*Drama, Horror & Sci-Fi Screenplay categories now open!!*

Film Daily is a daily newspaper with only one aim: we want to keep you entertained about entertainment. We focus on “outside the box” storytelling in film & TV foregrounding stories which we feel need to be told, including

Mental health
and more.

We launched our screenwriting competition to help provide a platform for these voices: the voices of this generation. Each quarter we launch a new opportunity for talented screenwriters and their genre work. Our judges are geeks, obsessives, and industry survivors assembled to help you break into this crazy business.

We are delighted to announce our second screenwriting competition:

Film Daily Screenwriting Contest

11 chances to win:

Comedy Feature Film Script: $300 award
Drama Feature Film Script: $300 award
Horror Feature Film Script: $300 award
Sci-Fi Feature Film Script: $300 award

Comedy Short Film Script: $300 award
Drama Short Film Script: $300 award
Horror Short Film Script: $300 award
Sci-fi Short Film Script: $300 award

Comedy TV Pilot Script: $300 award
Drama TV Pilot Script: $300 award
Horror TV Pilot Script: $300 award

The winners also receive:

Professional screenwriting software from our sponsors,
1 hour face time with industry professionals to help kickstart their career
An invitation to a special awards event within their region

We are open to all writers; whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer with a great idea.

Feature film scripts: Max 120 mins.
Short film scripts: Max 30 mins.
TV pilot scripts: Max 55 mins.

Submission Fees:
We are dedicated to providing a platform for all. Our submission fees are low and go directly into competition prize monies and employing readers. As such we do not provide any submission waivers.

Overall Rating
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    Elise D'Haene

    The staff at Film Daily are professional, personable, responsive, and just plain cool. They were always helpful, courteous, and made the process a lot of fun. It's been an incredibly rewarding experience. BRAVO!

    March 2018
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    Mike Porter

    Film Daily ran an awesome screenwriting contest the first year out of the gate! Throughout the submission and notification process, the staff at Film Daily were professional, friendly and always communicative. After our script was selected as a winner, they also set up a meeting for us, which was an incredible networking opportunity. Highly recommend this competition!

    March 2018
  • Good exposure. Prompt response to any and all queries. Very professional and easy people to deal with. I will be back!

    March 2018
  • This is the Screenwriting Contest every "outside the box" writer needs to consider when searching for where to submit. Why? Simply because you will have an opportunity to win BIG BUCKS and gain BIG EXPOSURE. What else could be better for ferocious storytelling fools such as we other than being bought and produced?

    March 2018
  • I didn't win and didn't travel to the festival, but it was a GREAT experience! Loved it and will do it again and again!

    March 2018