Festival Kino Bled takes place in the city of Bled, the crown jewel of Slovenia. We started it as group of young film lovers, who decided it was time to take matters in our own hands and ignite a spark in the cultural life in our hometown.

We started six years ago with the first edition of Kino Bled Festival, and than battled through the struggles of the second and third corona-infested editions. 2022 was the first time we opened the festival to the world and invited filmmakers from around the globe to submit their work.

In the meantime we managed to start screening movies throughout the year, accompanied with a broad series of seminars, round tables, workshops, sporting, meditative events, etc.

This year we are expanding the film festival by connecting with all of the culture loving people in Bled and its surroundings, that want to participate. Same goes for a wider pallet of filmmakers, as we are expanding our competition programmes. So without further ado, the Kino Bled stage is set and we welcome you to come and conquer it with your beautiful work, or just to come and have a good time. We will not let you down.

Bellow you can find a text that gives you an impression of what Kino Bled is really about.

Bled itself with its rich history, integrity and an aesthetically perfect image of paradise inspires the world and all of us to call for active participation and action towards fulfillment.

Cinema, on the other hand, with its content of creative spirit and moment of togetherness, is directly calling for a perceptual and mental exercise. Moreover, it quietly shouts and urges us into building a culture of mysterious encounters with art, which offers us a home, a refuge and invites us to travel to the world of imagination, and incomprehensible stories.

But Kino Bled does not want to be just a cinema and does not want to be just Bled, much less it wants to be just a collection of these two concepts, Kino Bled is a multitude of opportunities and possibilities that lie in the endless connections between them. It is a field of transcendence -can also be self-transcendent - of one's own limitations and the limitations of the environment.

Kino Bled is and will be the starting point for discourse about the world, for experiencing and reflecting on the world; space to browse the individual and collective universe; an opportunity to resist collective passivation and dictatorship of the complex of smallness, and at the end of the extreme - the opportunity to relax. A break from the information-digital pollution and thus the space for the birth and creation of the unimaginable. An oasis of peace.

Best short jury award
Best short audience award
Best feature jury award
Best feature audience award

1. All film submissions should be made digitally, not via DVD’s in the post. If you are unable/unwilling to use digital submission, please contact us and we’ll work something out.

2. If selected to be showcased during the event, all screening copies must be received by July 9th, 2023. We also kindly ask you, to provide us with the srt version of english subtitle transcription upon submission. This way we can ensure the timely translations for the Slovenian audiences.

3. All photos provided must be clearly identified. Photos may be used for any festival promotions.

5. Non-English language produced films must have English subtitles or be dubbed in English.

6. Film Producers are responsible for insurance and shipment costs of films to Kino Bled. The title of the work and name of entrant must be on all mailing containers, labels, can reels and film leaders.

7. Selected film entries will be notified by 20. 8. 2023. Award winners will be announced at the end of the festival. An Awards Certificate will be awarded to the winners. If winners are not present at the Award Ceremony, we can ship the awards, but at the cost of the winners. Some Award categories may have co-sponsors providing prizes.

8. Filmmakers or screenwriters accepted and are attending the festival are responsible for travel, lodging, and all other expenses unless otherwise agreed upon.

9. Filmmakers or screenwriters accepted into Kino Bled will receive the following:

Two (2) festival passes per submitted film to see all the festival films free. Admittance for filmmakers to the additional events will be free.

10. Film prints and other film material will be handled with utmost care. However, neither the Kino Bled staff nor supporting theatre organisations staff can assume responsibility for damage or loss of the print and other film materials, en route or otherwise, during the course of the festival’s possession of the print.

11. All entrants certify that they have been given full rights to use any and all music in their films.

12. All stated information, eligibility and submission guidelines, terms and conditions of entry, and entry information is subject to change by the Kino Bled Film Festival, without notice.

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