Don't miss this film festival in Denali National Park, Alaska! We are partnering with the Denali Education Center to bring you short films that focus on sustainability, adventure, nature, recycling, and national parks.

Denali National Park is home to North America's tallest peak. It's also the most wild and pristine place on the planet. Show off how incredible your film is in the most beautiful place on earth.

1st prize: Best Documentary
2nd prize: Best Documentary
3rd prize: Best Documentary

1st prize: Best Comedy
2nd prize: Best Comedy
3rd prize: Best Comedy

1st prize: Best Drama
2nd prize: Best Drama
3rd prize: Best Drama

1st prize: Best Animated Short
2nd prize: Best Animated Short
3rd prize: Best Animated Short

1st prize: Best Student Film
2nd prize: Best Student Film
3rd prize: Best Student Film

1st prize: Best Overall
2nd prize: Best Overall
3rd prize: Best Overall

All films must have some connection to sustainability, adventure, nature, recycling, or national parks. Short films up to 20 minutes.

Overall Rating