Japan Cuts Hollywood is presented by an NPO, Japan America Society of Southern California.
Japan Cuts Hollywood is a film festival promoting Japanese content and culture to the US and the world.
Japan Cuts Hollywood was created by Hollywood professionals. With our Hollywood connections, we can directly introduce Japanese Talent (actors, directors, writers, etc) to Hollywood. This is your chance to showcase your film and talent in Hollywood!

Japan Cuts Hollywood はNPO, 日米協会によって主催されています。
Japan Cuts Hollywoodは日本のコンテンツと文化をアメリカと世界に紹介する映画祭です。
Japan Cuts Hollywoodはハリウッドの一線で活躍する業界人の手で作られた映画祭です。我々のコネクションを使って日本の映画製作者、役者、脚本家などを直接ハリウッドに紹介することが可能なとてもユニークな日本映画祭です。


Award Trophy, Private Hollywood studio tour


Japan Cuts Hollywood accepts films and media works created by and /or about Japanese individuals and communities around the world. If the film is created by a non-Japanese filmmaker, the films need to depict Japan and/ or its culture. Short movie running time is within 25minutes. Feature film running time is within 120 minutes. With English subtitles, please. We accept fiction, documentary, music video, and animation. Please read the rules & terms carefully. Submission fees are non-refundable.