Madrid Art Film Festival offers multiple awards categories.
Madrid Art Film Festival presents multiple special sidebar programs:

International Documentaries
This year’s Madrid Art Film Festival International Documentary program demonstrates that documentaries continue to be the New Black of the cinematic world.

Family Films
Share the excitement of the Festival with your whole family! The best family films from around the world will surprise and delight both the child inside and the child beside you.

Sounds on Screen
A celebration of the way films about music and musicians make for some of the most compelling cinema created.

Discover or revisit Hollywood cinema classics the way they were intended to be seen – on the big screen.

Short Films
Chosen from thousands of submissions, this selection includes award-winners, films competing at Top festivals and some of the most compelling pieces of bite-sized cinema you’ll see all year.

Short animated gems from all around the world.

Madrid Art Film Festival, a several-day all-day festival, makes its home in one of the most unique vacation destinations of Spain - Madrid, with all screenings and parties held within easy walking distance.

Madrid Art Film Festival offers one-of-a kind Festivals, tributes to industry greats, and numbers of noted guests and visiting professionals. Over the years, Hot Springs has hosted many of the greats in documentary film, and is known for its warmth and hospitality to filmmakers.

Madrid Art Film Festival hosts multiple juries made up of industry professionals.

Awards are given in the categories of:
Awards & Prizes

Audience Awards (determined by Public Votes):
1) Best Music Video
2) Best Student Short

Judges Awards (determined by Judges' Decision):
1) Best Cinematography
2) Best Actor
3) Best Actress
4) Best Director
5) Best Music Score
6) Best Screenplay
7) Best Editing
8) Best Sound Design
9) Best Feature
10) Best Narrative Short
11) Best Documentary Short
12) Best Animation Short
13) Best Visual Effects
14) Best Recording Artist
15) Best Web Series
16) Best Youth In Arts (For Filmmakers/Artists Under 16)
17) Best Trailer
18) Best Original Song Lyrics
19) Best Casting Director
20) Best Talent Agency
21) Best Film School


Films of all lengths (short & feature) and all genres (family, animated, comedy, drama, sci-fi, action, horror, documentary, foreign, music video) are welcome to submit.

Screenplays (both short & feature) of all genres are welcome to submit. Screenplays must be unproduced as of the date of the film festival.

Films in language other than English must include English subtitles.

No feedback on submissions can be given.

Short must be under 59 minutes and Features should be at least 59 mins or more.

All foreign Submissions must be subtitled.

Online screeners, and posters are mandatory and must be uploaded in FilmFreeway.

The festival does not make your film available online.

Overall Rating
  • Karlis Vitols

    Small festival with great attitude!

    May 2020
  • Leo Zahn

    Terrific festival. Well organized and very professional. Obviously much harder to accomplish in this Covid-19 year of social distancing.
    Thank you Andres!

    May 2020
  • Van McElwee

    What a pleasure working with Andres and the team at Madrid Art Film Festival! I'm very happy to have been part of this well-established and important event based in one of Europe's most fascinating cities. Van McElwee "The Map is the Territory," Best Experimental Short, 2020.

    May 2020