HorrOrigins Film Festival is an exciting new independent genre film festival that focuses on discovering & premiering independent screenwriters & filmmakers in the town deemed HOLLYWOOD of the SOUTH, located in Atlanta, GA.

HorrOrigins screenings will be held at Cinevision Atlanta on the weekend of October 25 -October 27, 2019.

The location features:
150 rocking chairs with multiple screening and sound equipment
11'x 26' screening screen
Digital cinema and film equipment

HorrOrigins is founded by Brandon Waites. Brandon is the co-founder of the Hollywood filmmaking & screenwriting platform The Film Empire. The Film Empire hosts contests that allow filmmakers & screenwriters the opportunity to meet industry mentors. You can check out more at: www.thefilmempire.com.

Social media hashtag: #WhereHorrorIsBorn #WhereHorrorBegins #HorrOrigins

More announcements on events will be coming soon!

Winners of each category will win our soon to be announced "HorrOrigins" awards.

Awards will be given for:

*Best Horror Director
*Best Horror Cinematographer
*Best Horror Composer
*Best Horror Screenplay
Best Horror Actor
Best Horror Actress
Most HorrOriginal idea---best HorrOriginal film (short or feature)

*Winner will get a one time meeting with a Hollywood mentor.
Current mentors include:

1). Jennifer Trent (producer of Ma and Happy Death Day 2 U)
2). Adam Hendricks (producer of Cam and The Wynd)
3). James Kniest (cinematographer of Annabelle and Hush)
4). Tim Williams (composer of Brightburn and IT)
More mentors can be added at a later time.

Mentors will be assigned to the winners at a later time but are subject to change due to scheduling conflicts.

More mentors could be added at a later time.

Please read all rules & conditions before submitting.

By submitting, you acknowledge that you give HorrOrigins Film Festival the authorization to utilize any excerpts, images or biographical information of the filmmakers from any film submitted for promotional purposes.

Premieres are not required but will for considered in the final programming decisions.

Acceptable screening formats for exhibition are:
DVD, Bluray & DCP (on hard drive)

HorrOrigins does not pay screening fees.

HorrOrigins reserves the rights to disqualify any submission without refund.

HorrOrigins does not allow any refunds.

Screenings & awards ceremony will be scheduled by the HorrOrigins staff.

Any films not in English must be subtitled.

Screenplays must be in English.

Please submit the version of your film or screenplay that you want to be judged, as we do not allow for these to be updated at a later time. If you require an updated screenplay or film to be viewed, submission fees will apply.

Films & Screenplays are only accepted via online submission platforms. Finalists will be announced prior to event in October. Winning screenplay(s) will be announced at the event in October.

Films that have been acquired, produced, financed or distributed by any major motion picture studios or production companies are not eligible for our competitive awards but are eligible for screenings. It is the sole responsibility of the submitting filmmaker to attain all permissions required from the major motion picture studios or production companies prior to submitting and screenings.

Submitting filmmaker/screenwriter has full legal rights to submit film and/or screenplays.

Notifications will be made by social media, email and/or phone.

HorrOrigins reserves the right to omit any awards should the festival not receive enough entries for specific categories or if no of the submissions meet the judging standards.

HorrOrigins reserves the rights to give out any additional specialty awards should the judging team feel any of the films/screenplays deserve it.

HorrOrigins holds the right to change screening venue for any reason but will make notifications should this occur.

It is the sole responsibility of the submitting filmmaker to secure any authorization and rights for copyrighted materials used within the film.

By submitting, you acknowledge and accept the rules & conditions of HorrOrigins Film Fest. The submitter also agrees to hold harmless HorrOrigins Film Fest from any and all claims resulting from my entry.

Overall Rating
  • Fantastic event with an amazing crew. The venue was perfect, hope I have a chance to be part of it again next year.

    November 2019
  • It was fantastic to be selected for my screenplay, "Starvation Lake" into the inaugural year of the HorrOrigins Film Festival. I hope to submit in the future. Thanks so much!

    November 2019
  • Saul Berenbaum

    It was an incredible honor to be nominated in the Feature Screenplay category for my project, "Just the Wind" at HorrOrigins. I'll certainly be submitting future projects to you guys, thanks so much again!

    November 2019
  • Stephen Kayfish

    Was not able to attend but Brandon has been a great communicator. Overall a good experience and well organized.

    November 2019