Established in 2009, Oceanside Intl Film Festival officially kicks off a season of film festivals, which are conducted annually in San Diego county and usually continue through the Fall. OIFF is an opportunity for independent film makers to have their work screened and judged. It also gives the film buffs a jump-start chance for viewing local and international films at a place known for its rich history, beautiful beaches, and artistic freedom. Call to leave a message at 760-433-3632 or email

Among the highlights of the festival will be its traditional red-carpet opening gala, reception of artists and closing ceremonies with Best-In-The-Category Awards, Best Picture Trophy, and Audience Choice Awards.

Screener & Exhibition Formats: Filmmakers will be notified if their work is selected for festival screening / becomes an Official Selection by July 3, 2018. FilmFreeway Secure Online Screeners, Youtube or Vimeo Links are OK for submissions. No hard copy screeners will be accepted. If made an official selection of OIFF 2018, please be ready to provide a digital screener for exhibition purposes(Pro-Res, MOV, MP4, etc all acceptable). If files are mailed in on a thumb-drive or similar physical storage device, please include pre-paid postage with your submission if devices are desired to be mailed back. Drives can be mailed in at - P.O. Box 3054, Oceanside, CA 92051

Copyright & Exhibition Material: Oceanside International Film Festival (OIFF) and Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation (OCAF) are not responsible for the origin of video and music content submitted by filmmakers. Legal responsibility for any copyright infringement due to questionable origin of content belongs exclusively to the submitter/filmmaker. Submitting work that does not meet legal ownership of the filmmaker will result in immediate, non-refundable disqualification from consideration.

Films may not include or promote the agendas of hate speech, hate crimes, prejudice or xenophobic ideology, nor be comprised of material deemed extreme or pornographic in nature. Oceanside International Film Festival (OIFF) and Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation (OCAF) are not responsible for any immoral or criminal past of submitters/filmmakers. It shall not be a responsibility of OIFF or OCAF to conduct background checks of submitters/filmmakers. Oceanside International Film Festival (OIFF) and Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation (OCAF) do not offer parental guidance according to criteria and standards of Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. Parental guidance disclosure is not mandatory and is the responsibility of submitters/filmmakers.

Overall Rating
  • Michael Foster

    I had a fantastic experience with the OiFF! Communication was above better than average compared to my experience with other festivals. I really appreciated the way the organizers completely made themselves available to me and went out of their way to accommodate a request I made for our screening. I will easily submit to them in the future.

    August 2017
  • LuAnn Nicosia

    Oceanside International Film Festival was an amazing experience! I am sure that the level of excellence in every category will leave us spoiled for future film festivals at other locations where we will be hoping for the same wonderful time we had in Oceanside! We are newer filmmakers and they helped us along the process every step of the way. Thanks to Sterling Anno, who was our point of contact, we had every question and concern answered and taken care of quickly and efficiently. His amazing communication and kindness made us feel right at home with all the other more seasoned filmmakers and for that we are so grateful. Every single person from the director of this event to volunteer staff were so incredibly friendly and helpful in every way on each and every day of the event. The effort put out by Oceanside International Film Festival was appreciated more than words can say and they definitely made a memory for us we will never forget! Thank you so much!

    August 2016
  • Dan Jenski

    Round of applause for an all-around great team and festival.

    From the moment we were told we were accepted, I immediately became impressed with their lines of communication and to make sure they put on the best possible film festival experience. I've dealt with so many festivals of all types of sizes who couldn't pass a Communications 101 course in college (See: Beverly Hills Film Festival, who didn't even inform us that we weren't accepted). They were great with keeping us up to date on what they needed from us, letting us know the schedule way ahead of time and they were on top of their social media game. Some fests only promote their favorites but Oceanside promoted everything. And they still are, long after the fest concluded.

    You can feel the pride and passion that fest chairman Dmitriy Demidov has, not only for the fest, but for the Oceanside community. His drive to bring a first-class festival to the San Diego county region was constantly on display. I've gone to fests where NO ONE in the community had a clue that a film fest was going on. Not here. Everyone I talked to from Oceanside knew about it.

    The value was great as they gave out 5 free tickets to people associated with the film (the average is usually 2 at most fests) and then offered 1/2 off admission for anyone else. That is by far the best value I've seen from any festival. It's smart because it's so close to LA where a lot of filmmaker teams come from so in order to bring everyone together, having a great deal only makes it easier on us. Making films and promoting them isn't cheap!

    They gave us interviews and invited press which translates to something worth more than gold when you're trying to come up as a filmmaker and want your film to be out there. We're using those things now to our advantage. Even the awards ceremony was done with a lot pride: They gave out plaques to winners and showed clips from all the winning films.

    Props to Dmitriy and Sterling Anno for making us feel at home and putting together a great experience. I look forward to helping promote them in years to come, as well as screening down there again in the future.

    August 2016
  • Angie Quidim

    Objectively the Oceanside Film Festival although small takes into account the current trends in Hollywood and gives filmmakers a chance to showcase their material in front of some industry professionals. The festival directors and operations manager were very curious and attentive to everyone's needs while keeping in line with what they promise. I encourage if you are a filmmaker to get involved in this event. I've met some new contacts and gained new insight to help me in my filmmaking journey.

    August 2016