The annual Arpa International Film Festival (Arpa IFF) was founded on the vision of creating a platform for a diverse presentation of films from around the globe. A hub of global connection for over two-decades, the Annual Arpa IFF has cultivated a space of discovery, imagination and inspiration by showcasing local and international cinema that explores all facets of the human condition. Our festival prides itself on championing a dynamic and international collection of filmmakers, joining in the celebration of unapologetic storytelling. The Arpa International Film Festival is a beautiful collaboration of talented, passionate individuals who come together in the pursuit of change; to move an audience, and to help tell stories that touch all.

This year marks the 24th anniversary of Arpa International Film Festival, the signature event of the Arpa Foundation for Film, Music and Art (AFFMA). In consideration of the continuing challenges and uncertainty stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic, and per the extended federal and state guidelines, the organizers have decided to stream the festival online, instead of theatrical screenings due to the social distancing measures in place.

Everyone here at the Arpa IFF understands that the Covid-19 crisis has completely upended the lives and plans of many of our filmmakers for 2021. We’ve been speaking to a number of you, including our festival partners and industry professionals about their concerns, challenges, and their outlook on moving forward. So over the last couple of months, we have explored options for presenting your work safely online. But we are yet to announce which streaming platform we will be using for our 15-day Online Festival now scheduled from November 21 - December 5, 2021.

We completely understand your possible concerns, and we're here to answer all your questions and assure you that everything will be OK. Our Festival will be using high-end encrypted professional streaming service and no one will be able to illegally access or download any of our films. In addition, we will be able to limit access to specific countries/regions, so for example, if you want to have a US Premiere, we can only have US audience watching. And while it was our hope to screen your films theatrically, streaming the films online can actually reach a greater viewership. The list of advantages goes on, and more details will be following soon.

Thank you all for your support!



• The Arpa International Film Festival (“Festival”, “Arpa IFF”) accepts films from all countries and in all languages worldwide that have been produced within the past 2 years.

• All films submitted must be free from any legal disputes and the filmmaker must have cleared all rights for music and exhibition.

• It is preferred that your film has not been through formal and online distribution channels.

• Entry fee is per category and is non-refundable, and submission does not guarantee screening at Festival.

• Once a film submission gets accepted, submitter receives a congratulatory email with Festival's 2020 Official Selection laurel, and will be asked to provide the following:
- Basic info (film title, country and year of production, names for director, screenwriter, producer, cast, short synopsis, and list of important screenings/awards),
- Film poster and film stills (high-res JPG images),
- Vimeo or YouTube download link to official film trailer in HD 1920x1080 MOV or MP4 format,
- Web link to official film trailer open to public on YouTube or Vimeo,

• Once a film submission gets a Nominee status, submitter receives a congratulatory email with Festival's 2021 Nominee laurel, and will be asked to provide the following:
- Web link to official film screener we can share with our jury members,
- Confirm filmmaker's festival attendance (we won’t see each other this year, sorry).

• All film entries selected for the festival grant Arpa IFF the rights to use footage, stills and/or titles and information from the film for promotional purposes.

• Festival reserves the right to change any of this information (including festival dates, venues, events, awards and eligibility requirements) without further notice.


• Screening Fees or Rental Fees: Festival does NOT CONSIDER films that require any screening/rental fees.

• Promotional, instructional, industrial, corporate films, and raw documentary footage of any kind are not eligible either.

• Film Categories: Festival accepts submissions of Feature Narrative, Feature Documentary, Short Documentary, Short Narrative and Animated Films, and Music Videos.

• Language: All submitted films must be in English or with English subtitles (we are trying to avoid films dubbed in English because they seem very strange to American audience but if that is your only option we are naturally open to accommodate).

• Duration/Running Time (including your film credits):
- Feature Narrative Film: No Less than 60 minutes, no more than 150 minutes
- Short Narrative Film: Less than 40 minutes
- Feature Documentary: No Less than 40 minutes
- Short Documentary: Less than 40 minutes
- Animation: no limit

• Acceptable formats in 2021 are ProRes MOV and MP4 video files accompanied with CC files, but you will hear more on that subject from our Technical Director once your film is selected.


1. You have read, understood and fully complied with all General Festival Rules, Eligibility Requirements and Terms and Conditions stated here.
2. The film you are submitting is not the subject of any litigation or threatened litigation, and you have cleared all rights for music and exhibition.
3. You are duly authorized to submit this film to the competition.
4. You hold the Festival harmless and indemnify it from any damage to the print(s) en route or otherwise during the course of the festival’s possession of the film print. In addition, you agree to hold the Festival harmless and indemnify it from cost and/or damages incurred as a result from any litigation and or threatened litigation as a result of the screenings of the film.
5. The number(s), date(s), time(s), and location(s) of the screenings of films are at the discretion of the Festival.
6. The Festival reserves the right to change or adjust any and all festival rules, awards and guidelines without notice.
7. The Festival reserves the right to complete any information not supplied by the Filmmaker or Film Supplier from whatever source available and will not be responsible for any incorrect information.
8. Films may not be withdrawn after acceptance into the Festival.
9. No hidden fees during the submission process whatsoever. In addition, no requests for screening fees or any other kind of reimbursement are allowed after acceptance into the Festival.
10. Unclaimed film prints will be discarded one year after the last day of the present Festival.
11. By submitting your film to Arpa IFF via FilmFreeway, you hereby grant the Festival all necessary rights to screen this film and use reasonable parts of the film for purposes of advertising and promotion.
12. To the best of your knowledge, all of the statements in this document are true.

Overall Rating
  • Mary Apick

    Arpa International Film Festival is one of the Best film festivals in Los Angeles with a wonderful hardworking team in the past 24 years supporting and honoring talented filmmakers globally.

    December 2021
  • Roger Kupelian

    This festival was fantastic as always!

    December 2021
  • Peter Bahlawanian

    What a great honor to be part of the Arpa International Film Festival and winning the Best Documentary Feature was an incredible experience!! Thank you ARPA!

    December 2021
  • Proud to are in selection on yours festival ! all the production staff are delighted !

    December 2021
    Response from festival:

    on behalf of Arpa IFF's committee, our heartfelt thanks for submitting your beautiful short film Warm Breeze -Body, Soul, Spirit - Superb storytelling without dialogue -"Pictures are worth thousand words" . We proudly support our filmmakers and look forward for your future projects.

  • Stewart Nestor

    Was delighted to have joined such a great group of filmmakers for Arpa. Quality films with equally, well designed promotions for each. As a filmmaker, the online venue works better than in person theater screenings.

    December 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Stewart Nestor for honoring us as well with your talent. Arpa is as much about the creative steps you filmmakers take in telling your stories. We proudly support our filmmakers and your participation in our festival in making a difference. Our heartfelt thanks.