Dutch Mountain Film Festival (DMFF) is an independent film festival with a diverse programme revolving around the theme of mountainfilm. The festival is intended for film fanatics, mountaineers and lovers of the outdoors. It also caters for those who like arthouse film or extreme sports . In addition to new and well-known mountain films, the festival will also have a varied programme of side events featuring music, art, food and sports.
Following a trial in 2007, the festival proper started in Heerlen in 2011. The fifth edition in 2015 was attended by almost two thousand visitors from all over the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and even South Korea. Initiators: Thijs Horbach, Toon Hezemans

The 9th edition of the Dutch Mountain Film Festival will take place from 29 Oct till 3th November, 2019 in Heerlen, the Netherlands and in Aachen, Germany, all where the mountains begin.

The Dutch Mountain Film Festival has been a member of the International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF) since 2014.

The mountain film is one of the oldest genres and uses its own imagery. We are all familiar with its clichéd images:  death-defying panoramas of mountain ridges, glaciers and rock faces alternating with heart-stopping shots of fingers clawing for hand-holds, boots losing their footing and rocks breaking free. But the harsh mountain world is also portrayed for its symbolic and mythical significance. In this vertical wilderness, human resolve is confronted with all its deepest fears and vulnerabilities. The mountain film tells the story of man’s struggle with nature and records the stunning beauty of the untamed mountain world. The mountain film uses this world as its backdrop or metaphor for narrating the story of man’s confrontation with the unadulterated wilds.

Awards in the Dutch MountainFilm Festival competition 2019:
• Crossborder DMFF Award (Grand Prix) €1,500 is the major prize (‘Grand Prix’ award) handed out at the Dutch MountainFilm Festival and is for the most artistic and original mountain film.
• De Spiegel Best Newcomer Award (Mountainfilm Debut € 1000) aims to stimulate new and upcoming talent and is awarded to the first production (mountainfilm).
• Parkstad Limburg Jury Award (€ 500) is the special commendation of the jury
• Best Mountaineering Film Award (€ 1000) for best climbing film
• Entries compete for prizes in all categories.

Dutch Mountain Film Festival competition

The 9th edition of the Dutch Mountain Film Festival will take place in Heerlen (NL) and Aachen (D) from 29 Oct to 3th of November 2019. You are welcome to submit your films now through FilmFreeway

The Dutch Mountain Film Festival has been a member of the International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF) since 2014.

ENTRY DEADLINE: July 1st, 2019

-Submission of entries to the Festival implies the entrant’s acceptance of these procedures and regulations.
-All films must be in the Dutch/German/English language or have Dutch/German/English subtitles, or have been dubbed in Dutch/German/English - or the film has no dialogue
-The DMFF only accepts mountainfilms

* The Dutch Mountain Film Festival is accepting complete entries via FilmFreeway, with a HR filmfile for screening for the jury and at least 3 HR stills (preferably a poster and trailer as well).

The winners will be chosen by a jury. The prizes will be awarded during the Dutch Mountain Film Festival which takes place 29 Oct - 3 Nov, 2019 in Heerlen and Aachen. All winners will receive a specially made award and prize money. If you are not able to attend the awards’ ceremony on November 1st 2019 in Heerlen, this will be sent to you after the festival. The DMFF has the right to screen submitted films during the festival year and travelling events, in Germany and The Netherlands without paying any screening fees.


Read the full Terms and Conditions here: http://www.dmff.eu/filmcompetition/terms-and-conditions/

Overall Rating
  • Andrew Bone

    This was a brilliant festival. The communication throughout was helpful and generous. The films on show that I was able to see were of the highest quality and revealed a great range of subjects, approaches and styles of filming. All budgets were on display too!
    It was in a great location and attended by some really open and friendly people. What more could you ask for? Great home-made food too!

    November 2018
  • Manuel Lobmaier

    Great Festival in a beautiful location.

    November 2018
  • Lloyd Belcher

    A growing festival with a healthy DNA. Enjoyed the time spent there & would recommend to others

    May 2017
  • Festival event was good !! People are also nice and hope to come with new project in 2018.

    March 2017