*Drama, Horror & Sci-Fi Screenplay categories now open!!*

Film Daily is a daily newspaper with only one aim: we want to keep you entertained about entertainment. We focus on “outside the box” storytelling in film & TV foregrounding stories which we feel need to be told, including

Mental health
and more.

We launched our screenwriting competition to help provide a platform for these voices: the voices of this generation. Each month we launch a new opportunity for talented screenwriters and their genre work. Our judges are geeks, obsessives, and industry survivors, assembled to help you break into this crazy industry.

Awards & Prizes

We are delighted to announce our first competition:

Film Daily Screenwriting Contest

11 chances to win:

Comedy Feature Film Script: £1000 award
Drama Feature Film Script: £1000 award
Horror Feature Film Script: £500 award
Sci-Fi Feature Film Script: £500 award

Comedy Short Film Script: £700 award
Drama Short Film Script: £700 award
Horror Short Film Script: £500 award
Sci-fi Short Film Script: £400 award

Comedy TV Pilot Script: £500 award
Drama TV Pilot Script: £500 award
Horror TV Pilot Script: £250 award

The winners also receive:

Professional screenwriting software from our sponsors,
1 hour face time with industry professionals to help kickstart their career
An invitation to a special awards event within their region

Awards event hosted in York, UK. Friday Feb 23 7-10pm and via livestream.

Rules & Terms

We are open to all writers; whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer with a great idea.

Feature film scripts: Max 120 mins.
Short film scripts: Max 30 mins.
TV pilot scripts: Max 55 mins.

Submission Fees:
We are dedicated to providing a platform for all. Our submission fees are low and go directly into competition prize monies and employing readers. As such we do not provide any submission waivers.