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2 mins short film:
Official Snazzy FilmFreeway Laurels AND 2 toilet paper rolls for each of the following categories:

Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Script
Best Music
Best Art
Best Song
Best Editor
Best Film

AWARD LAURELS and Total of 20 toilet rolls of prizes!!!
(Toilet paper pick up in Venice, CA only if you want to claim them. Every winner will have award laurels emailed)

• THEME "2020." Up to 2 min run time.
• No nudity allowed.
• Feel free to mix in older footage, new shooting is encouraged not required!
• Skype/ Zoom and use of other creative people's skills across the globe is totally encouraged.
• Use creativity and lockdown rules ... don't go out and shoot outside if you're not allowed.
• 2 Week Deadline: April 7th 2020

The more we connect with artists around the world the better!

Overall Rating
  • Kandace Caine

    Great company. Thank you so much.

    June 2020
  • It was an absolute honour to part of the amazing festival run by some really fantastic people. It was a wonderful experience and we cant wait to come back again next year! Thank you again for everything!

    June 2020
  • Mike Yeoman

    Great event for the lockdown. An amazing set of films on display!

    June 2020
  • Here at Escape Studios in London we were delighted to have our short film "Hotel Aloha" be selected as a semi-finalist for the #LockDownLogOn festival. Thanks for a great experience!

    June 2020