The 11th Annual Peace On Earth Film Festival (POEFF), Thursday March 8 - Sunday March 10, celebrates and supports independent filmmakers and their work from around the world on the themes of peace, nonviolence, social justice, ecology and sustainability: films within the various modalities of peace genre. POEFF aims to contribute to a culture of peace through international cinema, dialogue and programming highlighting individuals on the vanguard of peace activism and social change.
Presenting a program of multi-faceted films, POEFF focuses on reshaping attitudes, encouraging and highlighting nonviolent practices, and opening minds to the possibility of communication, consideration, tolerance and understanding. POEFF features Filmmakers’ Panel and Peacemakers’ Panel discussions, Opening Night festivities and a Closing Night Awards Ceremony where exhibiting filmmakers are honored, and category winners receive accolades and cash prizes, followed with a closing night party celebrating the filmmakers..

The Peace On Earth Film Festival, a competitive festival, brings together filmmakers of all backgrounds and levels of experience in a message of peace.

Plaques and monetary awards are presented in the “Best of …” all categories, in addition Exposé Awards for Feature Documentary and Short Documentary, respectively are presented to filmmakers that have presented subject matter that had previously received little or no media attention.

Further, there is an award, the Student Choice Award for Most Inspiring Story, voted on by Chicago area school students, grades 7 – 12, who attend the Student Voices for Peace Showcase, held on Thursday and Friday morning of the festival weekend.
Winners not in attendance will be mailed their monetary award and certificate.

* Peace On Earth Film Festival is open to the following genres: Feature and Short Documentary and Feature and Short Narrative (drama or comedy), Animation, and Student Narrative and Documentary Films: no limit to the number of entries.

Project Completion date must be after Dec 31, 2017 (no more than two years old, as of Jan, 2019)

* Submission dates are June 10, 2018 through September 23, 2018.

* We accept and prefer on-live streaming through FilmFreeway.
If you choose, you can mail a DVD or Blu-ray (NTSC format only) to: POEFF; 3304 N Broadway; suite 233; Chicago, IL 60657 to arrive no later than the respective deadlines:
• Early Bird Deadline: postmarked no later than July 5, 2018
• Regular Deadline: postmarked no later than August 5, 2018
• Late Deadline: postmarked no later than September 2, 2018
• Extended Deadline - if mailed submission, must be postmarked no later than September 23, 2018.

• * Additional funds will be required before review, should the postage date fall into the new deadline period.

* Deadline September 23, 2018 postmarked no later than September 23, 2018.

* ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE online submissions OR on DVD or Blu-ray format to be considered for selection. (US Region 0 or 1 format ONLY) (NTSC only - NO PAL or SECAM formats) to be considered for selection.

NOTE: we will review your film via live streaming through this online submissions format

HOWEVER, if selected for entry into the 2019 Peace On Earth Film Festival
• our venue does not provide for live streaming,
• Our venue prefers DCP format, it is our preference as well. However, Blu-ray is acceptable if requested within 20 days of Festival Entry Announcements (Dec 10, 2018). Request must come to us - based on hardship - no later than January 2, 2019. NTSC ONLY (US region 0 or 1 format ONLY).” Exhibition format must be mailed to us, postmarked no later than Jan 19, 2019.
• Your Blu-ray or DCP must be exactly the same cut as the live stream submission.

* Submitted DVDs or Blu-rays will not be returned unless you provide a pre-stamped/pre-addressed return envelope with your submission, and any additional filing fees for international mailings.

* Film title and FilmFreeway entry number must be on each case and DVD or Blu-ray.

* Entrant/Filmmaker confirms and warrants required legal authority to:
• submit the entry into the Festival; and
• use of all music, images, and content in the entry; and
• grant permission to the POEFF for usage of clips from the film for promotional use on television, radio, in print for the promotion and production of the annual POEFF, and (images only) for grant proposals for future festivals.

* If applicable, upload all Press Kits and other Promotional Material into your FilmFreeway cache.

* Non-English submission, as well as the final exhibition format copy, must have English subtitles throughout or be dubbed in English. Please note: SUGGESTED - if a piece of music or poetry lends to the story/plot line, include lyrics/poetry in subtitles.

* POEFF will NOT accept original prints, copies only. If you submit an original print, we are not liable for loss or damage, and consequently we will not review your film for entry into the festival.

* POEFF will ONLY accept completed projects, will NOT accept works in progress. FINAL CUT ONLY.

SELECTIONS/ENTRIES into the 2019 Peace On Earth Film Festival

* If selected, your DCP and Blu-ray backup (NTSC - US Region 0 or 1 format --- ONLY) must be in the POEFF office no later than January 19, 2019.

* Formats for Exhibition: Exhibition Quality DCP - NO STREAMING.

* The date, location and time of screenings of films are at the discretion of the POEFF.

* Film selection announcements will be made around December 10th, 2018.

Overall Rating
  • John Upchurch

    The Peace on Earth Film Festival team is passionate about their mission and the films they screen. I feel proud to have had Mango Dreams selected and screened at POEFF. My experience was extremely positive. A+ festival.

    May 2017