Highlighting the new voices of independent cinema, Paris IFF puts French and international filmmakers with a positive message under the spotlight.

Built around its independent feature and short films competitions, the Festival offers a wide look on both International and French independent production, in particular independent films broadcasting a clear, positive message with international potential.

Academy Award Nominee Jeff Arch (Sleepless in Seattle), AMAA Award-Winning Dakore Egbuson-Akande, Director Bobby Roth (Prison Break, Lost), Producer Jeff Riviera (Forever My Lady), Chesley Heymsfield (Louisiana IFF Executive Director), Carrie Bernans (Black Panther) are on the Jury to grant the Awards to the selected filmmakers.

Watch our Festival trailer, Awards Ceremony, panels and Q&As on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPtFfZGimumKJMmgDvIFOMA

Feature Film Awards / Short Film Awards

Best French Feature Film
Best French Short Film
Best Foreign Feature Film
Best French Short Film

Audience Award
Special Jury Award
Best Documentary Feature
Best Documentary Feature for change
Best Feature Film Director
Best Short Film Director
Best Writer
Best French Actor
Best International Actor
Best Short Film for change
Best Cinematography
Best Sound Mix
Best Editing
Best Score
Best International Collaboration
Best Casting Director
Best Stunt Coordination Team

WeAudition Memberships are offered to the Awarded Actors.
Scriptation Memberships are offered to all Award Winners.

Distribution & Press:
Paris IFF Marketplace on Vuulr is suggested to the Selected Projects after Closing Ceremony
All selected feature films are meant to be reviewed by French and/or international reviewers (also possibly shorts depending on capacity), selected filmmakers may also have access to a media list.

• The Paris International Film Festival (PIFF) usually screens on DCP (Digital Cinema Package). Our venue uses 2K projectors. Please notify PIFF when submitting to PIFF (in "Cover Letter" Section when submitting) if you cannot provide the Festival with a DCP and back-up Blu-Ray and can only screen your film online, or if you have any concern about your film being screened online.
• While we consider all genres, please note films with an international potential and a positive message will be given priority.
• The Paris International Film Festival is a copyrighted event.
• Sales Agents & Filmmakers: Please do not submit to PIFF if you require a fee for screening at PIFF. As an independent film Festival supporting Filmmakers & independent cinema, it is not in our budget.

(For 2021 or 2022 Festival)
1 – All completed submissions received by Dec 7, 2021 will be considered for the Paris International Film Festival 2022 (PIFF22), regardless of when they are being submitted.
2 - Premiere status is taken into account for all sections and films that have not yet screened in Paris (Paris & suburbs) prior to PIFF will be given priority.
3 – Filmmaker engagement will be taken into account for all selections. We encourage you to have a website and be active on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc) to discover your audience. It's easier for us to promote you if we know who your audience is.
4 – Submissions not in English must have English subtitles. Submissions not in French are highly encouraged to provide a copy with French subtitles for the screening.
5 – We only consider Films and Scripts which have been submitted on FilmFreeway, as this is the platform our Jury uses to access and review material. Once submission is completed on FilmFreeway, submission fees cannot be refunded.

1 – The filmmakers accept responsibility for all trademark and copyrighted materials, shown or recorded, on the project and have the necessary releases for a theatrical and a digital screening.
2 - Official selections may be asked to provide a DCP and back-up Blu-Ray and/or a digital copy six (6) weeks prior to the festival. Please notify PIFF when submitting (in "Cover Letter" Section when submitting) if you cannot provide the Festival with a DCP and back-up Blu-Ray and can only screen your film online, or if you have any concern about your film being screened online. Please do not submit to PIFF if you're not able to provide the relevant material in time for screening purposes.
3 – Filmmakers agree that their film trailer, or clips from it, and all other material related to their project may be used and/or published in the event program, website, social networking sites, blog, or for other Festival promotional purposes.
4 – Filmmakers promise to provide PIFF with a full electronic press kit that must include a trailer, images for web and print, cast & crew information, and film synopsis. Your support is essential so we can promote your hard work best.
5 – We ask that you participate in PIFF as much as possible (Director, Producers, Writers, cast & crew members…). One of the main assets of the Festival is networking with your peers, getting your hard work seen, build connections and great memories. If you’re unable to attend your screening, please have a representative attend in your place. Please support your peers and celebrate independent cinema.
6 - The cost of delivery and pick-up of all materials is the responsibility of the filmmaker.
7 - PIFF holds no responsibility for lost or damaged films or promotional materials. Obviously we’re going to handle your deliverables with care, but it is solely up to the filmmaker to take full responsibility.

1 – PIFF promises to watch each submission, from start to finish. You took the time to submit your project to PIFF and we’ll take the time to watch it. (Please note that your Vimeo counter will not take into account views if embedded into FilmFreeway.com)
2 – PIFF will update the main contact on the status of the film. If you change your email address, please be sure to update PIFF. Additionally, follow @ParisIntFilmFest on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.
Submitting to PIFF through FilmFreeway.com confirms that you are authorized to do so and that you've read, understand and agree to the PIFF Terms of Entry.
3 - Please note submission fees won't be refunded, whether your project has been selected or not. We're working hard to bring the best experience possible for our filmmakers from the selection process, but due to the high number of submissions, we may not be able to provide you with any feedback in the case that your project is not selected.
4 - Due to the current pandemic situation, these conditions are subject to change and part or all of PIFF events (screenings, Q&A, panels & networking) may be held online.
Please contact the Festival before making any accomodation/travel arrangement to attend, and notify PIFF when submitting (in "Cover Letter" Section when submitting) if you have any concern about your film being screened online during the Festival dates, or your script being read online during the virtual reading of the selected scripts.

Now relax, take a deep breath and happy submitting!

Overall Rating
  • Marie Laurin

    Merci Jenna and team PIFF for selecting The Uncanny for its premiere in the city of light and for giving us the opportunities of creating lifelong, beautiful memories and new friendships.

    March 2023
  • Geoffrey Prather

    Jenna and her team are wonderful! Our film had an amazing screening with six other top-notch shorts and everyone was supportive and kind. The Le Champo theater is awesome and a great place to see films. Overall, an excellent experience!

    February 2023
  • Alan Cross

    Paris International Film Festival was a great experience and the design of the virtual rooms and meeting spaces was brilliant - well done all involved. We made a lot of new friends and shared epxeriences with some great filmmakers on during the festival. We will be back! x

    October 2022
  • Paris International Film Festival is a wonderful festival with a very passionate and dedicated team led by the amazing festival director Jenna Suru. This is a festival that truly cares for their filmmakers. They create networking opportunities, panels, promotion and of course screenings of the films. Thank you so much for an all around great experience. Looking forward to staying in touch with many of the filmmakers and the festival team.

    March 2022
  • Paris International Film Festival was a wonderful experience. Jenna Suru, the festival's CEO and Woman of all great things, does so much to make the experience great for filmmakers and filmlovers alike! Jenna and her team produced wonderful panel discussions, press and quality networking events for filmmakers and film goers across the world. PIFF's Team pivoted to the online format due to COVID and pulled off a festival experience online with their partners at Filmocracy to keep us all connected and engaged! The only thing that could have made it better would have been the impossible of being live in Paris, maybe next year? 🙏🏼 Thank you Jenna and Team PIFF for making our film feel special and this filmmaker feel like a million bucks!

    March 2022