We present to you Nüren Film Festival (NüFF). The word "Nüren" is the English translation of the Chinese word 女人, meaning 'woman''.

thatNüren Film Festival is a celebration of the art form of 'Film', from a women's perspective. It seeks to transform the landscape of cinema for women by creating opportunities accurately represent them. NüFF is a film festival that is genuinely designed to highlight the hardworking women in the film industry and we encourage more women to direct, produce, write, and work behind the scenes as well as in front.


There are five continents/categories for selection:

• Africa / Middle East Cinema

• Asia Cinema

• Europe Cinema

• North and South America Cinema

• Oceania Cinema

The Nüren Film Festival is a new quarterly awards competition. For each quarter, there will be five official selections and the winner for each continent will be announced on our website. At the end of the Festival year, we will organize screenings of a selection of the winning films from quarterly competitions. The Best of the Fest awards are given in the yearly competition.

A feature film is defined as a work of fiction or non-fiction that equals or exceeds 60 minutes in length including opening and end credits.

A short film is defined as a work of fiction or non-fiction that is 20 minutes or less in length including opening and end credits.

At the end of the four quarterly editions, the winners of each quarter will vie for "Best of the Fest [Short Film/Feature Film] - (continent) ". Nüren Film Festival will finish the season with a live screening of the 5 top shorts and 5 top features of the year.

1st Quarter Nuren Festival Winners

Short film, The Best of Europe - OH!PEN ITALIA by Stella Amore
Short film, The Best of Africa & Middle East - PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER by Mathilde Le Ricque
Features, The best of North & South America - Sauti (Voice) by Beret Strong
Features, The Best of Europe - All the Best by Ankica Juric Tilic
Short film, The Best of Oceania - Everything We Wanted by Goran Stolevski
Short film, The Best of North & South America - Penta by Andrea Wolanin
Features, The best of Asia - The Peace Agency by Sue Useem

2nd Quarter Nuren Festival Winners
Short Film, The Best of Asia - A Childless Mother by Hsien Lim
Features, The best of Europe - Outcaste - The House that Carol Built by Colin Graham
Short Film, The Best of Oceania - The Chase by Pann MuruJaiyan
Short Film, The Best of Europe - The Butterfly by Boris Vassallo
Short film, The Best of Europe – CYCOLOGIC by Emilia Stalhammar
Short film, The best of North & South America – MARGARET by Manan Katohora
Features, The Best of Europe – ESCAPES by Mercedes Gaspar
Features, The Best of Africa & Middle East - The Color of Rage by Vigil Chime
Features, The Best of Africa & Middle East – Dry by Stephanie Linus

3rd Quarter Winners
Features, The Best of Asia – Palyadawasi by Pragati Kolage
Short Film, The Best in Oceania - Imperfect Quadrant by Pann MuruJaiyan
Short Film, The Best of Europe – Y by Gina Wenzel
Short Film, The Best of Asia – Hourglass by Wilkins Ho
Features, The Best of Africa & Middle East – RAIN by Mathew Nabwiso
Short Film, The Best of Africa & Middle East - Zero mm by Seema Samir
Short Film, The Best of North & South America - Labyrinth (2016) by Ping-Wen Wang

4th Quarter Winner
Short Film, The Best of Europe - Celebrate Eileen! by Judith Westermann
Short Film, The Best of Asia – Trance by Siva Santhakumar
Features, The best of Africa & Middle East - Two Ways by Desiree Sanga
Featured Film, The Best of Asia - Woman are the answer by Fiona Cochrane
Featured Film, The Best of Europe - Argi by Argi Film
Short Film, The Best of Africa & Middle East – Nude by Eldad Bouganim
Short film ,The Best of North & South America - Bride of Frankie by Devi Snively


We accept all genres for both short film and feature film entries but each film MUST have a woman in at least one of the key production positions: (Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Lead Female Protagonist) and originate from the continent that you are selecting for submission. Projects that are directed by men are accepted as long as there is a female DOP or producer or a lead female protagonist and/or the story is based around women. Nüren Film Festival reserves the right to determine whether a film qualifies for this condition.

− The entry fee is per category.

− Entry fee is non-refundable.

− Fee waivers are not available.

− Films must be submitted via FilmFreeway screener.

− In order to consider an Award Category eligible, we require a minimum of 5 official selections per category. In the event that less than five entries are received for that category, submitted films will be entered for the next quarterly selection.

− All non-English language films must have English subtitles or dubbed in English.

− Entry does not guarantee acceptance into the festival.

− Submissions WILL NOT be returned.

− Multiple entries are allowed; however a separate entry form must be submitted for each category.

− Productions must be independently produced, with the maker retaining complete editorial control and copyright. Productions must have been completed after January 1, 2012.

− Films must not have been broadcasted on TV, made available on the Internet or screened publicly in Singapore in any way prior to the Festival.

− Films must at least be a Singapore premiere.

Registration to the Festival implies unconditional acceptance of these rules and regulations. Ignorance or failures to read or understand them are not reasons for exemption from complying with them.

Submission of an entry guarantees that a screening copy in the format specified will be made available for the dates of the event, and authorization to publicly exhibit the work at Nüren Film Festival. If screening copy is to be provided by a distributor or agent then entry must be submitted by that distributor/agent, along with any criteria or conditions.

The party responsible for sending film materials bears the cost of transporting selected films for competition programs. The festival incurs the cost of the films return. If sent via mail, the sender must provide the festival with necessary information regarding its return (date needed by/address/phone number). International parcels should be marked "For Cultural Purposes Only/No Commercial Value". The copy will be returned within three weeks after festival completion.

The registrant certifies that they are over 18 years of age, are doing so of their own free will, and that they accept agrees to the terms outlined in the General Festival Rules for the Nüren Film Festival. The Nüren Film Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes. The registrant hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations. The registrant shall indemnify and hold harmless Nüren Film Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

The date of registration is shown when a film is registered on the FilmFreeway platform. In the event a company/individual should acquire the exhibition/distribution rights for Singapore of the said film after the person registering the feature/short film has registered it on the platform, the festival will not become involved, in no event will it act as an agent, nor will it negotiate cancellations, new conditions or film prices with the new company. This means, in the said event, the festival will continue to freely exhibit the film and the person who initially registered the film will be legally liable for the films registered.

The festival will not pay the person that registers the film or any other film owner/agent/representative/owning company that may claim payment, any fees, taxes, premiums, commissions, delivery/return costs, or payment for film exhibition/screening rights, for any film registered, regardless of the section of the festival in which it is entered.


Results for each quarter will be posted on our website within one month after the closing of each quarter.

The Festival does not provide explanation on the non-selection of a film. Once a film is selected, the entrant will not be able to withdraw nor change the Premiere status of the film at any given time before it is screened at the Festival.

If your submitted film is selected, the following items must be sent to the Festival within a week of notification of selection.

Screener for film classification purposes:

− The screener will be submitted to the Media Development Authority for rating/classification purposes. This is a requirement for all public film screenings held in Singapore.

− The screener must be the final version of the selected film (with opening and ending credits),

− identical to the actual screening copy.

− The screener must contain English subtitles if the film is in a language other than English.

− Acceptable format/s include: a downloadable link of the film or two physical DVD screeners (if not previously received).

Trailer for publicity purposes:

− The trailer will be used in the Festival website and publicity platforms.

− Acceptable format: a downloadable link with the following specifications:

− Aspect Ratio: 16:9

− Resolution: 1080p: 1920x1080

− Video Codec: H.264

− Audio Codec - AAC-LC

− Format: .MP4 or .MOV

− Subtitles: English, if language of film is non-English

− The Festival reserves the right to disqualify a selected film if the above items are not received by the deadline.

Screening Formats:

Should the film be selected, please indicate the screening format/s available:

a) DCP

b) For digital movie files: Apple pro res LT, Apple pro res HQ or Apple pro res 422,H264, high res .mpg or Quicktime

Please note that the preferred screening format is DCP. If the film is in any other screening format, it will be limited to certain screening venues and timeslots.

Shipment and return of screening copies:
− The entrant is responsible for the cost and the timely shipment of the screening copy of his/her selected film to the Festival. The Festival will provide entrants on shipping instructions upon notification of acceptance.

− Return Shipment: The cost of the return shipment is to be borne by the recipient if it is being shipped to another festival. The festival will bear the cost of the return shipment in the case where the screening copy is to be returned directly to the entrant or distributor.

− All screening copies will be returned to the entrants within 4 weeks after the Festival ends.


The screening time and venue of selected films are entirely at the discretion of the Festival.

Copywriting and use of Publicity Material:

All synopses and other forms of writing on selected films, and the use of submitted publicity materials are entirely at the discretion of the Festival.

Use of promotional material:

If the entrant's film is selected, the entrant grants the Festival permission to use and reproduce the submitted publicity materials in Festival publications and platforms, and other external media platforms for the purpose of publicity (this includes the use of selected clips from submitted screeners for the Festival video trailer).

Due to some unforseen situations, the announcement for Quarter 3 winners will be delayed until further notice. Quarter 4 is ongoing, and we are accepting submissions. Thank you.