After applying to this Film Festival and once you are selected, you will get a film review visible on our blog :

Discovering, Developing, and Producing Talented Writers, Directors, and Filmmakers and indie projects and scripts.

WE Film Festivals hosts screenings and an inclusive selection that leaves every audience wanting more. Be a part of this new way of shocasing your film.

Our goal is to help the filmmakers have as much success through our festival as possible. We feature each filmmaker in our marketing as well as on the days of the festival capturing interviews for future press for the filmmakers. All these little things we feel give filmmakers the best chance to have a successful year premiering their film.

If your movie is selected, your movie will be competing within its category in different festivals all over the globe throughout the year: in France, the USA, Canada and Lebanon.

Produce my Film - Short Ficiton
Produce my Film - Documentary
Produce my next Film - Short Fiction
Produce my next Film - Documentary
Best Director
Best Director of Photography
Best DOP
Best Screenplay
Best Script
Best Sound Design
Best Editing
Best Soundtrack
Best Lead Role
Best secondary Character
Best Human Rights

I have read, understood and complied with all eligibility requirements of the categories for which I would like this film to be considered and to the best of my knowledge, all of the statements in this document are true.

a- This film is not subject to litigation nor is threatened by any litigation.

b- I am duly authorized to submit this film to the Festival and its Competition and understand that the Festival holds the right to screen my film for Festival screening and promotional purposes and to extract clips from this film for promotional purposes. I understand this may include online streaming of clips on Festival or Festival sponsor sites.

c. In the event the designated party is unable to attend the awards ceremony, I understand that the director and/or producer of the film as listed in the credits of the film shall accept any and all awards in their stead.

d. If selected as a participant in the Festival, television ready media clips of the film must be provided by the date provided on notice of selection if requested.

e. If selected as a participant I will deliver the film in format requested by deadline set at time of acceptance.

f. This film will not be available online publicly until the completion.

g. Kindly, have prepared in advance a vimeo link, posters and screenshots from your movie.

h. Stay respectful to yourself, your movie and to the team! The team is required to disqualify the filmmakers from the competition when disrespect is shown.

i. Selected filmmakers who don't accept the download request will be as well disqualified from the competition.

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