A celebration of the human spirit and our amazing planet. The festival brings awe-inspiring and thought provoking outdoor, adventure and conservation films to urban audiences. Encouraging conservation movements, and environmental awareness through adventure sports and travel.

We are inviting you to a conversation. What drives us, what are our responsibilities to ourselves, each other and our home? Are you a warrior on the front line in the fight to save our planet. Or maybe you're a soul surfer chasing the perfect wave. Whether it’s a short film, feature film (narrative or documentary) , montage, or any other format you believe explores the spirit of enjoying and caring for our planet. We want your story.

We do not hold online events. If your film Is selected it will be screened to hundreds of people at real life events. We tour the world sharing your stories in an intimate setting at local cinemas. Submit now to be in the 2023 tour which will include an expanding calendar of real life events which will be announced soon.

For reference below is our calendar of 2023 events which is currently in progress. Submissions for our Voss event close on the day of our Regular Deadline which is May 13. However we continue to accept submissions up until our late deadline of September 13 so if you miss out on the Voss event we can still play your film during our fall tour.

June 03d 2023 - Voss, Norway
October 2023 - Tromsø, Norway
October 2023 - Lofoten, Norway
October 2023 - Åndalsnes, Norway
October 2023 - Sogndal, Norway

A wide range of possibilities are accepted for submission. Does your work explore; extreme sports, wildlife & nature, a conservation issue, outdoor adventures, or low impact living? Does it inspire; personal growth and fulfilment, care for our planet, strengthening of our communities and reaching the human potential? Basically anything and everything to do with the outdoors is accepted. If you aren’t sure after reading this, send an email to check if this is the festival for you.

We welcome all films short and long. Do you have a story from the wild side of our planet, or from characters who explore the far corners of the earth and their own limits? Take a look at our core values, does your film discuss or further these? Then we want to see it! Please note: The event is competitive. films will be judged on their individual merit. Only the winning films will be selected for screening.

By entering your film you agree to the following terms.
- If selected you will not make your film available to the public online until after the festival season is concluded. Any film that can be viewed for free on any online platform (Vimeo, YouTube etc..) will be disqualified from the event.
- You have permission to use all third party content that is in your film.
- You have releases from all people, locations and contributors.
- You accept responsibility for any copy-write infringements made.
- You accept responsibility for any laws broken whilst producing your film.
- You must provide a high resolution download of your film within 7 days of being notified of selection.
- The festival is not responsible for any materials lost in transit or files that don’t work.

If you are from a sanctioned country you may use the code below for free submission. Please do not use this code if you are not from a sanctioned country, you will be disqualified.


Overall Rating
  • We are pleased to have been able to participate in the Destination Unknown Film Festival. It's a great adventure festival! We're looking forward to attending again as soon as possible.

    June 2022
  • Stefan Witts

    Cozy and superb atmosphere! A great addition and a festival I hope to see around for many years to come!

    June 2022
  • Ed Harrison

    Such a great concept - combining awareness for the environment whilst promoting outdoor adventure sports. A fantastic film festival that we highly recommend attending and submitting to.

    Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the festival in person, but we were honoured to be part of it as Alex and the team took the films on tour around the world.

    August 2021
  • Harry Putz

    Honestly, this is the best what can happen to outdoor sports movies, a truly passonate team that wants to deliver the stoke to those who are bagging for it. To be part of the selection means the world to me. All boxes ticked!!!

    August 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Harry, we loved your film and cant wait to see what you do in the future :)!!!

  • Wonderful festival, highly recommended! Featuring a fine curation of adventure films. See you next year.

    July 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for submitting some excellent work. Both your films had a fantastic response from our audience. We look forward to showing them on tour this fall :)!