The I Will Tell International Film Festival is a tribute to filmmakers who bring us
powerful, authentic stories that have been hidden, forgotten or ignored. The name of the festival was inspired by a young girl, called Anel, from an impoverished area in Mozambique who wanted the world to know her story and the story of so many others around the world.

Today I Will Tell gathers stories from around the world that contribute to a more complete global narrative, challenging perspectives and inspiring and motivating in ways that are truly transformative. Our festivals in the UK, US and the Caribbean premiere high quality dramas, documentaries, short films and animation. Each screening is followed by an inspirational post-screening discussion with filmmakers,
community leaders, country ambassadors, subject matter experts and an
engaged, culturally diverse and socially- conscious public. These discussions create a space for connecting filmmakers, change pioneers and the wider audience. Together we uncover deeper truths, enhance global empathy and catalyze change at an individual and societal level.

Our jury has included Bart Gavigan (Filmmaker and Hollywood script
doctor), Max Oginni (Animator, Mr Bean Series), Lashana Lynch (Actress,
Fast Girls), Prof Robert Beckford (BBC and Channel 4), Dionne Walker
(Producer, THE HARD STOP), Martin Kiszko (Academic and Storyteller),
Mark Playne (award-winning Director) and other award-winning filmmakers
and professionals.

The festival was founded by Trinidadian born Jenny Lee who was inspired
by her Christian faith to tackle some of life’s big questions and shine
a light of hope on those of every gender, race, age, creed and ethic who
have been overlooked, under-served and misrepresented. We showcase the
most innovative and unforgettable films addressing issues such as race,
social justice, relationship, faith, war and peace, business,
government, gender issues, global politics and community cohesiveness.

Our mission is to host, encourage and support the best of the world’s established and emerging filmmaking talent creating story-telling masterpieces. They are stories that empower the people whose voices would not otherwise be heard or whose stories have been hidden in distant memories, ignored or deliberately withheld from us. They are stories that provoke awe and wonder.

2020 will be our 14th year in the UK , 4th year in the US and 2nd year in the Caribbean showcasing award-winning films from over 50 countries of a variety of genres from micro animations to epic feature-length dramas followed by thought-provoking and inspirational post-screening discussions. Our theme for this year is DEFINING MOMENTS.

We love stories that challenge, awe us, shake us to the core of our beings and open up our minds to other possibilities. We love stories that encourage, empower, equip us and inspire us. And we love stories that remind us who we truly are.

Recent (2019) festival winners included:
Marzieh Riahi (Driving Lessons)
Alex Blum and Noman Robin (A Modern Genocide)
Tomislav Zaja (Neighbors)
Emiliano Sette (Anacronte)

2018 Winners were:
Tedy Necula - Beside Me
Zara Balfour and Marcus Stephenson - Children of the Snowland
Stephen Gray - Discovering Heaven
Mohammed Bakshi - Are You Volleyball?!

2017 Winners were
Mischa Marcus - I AM STILL HERE (Best Drama)
Jonas Schaul & Oliver Becker - KINGSTON CROSSROADS (Best Documentary)
Samantha Babboni - ORDINARY MAN (Best Short Film)
Ya-Yu Lin - KEEP GOING (Special Mention)

At our 10th anniversary in 2016, Director KEN LOACH was given our DIAMOND AWARD

Special Screenings have included:
13TH (Ava DuVernay)
THE HELP (Tate Taylor)

Other winners/outstanding films through the years have included:

Could you be in this list next year? We look forward to welcoming you to the 14th I Will Tell International Film Festival!
2020 Theme: #DefiningMoments

Best Feature Drama
Best Feature Documentary
Best Short Drama
Best Animation

Ndinadzawapanga (Grand Jury Prize) is awarded for an exceptional film in any category

Special Mention

We accept films from a wide range of genres that amplify the voices of the unheard and address the theme (Defining Moments) in a unique way, bringing a hidden, ignored or forgotten story to light. Due to the COVID restrictions the 2020 film festival will be held online.

1. A film may only be submitted to the festival by the rights owner and there must be no disputes regarding the ownership or distribution or exhibition rights of the submission in part or in entirety.

2. I Will Tell encourages freedom of intellectual expression, including controversial moral, social, political and economical issues, but reserves the right to exclude material if it judges it to be gratuitously offensive or pornographic.

3. The submitted material must not defame or invade the rights of any person living or dead and the submitter fully indemnifies the I Will Tell International Film Festival against any claim made for such violations of law.

4. Each film for the competition should be treated as a separate entry and accompanied by a press kit in English.

5. Films can be submitted in the original language but they must have English subtitles.

6. The decision on whether or not to accept or screen an entry in either the UK or US festival is the sole right of I Will Tell.

7. I Will Tell is authorised to partially transmit, reproduce and screen selected excerpts from the films or photographs for promotional purposes on radio, television, the internet, print and other promotional media.

8. I Will Tell reserves the right to include the official festival logo in connection with submitted clips or photographs in all promotion and publicity material.

9. All film and music rights and clearances must be obtained (in accordance with relevant copyright laws).

10. You agree and hold the I Will Tell International Film Festival harmless from and defend them from all claims, demands, losses, damages, judgments, liabilities, and expenses (including legal fees) arising out of or in connection with any and all claims of third parties, whether groundless or not, based on any film submitted to the festival.

11. Failure to adhere to festival rules will result in disqualification of screening and forfeiture of entry fee.

12. By submitting the film into the competition, you confirm that the film complies with I Will Tell Submission Rules and certify that the film will not be withdrawn from the UK or US festival if the film is accepted.

Overall Rating
  • Azalia Muchransyah

    I am very honored to have my film WFH screened at this year's edition of I Will Tell. I really enjoyed talking and connecting with other artists and filmmakers at the Q&A. I look forward to the next editions.

    September 2020
  • Charly Wenzel

    I absolutely loved and was honored to be a part of this festival. The programming was excellent and our filmmaker Q&A was very inspiring and a great way to connect.

    September 2020
  • A fantastic Festival! Thanks for the opportunity to share my work. A highly recommended Festival, great communication with the organizers.
    I hope to participate again in the future.

    September 2020
  • thank you dear festival , i wish see you again
    best regards

    September 2020
  • Neil George

    What a great festival to be involved with. The communication throughout was really great and if it wasn't for the time difference I would have been more involved. A great selection of films on show and Q&A's as well.
    I hope they continue their success in the next few years!

    September 2020