We are a film festival that takes the films other festivals rejected and showcase them. Our team is made up of filmmakers, critics, and enthusiasts. We want to show your film. One festival's trash is our treasure. Every film submitted must have a rejection letter from a different festival within the past year.

The Treasure Can Awards go to the audience's favorites and the jury's favorites.

Anyone can submit to the festival, as long as the film they submit is an original work and it has not been re-cut since being rejected from another festival within the past year.

Overall Rating
  • Isaih Shaw

    I can’t write a review at this time because I wasn’t invited to attend the festival thanks.

    June 2019
  • Scott McEntire

    Christina and the team at RRFF were outstanding leading up to the festival. Their communication was consistent, answered any questions, and were on top of their game. Thanks for a great fest with a GREAT concept!

    June 2018
  • Branden Hampton

    LOVED THIS FESTIVAL! Our team definitely loved the venue, communication and the staff! Christina was great!!! Will definitely apply to the festival next year. The festival team made us feel at home in Atlanta and we won best documentary short as well. Definitely worth the entry fee and trip to Georgia!

    June 2018
  • Austin Sheeley

    An amazing festival full of fun, unique films! Wonderful venue. The organizers were super friendly. And it was a good place to meet other filmmakers. I highly recommend it!

    June 2018
  • Randy Gordon-Gatica

    If you're new to film with new ideas, this is a festival for you because it is up and coming. There is much out that is established and not taking chances. To get anywhere it seems you need to usually discover the up and coming so that they can discover you.

    June 2018