique community of content creators at New Media Film Festival® - submit today!

* Awards -
Best Digital Festival - Lux Life
Los Angeles Award for Excellence in Broadcast Media Services
Women’s History: Dedicated Servant of Global Change
TMT Award for Excellence in Visual Storytelling Events - West Coast USA
CA State Business Awards: Best Arts & Entertainment Annual Event
City of Los Angeles: Certificate of Appreciation
Certificate of Appreciation Hispanic Awards

Emmys Award Consultant & Broadcast for 1 accredited entry.
Content Creators vie for a chance at $45,000 USD value in a mix of services, meetings with HBO, Arpix Media & Marvel reps.

BEST OF CATEGORY Award winners receive:
A customized hand painted wood Slate Board
An opportunity for a Distribution deal
Top 3 Scripts & Best Script will receive memberships worth over $1000 each

This award encompasses it all: Story, Production Value, Above & Below the line, everything you need to finish your current project or get started on a new one.

A customized hand painted wood Slate Board
An opportunity for a Distribution deal
Studio time in Los Angeles CA
Meeting with HBO
Meeting with Marvel
Script Reader Pro package
West One Music Group Package
Post Production Services from Mongo Media
Music Supervisor & Owner Arpix Media Inc., Ron Proulx
Casting Services for your project provided by Susan Johnston Casting
Resources and Production Consulting provided by Select Services Films Inc.
An opportunity for a Distribution deal
The same memberships as Script category winners above.

The Grand Prize Award Package and category winner awards are valued at over $45,000.00 and are non transferable. These are in kind services only and cannot be redeemed for cash. Good for one year from date of festival won at. All scheduling subject to availability.

If you are not present when we announce your name at the Awards Ceremony, we will ship your personalized award upon receipt of a pre paid shipping label or the cost to ship.

All types of media are accepted regardless of when they were completed. You must own the rights to submit your content.
Submission/Entry Fee -
Each entry is considered for screening, competition ($45k in awards) and distribution. You may submit a link for us to view your content online.
Once our notification date passes a title will no longer be able to withdraw from the festival.

Submission/Entry Process -
Up to 3 people review/screen your content based on story, production value, New Media. If 2-3 of the screeners approve of your content based on our criteria: story, production value, a snippet of new media, you are accepted in to the festival.

Judging Process -
If your content gets accepted into the festival, the New Media Film Festival team will choose the top 3 in each category. Those top 3 chosen in each category go before our judges to choose the category winners and the Grand Prize Winner. Please note, each category has a Best Of Winner.

We communicate via email
Once accepted/selected into festival you will need to send the deliverables requested in order to be programmed. We will contact you via FilmFreeway and one of our emails.
We will notify you if you are accepted into the festival. Please add crystal (at) newmediafilmfestival (dot) com to your contacts list to assure you receive our emails.
You may be offered distribution even if you were not accepted into the festival.
We are proud to be able to move all kinds of content forward, to be seen, screened and monetize.
There are no refunds.
Thanks for submitting.

Rules and regulations New Media Film Festival: Terms and Condition Rules and regulations New Media Film Festival: By submitting your work to the New Media Film Festival, you are agreeing to this statement. In submitting this work, I am claiming that it is my own and that I hold all necessary copyright or have the permission of the appropriate owners of copyright to incorporate portions of their work. Yes, I am the creator and author of the work submitted. In the event that my entry contains the work of other individuals or organizations (including any copyrighted photographs, musical compositions, etc.), I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain any necessary permissions and/or licenses. Yes, I have the necessary rights and/or permissions to use the visual elements in this entry. Yes, I have the necessary rights and/or permissions to use the audio in this entry. Entrants are responsible for transportation costs, insurance charges and any customs fees incurred when shipping to the festival. New Media Film Festival is not responsible for tapes damaged or lost in transit. Works submitted for jury selection will not be returned after the close of the festival. No media/film accepted for programming can be pulled from the festival. New Media Film Festival does not check to make sure that you have cleared these materials at any point during the application process, nor will we be held responsible for any inclusion of uncleared materials in your film. It is the sole responsibility of the entity submitting the project to secure permission from the copyright holder of the material in question, whether it is music, stock footage, or any other elements that could violate an existing copyright. Quite often, rights holders offer reduced rates for festival films, so you should contact them directly to avoid any possible rights infringements. Please note, there is a deliverables deadline for each venue. If you do not meet that deadline it is possible we will not be able to screen your content. Deliverables are the responsibility of the person submitting. Submission fee is non refundable.

A runtime of any length is permitted

No requirement for completed by date.

Projects may originate from anywhere in the world

No premiere requirement

Projects may have distribution

Overall Rating
  • I love this festival, great people.

    June 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for the kind words. :)

  • The Real Thing - Winner: Best Script.

    Award presenter and judge Chelsea Lo Pinto (Director of HBO Program Strategy & Planning) stated that the winner of Best Script "exemplifies these qualities [innovation and vitality] and, most importantly, adds something to the genre that is unexpected and new".

    I'm speechless. I'm completely without speech. Fortunately, I can still type: Susan Johnston and Chelsea Lo Pinto, I can't thank you enough for this honor.

    Film Daily says: "With industry-leading judges and a long history of featuring groundbreaking new content, the New Media Film Festival’s call for scripts is one that every screenwriter should be answering."

    Onwards and upwards with your splendid festival!

    June 2020
    Response from festival:

    So wonderful to hear, thank you!!!!!!!

  • Great Festival Really honored to be a part of it. They have thru these odd and troubled times kept me informed of changes and adjustment to the festival. Cant wait!

    June 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Atomic! Your kind words are greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you, currently Feb. 3 & 4 2021, we will re-confirm January! Stay safe.

  • Mary McGloin

    I was thrilled to hear Episode 3 of our show, Tech Bettys, would World Premiere at the 10th Annual New Media Film Festival. It's not often that you get to see your webseries on a proper movie theatre movie screen in downtown Los Angeles! I was ever more thrilled to have the chance to pitch my project in front of producers in the industry and blown away that we won the Audience Award. The festival offers ample opportunity to network with fellow filmmakers, with a VIP Soiree and networking events. There's even a Red Carpet with press junket! Being from NYC, I knew it would be hard to get any of our cast and crew out to LA for the event, but our director, Kathleen Davison and myself enjoyed the festival very much. It was obvious that Susan and her team really care about the filmmakers and I feel proud to have been a part of this year's festival. It is a unique festival with very different categories than your traditional festivals, and given the explosion of activity in the new media space, I am glad to see there's a festival dedicated to the medium.

    June 2019
  • Eric Mann

    A wonderful festival and so honored to be there! It was such a delight being there, and being surrounded by a space where people feel safe to create and share. It's a thoughtful and poignant festival, and Susan really pours her heart into it! So much congrats on 10 years!

    June 2019