A judged film festival described as "Sundance with Fangs" by Newsday Long Island. We provide a venue for showcasing your films within a celebratory & respectful environment, where fans can enjoy the independent films entered by those of you who passionately craft your Strange-ifical, Weird-ifical, Horror-ifical, Sci-fi-tastical, Fantastical and Macabre-licious films. The opportunity to win awards, increase film visibility via press and possibly obtain distribution is always part of the equation with the Macabre Faire Film Festival.

For starters the word "Macabre" is pronounced: Ma-Cob. The "re" is hardly ever heard. What does it mean?

Although it is an adjective meaning: disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death and injury, WE ARE NOT SOLELY A HORROR FILM FESTIVAL but instead a whole lot more than that. We usually approach the Macabre Faire Film Festival with a lighter touch in the sense that, not all of the films screened are horror and instead many may simply be considered a bit on the darker side. Of course, we will add some horror to this festival but, when we hear the word "Macabre" we remember those hauntingly fascinating films that starred legendary greats such as: Vincent Price & Peter Cushing or those fantastic Gothic horrors like the "Hammer" films. These names in themselves represent what "macabre" means to us. What we are saying is that the word "Macabre" DOES NOT mean we only accept HORROR films but instead that we welcome those films that can tap into our fears through what you don't see or hear. A dark drama, mystery, suspense, thriller or dark comedy can do a lovely job making us feel uncomfortable in the dark. So folks, this is what many of the films selected for the Macabre Faire Film Festival offer. A buffet for any pallet. About the only thing we may have to say "No Thanks" to would be a romantic comedy/drama... unless, there's a monster under the bed during love making or other dark element.

All submitted films are pre-screened by select judges that includes Eileen Dietz, our Festival Ambassador, of the original "The Exorcist" film to ensure the films have followed guidelines and are an overall fit for the festival. Then the films are passed on to another set of judges consisting of more filmmakers, film critics, genre film fans and or seasoned actors to choose the Official Selections. Once these selections have been identified there is an additional judging process in collaboration with the original pre-screening judges to identify the different category nominees. Once you have been notified we insist on having the film festival entry form filled out and submitted back to the festival via email or snail mail within 4 weeks of acceptance. This form can be found on our website or it has been emailed to you as an attachment with your initial welcoming email.

URGENT NOTE: IF THERE IS NO CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN THE FESTIVAL AND INDIVIDUAL WHO SUBMITTED THE ACCEPTED FILM WITHIN 4 WEEKS FROM INITIAL ACCEPTANCE NOTIFICATION, WHICH ALL FILMMAKERS RECEIVE FROM FilmFreeway BY DEADLINE DATE, YOUR FILM WILL NO LONGER BE AN OFFICIAL SELECTION IN THE MACABRE FAIRE FILM FESTIVAL. So we urge everyone to check their spam folders at all times and or ensure to make contact with the festival within 4 weeks of the acceptance notification. Failure to do so will exclude your film from the festival. Please take the time to ACTUALLY READ all the pages of the submission form which contains mailing address information (if needed) and other very important details which includes getting your discs or film posters sent to the festival in a timely fashion. This does not mean mailing materials in 2 weeks before the event as they will not be accepted.

Moving on...
January's festival always falls on Martin Luther King Jr weekend for easy remembering. This 4 day event start with Thursday and Friday being solely screening days with minimal panels within 3 screening rooms. The festival continues for another 2 days with Saturday screenings starting at 12pm into midnight within 4-5 screening rooms and an intimately sized vendor room with additional panels available for guests. Saturday evening is capped with an elaborate Red Carpet Gala Award Ceremony that offers a glamorous atmosphere filled with Press, Photos, Entertainment, Dinner and Awards! This is NOT to be missed.

Sunday captures the conversations from the night prior winners and more. A perfect day to catch those shorts you may have missed as it usually hosts an encore segment for short films from 12pm until 6pm. Be sure to visit the vendor room before the day is over and sit in on another panel or other special treat before it all ends until the following year.

Several films that have screened at MFFF have received distribution at this time for titles like: Cannibal Diner, Caesar & Otto's Deadly XMas, Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween, Model Hunger, The Perfect House, House of Afflictions, Dead Woman's Hollow, The Long Island Serial Killer, The Ghouligans, Devil Knows His Own, Coyote, and others being discussed at this very moment. Will yours be next?

Awards & Prizes

January MFFF: The following categories are included for both Features & Shorts.
Best in Festival Feature
Best in Festival Short
Best in Festival Super Short
Best Director
Best Documentary
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Costuming
Best Sound
Best Sound Track
Best Visual FX
Best Editing
Best Music Video
Best Animation
Best Foreign Feature Film
Best Foreign Short Film
Best Horror Comedy
Best Thriller
Best Actor
Best Supporting Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actress
Best Super Short
Best Student Film

Trophies are awarded.
Please note: A plaque or trophy will only be presented to those attendees attending the Red Carpet Gala who have confirmed a minimum of 4 weeks before event date. Otherwise, a winners certificate will be sent by mail or email. A physical award can be requested it be mailed to a winning party however, there will be fees included to do so.

This does not include any sponsorship certificates or gifts that may be provided to the festival.

Of course, be sure to load up your nominations and wins onto your IMDb pages.

Rules & Terms

All Festival Submissions MUST have a screening link as several of our judges reside in other states. Failure to supply a private screening link for judging can and will result in the film being omitted from selection to film festival. Submissions MUST also have a teaser/trailer link for promotional purposes once it is chosen as an Official Selection and a promotional poster graphic. We will download your film for a digital screening so we ask that you send us your quality links by deadline dates otherwise we will have no choice but to use your FilmFreeway source. Neither a Blu-Ray or DVD will be accepted as the primary screening source. We need to test the films weeks in advance. Failure to allow a download of your submitted film if has been Officially Selected will result in a Void in the acceptance afterwards. It doesn't matter if you were "planning to attend". Don't be that person showing up with a Blu-Ray in hand day of your screening as it will NOT be accommodated.

Don't forget what we already mentioned earlier...

** Entries must be original, written and/or directed by the submitting filmmaker(s) or responsible party with ownership rights.
** All submissions will be kept at the film festival production office.
** All entries using copyrighted material (sound or picture) must obtain proper clearances and permission to use the material. Documentation showing this clearance and permission must be submitted with the application. Examples of copyrighted material may include: popular music, stock footage and still photographs. It is the Filmmakers responsibility to obtain rights, clearances and permission. The Macabre Faire Film Fest assumes no responsibility for violation of copyright law.
** It is at the discretion of the Film Fest advisory board as to what films are deemed appropriate, eligible for entry, & shown in the Macabre Faire Film Fest. All films will be shown that are accepted however, they will be scheduled according to what the Film Fest advisory board deems fitting for the time of day and audience as there are children under 16 yrs of age that attend the Fest. All rules & guidelines are subject to change. Any change(s) made will be posted & made available to film makers at the earliest possible moment.
** The Macabre Faire Film Fest is Horror, Sci-Fi, Macabre, Suspense-Thriller, Dark Drama, Horror Comedy, Twisted Tales and Fantasy themed Film Fest.
** Submission of an entry automatically authorizes unlimited exhibition and duplication rights for the entry to Macabre Faire Film Fest for the purpose of judging as it is a competitive event and publicity. Any media and the contents contained on the media becomes the property of Macabre Faire Film Fest. Entries will not be used in any way for commercial purposes. The intent is to allow the Festival to use your entry for promotional or educational purposes. By submitting an entry to the Macabre Faire Film Fest, each entrant expressly grants permission to use their name, likeness, hometown, etc...
** Entries will not be returned to entrants.
** No entry will be considered unless the entire entry form is completed. If you are entering more than one project, you must submit a separate, completed entry form for each one.
** Entrants shall indemnify, defend and hold the Festival, its agents and its representatives harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses which may be incurred by reason of any breach of these representations, or arising out of any matter contained in the media or otherwise by the Festival's use of the media.
** Entries may be disqualified for the following reasons:
a.) Inappropriate material b.) Incomplete application materials and documentation c.) Submissions on unacceptable media d.) Entries which are submitted past the deadline due date



** In case of questions, disputes or misunderstandings the decisions of the Directors of the Festival are final.

20 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Alex Salazar

    From the moment we got the first email Elsie was a rockstar. She answered all our questions in a prompt manner and there's nothing more wonderful then showing up on the first day of the festival and being recognized when you walk in the door. The organizers were on point and we felt respected and appreciated for being there.

    They have a great selection of films and the red carpet is both an excellent learning experience and great way to build some press as you run the gauntlet of bloggers and interviewers. Make sure you go early so you have enough time to talk to everyone!

    For anyone applying for the first time do keep in mind that this is a very tight knit community - a lot of people at this festival know each other and have worked with each other. People are very welcoming when you talk to them but this also means you really have to go and sell your film to get an audience. We unfortunately only had two people at our screening and had to run around trying to invite people to view our film last minute since everyone was at one of the local's premieres instead. However, the judges had nothing but glowing reviews for our film and Elsie knew it from start to finish, which was incredible.

    Lastly, the award ceremony is a great time. It feels like a macabre Oscar ceremony with food and entertainment. We even won an award, which was the icing on the cake for a fantastic festival. Next film I do I will certainly be submitting again.

    June 2017
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    Robert Sansivero

    Had a fantastic time at this festival. The passion of Elsie and everyone involved was apparent from the first message I received from her after getting accepted. I want to make another horror film just so I can submit to this festival.

    April 2017
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    Tom Bragg

    Very well run festival that treats the filmmaker with the utmost respect.

    February 2017
  • false
    Marc Abbott

    This is one of the BEST film festivals I have attended. The organizers were on point and kept me updated on things that changed. Their red carpet and awards dinner complete the great weekend making this festival very special.

    January 2017
  • false
    Maria Aliaga

    Thank you very much! Everything was great! Regards!

    January 2017