Sydney Lift-Off Film Festival 2022
- Physical Screenings in the City
- Networking, Workshops & Events
- Film Market Representation
- Qualifies for Lift-Off Global Network Season Award Nominations
- Season Award Winners Screen at Every Lift-Off Film Festival in 2023!

Sydney Lift-Off Film Festival is an international showcase of truly independent cinema. Features, shorts, animations, and scripts from all over the world – no screening restrictions on premiere or screening/online status. The launchpad for filmmakers from Australia, Asia-Pacific, and around the world! Building a better chance for all filmmakers to find global audiences and further their careers within the film industry.

Have your project featured at the centre of cinematic business in Australia, FOX Studios. Celebrating the best of local and international talent - with the eye on taking the filmmakers showcased to the next level in their careers. Our prizes and awards stretch from the submission level, all the way through to the Lift-Off Season Awards at the end of each year. We offer as much as possible to all who submit, our officially selected filmmakers, our nominees, and winners.

The Australian market has a strong hunger for local and international indie content which is why buyers and press will be invited to experience your project firsthand, in the best possible setting - it is Sydney Lift-Off’s mission to deliver you to the Australian film marketplace and beyond!

For more information please head to our website:

The films are scored and the top voted films are then promoted into our internal Network Round, where the Jury and our Network's Professional Members vote for the winners. Winners are announced, prizes and Season Award Nominations are given for the content chosen during this final round.

Lift-Off Season Award Nominations are handed out based on merit within each category and are judged against the current crop of nominations we have so far from our City based festivals this Season. Digital online submission screeners only. Feedback is sent shortly after the commencement of the festival.

Aside from the accolade of winning out of all of the Lift-Off Festivals from every programme screening physical or online, the winning films will commence around the world tour where it will be screened at each and every Lift-Off Film Festival during the forthcoming season.

If you pay a submission fee, we will screen your work. Our programme's are separated into categories based on your content's level of storytelling, production value, message and acting. During the festival we have two voting committees - our professional jury and the general public.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our online festivals are NOT a pay for vote platform. If you invite your friends and family to watch either the physical or online screenings it is encouraged that they engage with as much of the content as possible and vote accordingly. This is why two votes are always counted from each audience member with both votes resulting in 1 point for each film. We are doing our best to invite new and exciting audiences to genuine indie film content - if you can encourage your audiences to do the same we will build a wonderful network of opportunity for all, no matter where you are starting out.

Proudly, we have no other restrictions for your work. This includes your work's premier status, it's age and/or whether your work has been made available online.

Overall Rating
  • Annisa Belonogoff

    Fantastic work team. So happy to be apart of it all

    December 2021
    Response from festival:

    Pleasure to screen Face Forward in the Trendsetter Shorts programme. Stay connected and keep us in the loop with your future projects Annisa. We'd love to help however we can!

  • Horton Records, LTD

    An absolute blast being apart! Look forward to the days when we can do these in real life, but grateful for the opportunity to connect digitally!

    December 2021
    Response from festival:

    We can't wait too! In the mean time do stay in touch with us on the Network Hub. Thanks for being a part of the festival :D

  • Χρήστος Ιωαννίδης

    Its a very good festival. I hope to run in more city's around the world.

    December 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for screening in our festival this month! Enjoy the rest of the two weeks. Stay connected with us and other filmmakers via the Network Hub (which you have been invited to join us on).

  • ofu obekpa

    An Excellent Festival! Supportive And Communicative With The Artists!!!

    December 2021
    Response from festival:

    Pleasure to be screening another one of your features! We'd love to keep following your filmmaking journey Ofu, so do stay connected with us on the Hub!

  • Richard Philpott

    Just goes to show that not all Poms are bastards and not all Aussies are criminals :)
    All strength to you!
    Thanks to all... :R)

    December 2021
    Response from festival:

    Ahahah you've certainly made us smile Richard! Thanks for sharing i eye aye with our audience this month. Do join us on the Network Hub, to stay connected with us, filmmakers and regular indie film content!