The Broad Humor Film Festival features funny films written by and directed by women. Broad Humor's screenplay competition supports women screenwriters with feature and short categories. The Broad Humor Film Festival honors women who craft stories on film that put a grin on your face or a chuckle in your belly.


The BROAD HUMOR FILM FESTIVAL aims to honor Female Creators of Content. Begun in 2006, Broad Humor was named in 2013 one of the top five festivals for women by MovieMaker magazine. This niche film festival dedicated to comedic films written and directed by women highlights all the ways that women make other women and men laugh and to celebrate their power to do so. Projects submitted with exclusively male writers or directors will be disqualified without refund.

In 2017, Broad Humor recognized 50% of the screenplay submissions, and 1 in 4 films submissions were screened during our 4 - day event. We STRONGLY encourage women directors with feature films to submit their work. We Know you are out there! Send us your funny films.

Finalist screenwriters in attendance are treated to a stage reading by up to a dozen professional stage and film actors from the Los Angeles Area. Excerpts of their work are read before a live (Typically SOLD OUT) audience.

The subject matter of films and screenplays featured in the festival, if not strictly speaking a comedy, must include a healthy dose of humor. We are interested in showcasing all types of funny female voices. We strongly encourage female filmmakers and screenwriters of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds to submit their humorous works. Submissions make up 95% of the programming.

The judging takes into account both the quality of the finished film, the strength of the filmmaker's vision, and puts value on taking risks in style and narrative. A broad farce that only hits in places or a nonlinear absurdist experiment might be selected over a more traditional sitcom style short that is good but unexceptional.


Awards ceremony always takes place immediately following the Staged readings, and before the closing night party. Winners will receive software prizes from Write Brothers, makers of Movie Magic and Dramatica screenwriting software. Cash Prizes TBA.

In Addition Every Program includes a raffle giveaway preceding the event.

The 17th Annual Broad Humor Film Festival begins accepting submissions on January 15, 2024. Submitted works must be comedic films or screenplays written and/or directed by a woman. Works need not be strictly speaking "comedies" so long as they include a healthy dose of humor.

This is a festival for women creators. Either the writing or directing of the film MUST BE EXCLUSIVELY FEMALE. Films written by women but directed by men (or co-directed with men) are only eligible for writing awards. Best Film awards will go to films directed exclusively and entirely by women.

The jurists takes into account both the quality of the finished film, the strength of the filmmaker's vision, and puts value on taking risks in style and narrative. A broad farce that only hits in places or a nonlinear absurdist experiment might be selected.



Film Freeway online screeners is the preferred method of film submissions for those using the online service.

- animated films: under 10 minutes TRT
- short films: under 31 minutes TRT
- feature films: up to 120 minutes TRT

Feature and short screenplays: pdf in standard industry format uploaded to Film Freeway or emailed to

- short scripts: under 31 pages
- pilots & web series scripts: under 45 pages
- feature scripts: between 75 and 115 pages

If your film or script does not fit the pages/TRT requirements, you may contact the festival to see if it is possible to make special arrangements.


Press kit information will be requested upon acceptance to the festival. Timely receipt within two weeks of notification is required for participation in the festival.

Submitted materials will not be returned.


All deadlines are are for completed submissions and must include payment of the appropriate fee.


Submissions must have been completed after December 31, 2021. This includes all films and scripts. (Effective 2023 Season) Film Submissions completed prior to December 31, 2022 may be accepted for screening, but are not eligible to win the Jury Grand Prize.

When entering submitting produced web series, a minimum of two (2) episodes must be submitted for review. Tied or a link provided where more episodes can be viewed. web series entries that consist of only one episode or web series pilots will be judged within the short films category. (Effective 2023 Season)


We strongly discourage works-in-progress. By their very nature, works-in-progress require multiple viewing by multiple jurists to finalize selection for screening. Because staffing is limited, we do not guarantee films can be review beyond established protocols. (Effective 2023 Season)


Participants agree that all materials related to their film may be published in the Festival Program, Web page and all other promotional materials or property and in all media. Posters and images of the film may be used independently as well as in combination with images from other films to promote the film and Broad Humor Film Festival.


It is the responsibility of the filmmakers to be sure they have proper clearances, as needed, for copyrighted material appearing in their entries. The filmmakers remain entirely liable for any claims that may occur in result of screening the entries.


It is the philosophy of this festival to screen as many noteworthy films possible. To this end, Broad Humor reserves the write to edit end credits for any film submitted. Edit does not mean exclusion. Edit means shorten for time or abridged to just Above-The Line players. This is for exhibition only. All films are watched from beginning to end during the judging process. (Effective 2023 Season)

PLEASE NOTE: As with all submissions to Broad Humor, a woman must either be the sole writer or sole director. On film submissions, men can serve EITHER as director OR writer. However, if a male is a collaborator in both or either categories, the film will be either disqualified, or screened "out of competition". On screenplay submissions, only scripts for which ALL WRITERS ARE FEMALE will be considered. A male writer or co-writer WILL disqualify the submission.

Overall Rating
  • Sara Gaston

    Although I was unable to attend, I was thrilled that my screenplay "Sanchos & Ponchos" was accepted and that folks enjoyed it.

    March 2024
  • Lindsay Heiman

    Michelle, the festival director, is one of the hardest working folks in Hollywood. She goes above and beyond for everyone. My script, Bumblefuck, won the Audience Award. And it comes with the cutest trophy and goody bag. Not that that matters, what matters is the time and effort Michelle puts into this festival and it shows. Highly recommend!!

    September 2023
  • Georgina French

    A wonderful, empowering, inspirational and hilarious festival. Michelle and her team go the extra mile to look after their invited guests and we hope to screen again. A fantastic experience from start to finish. Thank you from Pip & I!

    September 2023
  • Jimin Kim

    Super fun festival! Great films and great atmosphere. This was my first festival so I was a little nervous, but everyone was so warm, welcoming, and charming :) Thank you!

    September 2023
  • Dale Griffiths Stamos

    One of the warmest and most welcoming festivals I have attended! Lots of fun and hilarious films. Great screenplay readings. Excellent Q&As. Although not in a standard cinema, the space was very comfortable and the screen of a good size. Hard to find a moment to eat in between things, but honestly that's the case at a lot of festivals. And Michelle is a total sweetheart - making us "broads" feel broadly loved!

    September 2023