Carnival of Darkness: The Haunted Pamlico Film Festival was founded by independent horror filmmakers for independent horror filmmakers and their fans. The festival runs on Oct. 8, 2020, at Golden Ticket Cinema 7 in Washington, N.C., and on Oct. 10, 2020, at Raised in a Barn Farm, 2100 N.C. Highway 33, Chocowinity, N.C. The opening reception on Oct. 8 will be held at Golden Ticket. Admission for the general public is $7 per ticket, payable at the door for the main festival at Raised in a Barn Farm. Admission to the reception costs $5 per person, payable at the door at Golden Ticket. You may purchase advance tickets to the main festival on FilmFreeway. The festival organizers wish to honor the most artful short horror films and the people who make them. Our festival is sponsored by Haunted Pamlico, a Halloween-centered organization based in Washington, N.C.; Nights of Fright, a haunted attraction in Chocowinity; and Raised in a Barn Farm, the property on which Nights of Fright is located. Other sponsors include Joy Tyson; LLS Accounting Solutions, LLC; and Shoot Me Jane Photography. The Haunted Pamlico team behind this event has made dozens of short films, some of which have enjoyed viral success online and have been featured at festivals from Canada to North Carolina. Our panel of judges includes artists with skills in sound design, special effects, cinematography, screenwriting, film and stage direction and many more areas of interest. For more information, email or see our festival page at Be sure to look for us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

• Monument Award
• Most Murderous Feature-Length
• Bloodiest Good Short
• Best Kill
• Best Effects
• Sci-Fi
• N.C. Horror
• The Haunted Attraction Award

Awards will be presented in the form of certificates, one per filmmaking team. The makers of winning entries, finalist films and official selections will be granted permission to include our 2019 festival logo on promotional materials for their selected films.

1. All entries will be submitted via DVDs or films in formats other than those accepted by FilmFreeway will not be considered. You must provide a digital copy of your film poster for use in publicity for the festival.
2. We will accept submissions from midnight May 1 until midnight Aug. 1.
3. Awards will be publicly announced during the main festival in October 2020 at Raised in a Barn Farm in Chocowinity, N.C. Winners will be informed of their awards via email from Sept. 1, 2020 through Sept. 6, 2020. Our email address is Each category will have two finalists, and we will announce these finalists in advance. You may submit films in more than one applicable category, but be advised there is a fee for each submission beyond the early bird period of May 1 through May 7.
4. While filmmakers whose work receives finalist or featured-selection status may publicize that fact prior to the festival, information about winning entries is embargoed until the announcement is made during the awards ceremony on the day of the festival. We will inform winning filmmakers and those whose work achieves featured-selection status during the first week of September to allow time for travel plans. Winning filmmakers may inform cast, crew, friends and family about their award(s), but public announcements of the awards are prohibited before the awards ceremony. Any advance public announcement of awards could result in disqualification. After the festival, we will post news about the winning entries on our website and social-media platforms. Winners may publicize their awards immediately after the ceremony. You needn't be present during the ceremony to receive your award. Please provide us with your email address, phone number and mailing address through FilmFreeway and/or via email,
5. By submitting your film to us, you give us the right to screen your film during the opening night at Golden Ticket Cinema 7 in Washington, N.C., and/or during the main festival at Raised in a Barn Farm in Chocowinity, N.C. If your film is named a finalist and/or an official selection of the festival, but does not receive an award, it will be shown during the festival barring any unforeseen acts of God, time constraints or technical difficulties. By submitting your film to this festival, you grant us permission to show your film during regular festival hours and/or as part of the pre-show entertainment for Nights of Fright. In either case, your film has the potential to reach hundreds of people on Oct. 8 or Oct. 10. We will notify filmmakers of the times during which we expect their selected films to run. This notification will go out with private emails regarding awards and/or featured-selection status.
6. We only accept submissions from filmmakers, individuals or production companies holding full legal rights to their work and all of its aspects, including music, stock footage or other elements. We do not accept responsibility for copyright violations that may arise from the fraudulent submission of work to which the entrant doesn't hold the rights.
7. We accept independent films only.
8. We won't consider films made more than three years prior to the beginning of the submission period, May 1, 2020.
9. Films previously screened online or at other venues are eligible for submission, but we encourage submissions from filmmakers who wish to premiere their work during our festival.
10. We discourage submission of films scheduled for public screening in Pitt, Hyde, Martin, Craven, Beaufort or Washington counties in North Carolina during October 2020. The discovery of scheduled screenings at venues in any of these counties during the month of October 2020 may be grounds for disqualification.
11. Designation of your film as a featured selection doesn't guarantee award status. Not all entries will be selected for screening. Only official selections will be screened during the festival.
12. Filmmakers whose work is chosen for featured or award-winning status are entitled to two free tickets. All other attendees will be charged $7 per ticket. We will reserve your two tickets, and will release them to you at the door. To receive your reserved tickets, you or someone you have designated to represent you must provide identification in the form of a drivers license or other generally accepted ID. Please provide us with the names of your designated attendees in advance by emailing
13. Judging will be conducted by a panel selected by the organizers. Films the judges had a hand in creating will not be featured in competition. The judges will not be publicly identified.

Overall Rating
  • Jonathan Rorech

    Great festival of fun and terror!

    April 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you. We're working to improve the festival this year. Our goal is to get better each year.

  • Thank you for selecting our short "Hot Dog" and sending the certificate on top of that. Although we weren't able to attend in person, we wish the best for your future events.

    January 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks so much. We enjoyed your work.

  • Pol Diggler

    Thanks a lot for creating such an amazing festival! We're really glad HORRORSCOPE took part of it!

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for submitting your work. We enjoyed it.

  • arshia zeinali

    Thank you for your great film festival.
    Thank you for your response.
    Thank you for your kindness.

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for the support. We enjoyed your work.

  • Thanks for supporting indie filmmakers and productions. :)

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your review. We were grateful for every entry we received. We're independent filmmakers, also. Our goal is to build a network of independent horror filmmakers who can offer support and encouragement.