French Independent Film Festival highlights a selection of the best European and world films.

Our main mission is to bring more diversity to the countries and to promote the cinema to the international public.

French Independent Film Festival is an annual film festival designed to present the best independent films from around the world.

The festival features screenings of emerging producers, videographers and filmmakers from around the world, reflecting both traditional and avant-garde films, with an emphasis on films that integrate multiple digital platforms using new media and Technologies today.

Best Feature film
Best Short film
Best Foreign Language Film
Best foreign short film
Best Scenario
Best Short film
Best Commercial
Best Student Film
Best Experience
Best Animation
Best Short Film Narrative
Best Short film of the new wave
Best Experimental Animation
Best Director

The competition is open to professional and non-professional filmmakers.

Entries must be submitted in the completed form in which they will be judged.

The decisions of the jury are final. The Jury reserves the right not to select a winner in any given category. The Jury reserves the right to modify a category for the benefit of the film.

Overall Rating
  • 5 STARS in every way. So happy to have THE LUNATIC receive the BEST SHORT FILM award.
    Winning in France has always been a special treat. Thank you all very much.
    Highly recommended festival.

    October 2021
  • Igor Rados

    Charming Festival. Honoured and thrilled buy being part of it :)

    May 2021
  • lilia moema Santana

    Very happy that my film 'Under the weight of remorse' participated in this wonderful festival! Long life
    French Independent Film Festival !!!!!!

    December 2020
  • Bea de Visser

    Best! Very happy to screen my film 'The animal that therefore I am' at this festival.

    December 2020
  • The French IFF is a great festival for independant films

    December 2020