The Matera Film Festival 2020 announces three categories of competitions, one of which reserved for feature films, one for short films, and a third for documentaries.
The Festival is organized in Matera (IT) by the associations Making-Of and Camera con vista, later called as associations, from 24 to 26 September 2020.

1 Type of works admitted
The call is open to works produced and shot in any video format and of any genre or nationality, completed after 1st January 2018.
Previews will be privileged.

2 The competition categories
The Festival is divided into three competition sections:
1. MFF LONG: International competition open to fiction feature films with a duration of not less than 50 minutes, including the credits.
2. MFF DOC: International competition open to documentaries lasting no more than 90 minutes including closing credits.
3. MFF SHORT: International competition open to short films lasting no more than 20 minutes, including closing credits.

3 Registration
Films must be registered from 15 June to 10 August 2020 by choosing one of the following methods:
a) by email at attaching:
- the link for viewing the work;
- the registration form on the site;
- the regulation signed;
- a copy of the payment of the registration fee.
- The films must be uploaded to a video sharing platform (youtube, vimeo, etc ...) and made private or not indexed, possibly downloadable (in case of password entry, report it in the form together with the video link).
The link must remain active until at least 20 September 2020;
b) through the international FilmFreeway platform
(, uploading your own film and paying the registration fee directly on the platform.
For the purposes of the deadline of the announcement, 10 August 2020, the date of submission of the application for registration to the email or the date of registration on the FilmFreeway platform is authentic.
Authors and / or Producers are responsible for the content of their works and declare, by registering for the Festival, that they have fulfilled any obligation towards third parties deriving from copyright.
If you have questions regarding the registration procedure, you can contact the Festival secretariat at

The non-refundable registration fee is:
€ 15.00 ($ 17.00) for each feature film and documentary
€ 10.00 ($ 11.00) for each short film
to be paid by:
1) in the case of registration on the basis of art 3, lett. to)
- IBAN transfer: IT57R0335901600100000139947
made out to Making-Of, causal 'inscription "film title";
2) in the case of registration based on Article 3, lett. b)
- the online platform used for the registration of the film

All films must be submitted in the original language with subtitles in Italian (if foreign) or in English.
The films in the original English version must be subtitled in Italian on the copy.
The creation and costs of the subtitles on the copy are borne by the participants.

4 Selection - Participation - Catalog
Among the works received within the deadlines and in the manner provided for in this announcement, a maximum of 5 feature films, 10 short films and 5 documentaries will be selected, at the discretion of the commission composed of members appointed by the associations. In the case of authors participating in the selection with multiple films, only one work may be selected.
The invited works receive their invitation to participate by 25 August 2020. Receipt of confirmation implies the legal acceptance of the invitation by all recipients, an acceptance that is considered definitive and irrevocable.
All the necessary material for the catalog (synopsis of max. 500 characters, artistic and technical cast, biography of max. 500 characters and complete filmography of the director, photographs of the director and scenes from the film, comment of the director on the film of max. 500 characters) it must be received no later than 30 August 2020, with the indication "Material for drawing up the catalog" and exclusively in electronic
format, to the email address

5 Selected films - Shipping
For all films admitted to participate in the competitions:
- there is no provision for the payment of rental costs by the Festival;
- the expected projection format is preferably the DCP, but other formats can be agreed with the organization of the Festival.
- the projection copy, together with a spare Blu-ray, must be received by courier at the festival site no later than 30 August 2020 following the instructions that will be provided by the organization of the Festival. The copy will be sent to the address:
Via Giustino Fortunato, 3
75100 - Matera - ITALY

With the following wording: MATERA FILM FESTIVAL
For short films, the projection file must have a minimum resolution of 1920x1080 in AVI, MOV, MP3, MPG formats. The organization of the Festival may reserve the right to request a PAL format DVD.
Brief information will also be requested regarding the film, the authors, the production, synopsis and photographs, for the purpose of drawing up the catalog.
The shipping and customs clearance costs of the projection copy of the selected films are the responsibility of the sender. For the return, the Matera Film Festival will cover the costs of transport and customs clearance from Matera to the place of destination. If, after the screening at the MFF, it is requested to send the copy of the film to another festival, the shipping and customs clearance costs will be borne by the applicant. For each film invited, it will be mandatory to send the requested documentation to the Festival. The costs of transport and customs clearance of any material relating to the selected films are borne by the participants.

6 Competition
The selected films will be presented to the public during the Matera Film Festival 2020, which will take place from 17 to 19 September 2020. The screenings will take place according to the calendar established by the organizers of the Festival and will be communicated in advance to the authors.

The associations will appoint two juries:
- a popular jury, charged with decreeing the best short film among those selected;
- a senior jury, composed of artists and experts in the sector, with a recognized artistic and professional curriculum in the cinematographic field, in charge of evaluating the documentaries and feature films selected, according to their cinematographic and aesthetic value, the originality of the style and interpretation of the proposed theme.

The prizes will consist of:
- Camera Service Award for Best Feature Film € 5,000.00
- Camera Service Award for Best Documentary € 3,000.00
- Camera Service Award for Best Short Film € 2,000.00
The prizes are intended as vouchers for the rental of cinematographic equipment at Camera Service Groupe srl
(Via Bergamo 7 Cernusco sul Naviglio - 20063 Milan. Via Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli 130 - 00178 Rome Corso Vittorio Veneto, 40 70123 Bari). The vouchers can be spent within a year of the award ceremony, the organization is exempt from any liability regarding the use of the vouchers.
The associations reserve the right to increase the prize pool in the future and / or to establish other prizes.

7 General rules
1. These regulations are drafted in Italian and English. In case of interpretation problems, the Italian version is valid.
2. The request for admission to the Festival implies unconditional acceptance of these regulations.
3. The Authors and Producers, while remaining fully owners of their rights on the works, freely grant associations the right to screen their works, as part of the Matera Film Festival 2020, as well as in other cultural events through which the Association intends to promote its business. The authors also grant free of charge to associations the right to use one or more images taken from their works in order to promote the event and for other forms of communication and activities related to the Association, with the sole obligation of mentioning the artist. In participating in this competition, the Authors and Producers declare that they have the rights of use for any type of music that may be present in the film and for non-original video sequences. The associations decline any responsibility concerning possible infringements of rights or disclaimers by the works presented and by their respective authors. They also authorize associations to process their personal data pursuant to GDPR 2016/679, also for the purpose of inclusion in databases managed by the aforementioned people.
4. Any changes to these regulations and to the Matera film festival program for reasons not attributable to the organization (eg anti-covid-19 measures) of the festival will be promptly communicated and exempt the organizers from any form of criminal and administrative civil liability.
5. The Direction of the Festival can take decisions related to matters not foreseen by these regulations. The Court of Potenza is competent for any controversy.

Overall Rating
  • Nino Tropiano

    EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE: great festival: fantastic hospitality, really down-to-heart attitude by the organizers and all the people involved; The Festival itself is easy going with a touch of unpretentious glamour. Excellent food and an awesome place to visit. What more did I need? Oh Yes, I won a prize, indeed! But all of the above was priceless ...!

    October 2020