Since April of 2016, Grace Lutheran Church has be screening films that reflect the values of our progressive, LGBTQ affirming congregation. This year we have upgraded our screenings with a larger screen and room (maximum of 200).

Film submissions should feature good storytelling, compassion, forgiveness, characters who learn to embrace the fullness of their diversity or inspire audiences to change the world for the better. Your film may be interfaith or secular, but it should be respectful of our worship space and be appropriate for screening in a church space. Because our scripture crosses many genres and features content that is gritty, sometimes violent or sexual, the use of profanity and graphic content is not a problem as long as it serves the story and has a good message.

Diverse submissions are encouraged. We are a site that welcomes all (and we actually mean that when we say it).

Laurels will be awarded for audience prizes and jury prizes.

Films selected for the festival are asked to send to 2 dvd copies of their film to 3201 Ulloa St, San Francisco, CA 94116 and a video download link for all films that are less than 30 minutes in length. Individuals with circumstances that prevent them from sending their film may just send the download link.

Overall Rating
  • Justin Edwards

    Tried to get a sense of what the festival was like since I could not attend. It appears to be a church's local ministry to put on selections of positive movies for their neighborhood? I got the notice we were screening, but other than that, not a peep. If I had more response and information I might have tried to come.

    May 2016
    Grace film festival logo
    Response from festival:

    Sorry you didn't get the notice. Yes, we are a small congregation that screens films at our church, as listed clearly in our description.