Get your film distributed! That’s what the Leomark Film Festival is all about. Leomark Studios is a U.S. distributor, specializing in small, independent movies, and we find some of our best titles at film festivals. So we decided to launch a festival of our own!

We will offer U.S. distribution to EVERY FILM that’s selected for Leomark Film Festival! That means that we’ll create a distribution plan for your film, present it to you, and you get to decide if you want to work with us or not. You’re under no obligation to distribute your film through Leomark if it’s selected for our festival, even if it wins an award.

So, what’s the catch? We can only consider narrative films that have NO U.S. distribution. That is, if your movie’s already on Amazon or Vimeo or YouTube, you may NOT submit it. And we don’t take documentaries. But there’s no premiere requirement. In fact, we welcome you to participate in other festivals: Anything that makes your movie buzzworthy is great. It’s also fine if your movie has been distributed in other countries: Just make sure you have subtitles in English.

We don’t accept scripts, just finished films.

If your movie is a short, we offer distribution through a “Best of…” collection on DVD and VOD. You reserve all rights to distribute your short film on its own.

We can't wait to see your film!

About Leomark Studios: We work with all major VOD platforms and have made license deals with big streamers, cable channels, airlines, and more. We also offer DVD distribution through Manufacturing On Demand at no cost to the filmmaker. We've built our business on good relationships with both platforms and filmmakers. Visit us at

As mentioned above, all selected films receive an offer of U.S. distribution.
Lion's Roar Awards and Laurels go to:
Best Feature
Best Short
Best Director
Best Composer
Best Production Design
Best Key Art
Best Trailer
Best Screenplay
Best Performance
Best Animated Feature or Short
Best Action
Best Horror
Best Science Fiction
Best Comedy or Rom-Com
Best Drama
Best Thriller
Audience Award

1. Submit through FilmFreeway.
2. Entry fees are non-refundable.
3. One entry is all you need to be considered for any and all awards!
4. There’s NO premiere requirement! BUT…
5. Entries that have already been commercially released in the United States are NOT eligible. (Other festival screenings and small theatrical screenings are fine. If you’re in doubt about whether your film is eligible, please note where it has been released in your cover letter.)
6. Entries that are NOT in English should be sub-titled or dubbed in English.
7. You must either be the copyright owner of the film or have written permission from the copyright owner to submit on their behalf. This is super important. By submitting your work, you represent that all necessary rights related to the work (including but not limited to story, content, music, logos, performer likenesses and images) have been secured and you accept all responsibility and liability for any copyright violations related to your submission.
8. By participating, you do NOT give up any rights. However, you grant Leomark Studios the limited right to use the name, key art, and excerpts of your submission for awards presentation, highlight reels, and festival promotion.
9. Films can be from ANY year, but copyright and U.S. distribution rights MUST be clear.
10. Works in progress are okay; just remember you have only ONE chance to make a first impression.
11. If your film is selected for the Festival:
• We may ask for a separate screening copy.
• Your film will screen online during the Festival.
• You’ll get a cool laurel you can add to your key art and brag about shamelessly.
• You’ll get free access to all festival screenings for 2 users.
• You’ll get an invitation for 2 to our Lion’s Roar Awards Party and Best Feature and Short screenings to be held on the closing night of the festival in Los Angeles. Filmmakers are responsible for their own travel expenses.
• You’ll get an offer for U.S. distribution and the chance to take part in an in-person or online (Zoom) meeting with executives from Leomark Studios who will describe our vision for releasing the film. You are NOT obligated to accept any offer from Leomark Studios.
12. If you win an Award:
• You get an even COOLER laurel for your key art and all the bragging rights that go with it.
• You’ll get 1 FREE entry to a future Leomark Film Festival!
13. If you win BEST FEATURE or BEST SHORT, your film will screen live on the closing night of the festival.